Roman Forum

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There are few more historic and evocative places in the world. Caesar was cremated there. Charles V and Mussolini rode by it in triumph. There Napoleon celebrated his festival of liberty.

In this radical reappraisal David Watkin teaches us to see the Forum with new eyes and helps us to rediscover its rich history. This is as stimulating to the armchair traveller as it is useful as a guide to the Forum itself.

'With verve, authority and no little humour, Watkin tells the detailed and complex story of this great but mutilated landmark is an almost impossible task, superbly done' (Peter Jones, BBC History Magazine). 'In this sprightly volume ...the distinguished architectural historian David Watkin charts the shifting fortunes of the site ...he has an engagingly romantic feeling for the place...deploying a good deal of sharp wit, he reveals how the relatively recent obsession with recovering the Forum's classical past has led to much unhappy destruction and much less scarcely happy invention' (Matthew Sturgis, Country Life).

Autor WATKIN, David
An apariţie 2011
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