Dave (Book & Toy)

ISBN: 9781444917413
Disponibilitate: În Stoc
Preţ: 59,00 Lei
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Dave the cat is a great big ol' greedy guts. He loves his dinners. One unfortunate day, after eating a bit too much, he gets stuck in his cat flap. All the animals hatch a number of plans to help Dave, but none of them work. Then, a bug decides to feed Dave lots and lots and lots of beans...How does Dave escape? The answer will have you rolling around the floor with laughter.

Autor HENDRA, Sue & PINCHON, Liz (il)
An apariţie 2013
Editura Hodder Children
Nr pagini 32
Dimensiuni 21 x 21 x 6,5 cm
Format Book + Toy
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