Magnetic A to Z

ISBN: 9781591743590
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Preţ: 38,00 Lei
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Announcing a brilliant cross between a book and a refrigerator door. Three of this book's pages are heavy-guage steel, silk screened with helpful art. The other 12 pages are cardstock and filled with the familiar Klutz wit and imagination. The magnets themselves go from A to Z - literally: 26 custom-made, brightly coloured, finger-friendly letters. With the assistance of our vaunted brand of editorial goofballs, early readers are led through lettering and simple word-building, as well as a little recess time making letter pictures. (Turnsut you can make a fine caterpillar with a capital B and D. Who knew?)

An apariţie 2005
Editura Klutz
Nr pagini 12
Dimensiuni 19.7 x 18.4 cm
Format Magnetic pages
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