States of Mind: Dan & Lia Perjovschi

ISBN: 9780938989301
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Preţ: 156,00 Lei
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The Nasher Museum of Art is very pleased to present the first mid-career retrospective of the work of Dan and Lia Perjovschi. Working under extremely adverse conditions before the Romanian Revolution of 1989, these two artists have since had to cope with rapid changes - changing conditions of artistic freedom, of material well-being, and of political and psychological pressures - all of which have profoundly unfluenced their artistic projects. Includes also two interviews

Autor STILES, Kristine, CODRESCU, Andrei & BABIAS, Marius
An apariţie 2008
Editura Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University
Nr pagini 224
Dimensiuni 25.5 x 21.5 cm
Format Paperback
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