America America

ISBN: 9780747597490
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It is the early 1970s; Nixon is in the White House and Corey Sifter, the young son of working class parents, is befriended by the powerful Metarey family, whose patriarch is a kingmaker in the world of New York state politics. Corey becomes a yard-boy on the Metarey's grand estate, and soon, through the family's generosity, a student at a private boarding school. Before long, he is a confidant of the Metareys and an aide to the great New York Senator Henry Bonwiller as he runs for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.Wary as Corey is, he soon finds himself involved with one of the enigmatic Metarey daughters. As the Bonwiller Presidential campaign gains momentum, a crime is committed, and Corey is forced to reconcile his part in a complex tangle of morality, politics, gratitude, love and loyalty.

America America is a magnificent novel about ambition and family, politics and crime, sex and love, small town life and big time power, by a celebrated American writer. How vanity, greatness and tragedy combine to change history and fate is at the heart of Ethan Canin's remarkable America America.

Autor CANIN, Ethan
An apariţie
Editura Bloomsbury
Nr pagini 466
Dimensiuni 23 x 15 cm
Format Trade Paperback
Etichete: canin ethan
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