Ballet Cat

ISBN: 9781406354539
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Preţ: 40,00 Lei
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Surely an alley cat can never be a ballet cat...or can he? The Crazy Cat Crew love to dance - they groove and they bop, they move and they hop, all night long. Then, one night, Arthur slinks off and discovers something really special: a pair of ballet shoes. He immediately puts them on and goes back to show the gang his new style of dancing. But the other cats don't like ballet and they laugh Arthur out of town... only to realize that all dancing is really cool after all and that they miss their friend. This is a twirl of a book from a fantastic new author/illustrator which celebrates friendship and individuality. It is the perfect book for all little boys and girls who love to dance!

Autor ROSS, Fiona
An apariţie 2014
Editura Walker Books
Nr pagini 40
Dimensiuni 27 x 24,5 cm
Format Paperback
Etichete: ross fiona
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