Don't Worry, Hugless Douglas

ISBN: 9780340999813
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Preţ: 45,00 Lei
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David Melling is one of the leading children's author/illustrators today and his second book about Douglas the little brown bear is as funny and compelling as the first. It combines brilliantly imaginative illustrations with an endearing sense of what it is like to be a small child learning about the world. Douglas' dad gives him a wonderful new woolly hat and he races outside to show it off. In his excitement, he doesn't realise that it is unravelling...His friends have helpful but useless ideas of how to put things right and it is left to the little bear to work out for himself the best thing to do...

Autor MELLING, David
An apariţie 2011
Editura Hodder Children
Nr pagini 32
Dimensiuni 26.5 x 26 cm
Format Paperback
Etichete: melling david
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