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Billy Brownmouse Won't Be Good
Bill Brownmouse e prost dispus si se poarta urat, nu-si imparte jucariile cu alti copii, nu mananca ..
35,00 Lei
Billy Brownmouse Won't Eat His Dinner
Bill Brownmouse s-a hotarat ca nu vrea cina pe care i-a pregatit-o mama lui. Dar apoi afla ca multi ..
35,00 Lei
Blue Chameleon
Impreuna cu un cameleon curios care imita tot ce intalneste, copilul invata culorile si… isi dezv..
36,00 Lei
Giraffes Can's Dance
Celebrating 15 years of the bestselling Giraffes Can't Dance with a new edition with fantastic fo..
42,00 Lei
Giraffes Can't Dance (Book & Toy)
Gerald would love to join in with the other animals at the Jungle Dance, but everyone knows that ..
59,00 Lei
Goldilocks (Read Along with Me +CD)
Poveste pentru a incuraja copiii sa citeasca cu ajutorul desenelor incluse in text si a CD-ului audi..
32,00 Lei
Nursery Rhymes (Read Along with Me +CD)
Poveste pentru a incuraja copiii sa citeasca cu ajutorul desenelor incluse in text si a CD-ului a..
32,00 Lei
Puss in Boots (Read Along with Me +CD)
Poveste pentru a incuraja copiii sa citeasca cu ajutorul desenelor incluse in text si a CD-ului audi..
32,00 Lei
Room on the Broom
The witch and her cat fly happily over forests, rivers and mountains on their broomstick until a ..
45,00 Lei
Stories Jesus Told (Read Along with Me +CD)
Pildele lui Isus incurajeaza copiii sa citeasca cu ajutorul desenelor incluse in text si a CD-ulu..
32,00 Lei
Story of Jesus (Read Along with Me +CD)
Povestea vietii lui Isus incurajeaza copiii sa citeasca cu ajutorul desenelor incluse in text si ..
32,00 Lei
Ugly Duckling (Timeless Fairy Tales)
Povestea e bogat ilustrata si cu textul simplificat pentru a-i face copilului placere sa citeasca..
20,00 Lei
1, 2, 3 to the Zoo : A Counting Book
Come one, come all, come to the zoo! One elephant, two hippos, three giraffes, four lions ...Join..
52,00 Lei
1000 Activities
A compact, pocket-sized book packed with 1000 fun learning activities to complete. Activities inc..
48,00 Lei
1000 Animal Stickers
Desene de colorat, puzzle-uri, ilustratii minunate si 1000 de stickere colorate. ..
48,00 Lei
1000 Playtime Stickers
Desene de colorat, puzzle-uri, ilustratii minunate si 1000 de stickere colorate. ..
48,00 Lei
1000 Stickers
48,00 Lei
50 Things to Do on a Journey (Activity Cards)
Cele 50 de cartoline sunt pline de jocuri si activitati care pot invinge plictiseala unei calator..
33,00 Lei
50 Things to Do on Holiday (Activity Cards)
This work contains 50 cards each showing an activity, game or pursuit to keep children entertaine..
33,00 Lei
A Bed of Your Own
This is the story of Suzy Sue, ready for bed just like you! But then she finds a cow, a horse, a ..
45,00 Lei
A Squash and a Squeeze
"Wise old man, won't you help me, please? My house is a squash and squeeze." A little old lady lives..
42,00 Lei
A Treasury of Bible Stories: Eight of Your Very Favourite Tales
From Joseph and his coat to Jonah and the whale, eight classic adventures are brought to life in ..
50,00 Lei
A Year in Brambly Hedge
Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Brambly Hedge with this exquisite slipcase containing the first..
75,00 Lei
Abandoned Kitten: RSPCA 4
Eight-year-old Lily is always surrounded by animals. Her mum works at an RSPCA centre as an Anima..
29,00 Lei
ABC 123
Invatarea literelor si cifrelor (pana la 10) pe baza unor ilustratii generoase, pentru prescolari..
15,00 Lei
Alice in Wonderland (Rossi)
She noticed a little box at the foot of the table, so she opened it and found a tart with a card ..
28,00 Lei
Alison Jay Baby Journal
Celebrate those first precious years of your baby's life with this stunning journal. Record every..
71,00 Lei
Alison Jay Wheels and Wings (Touch & Feel)
This is the next title in touch and feel series using Alison Jay's trademark crackle-glazed artwo..
42,00 Lei
Alison Jay's Fairy Tales
This changing-picture book is a magical journey through Alison Jay's colourful world of fairy tal..
49,00 Lei
Alison Jay's Nursey Collection: Four First Picture Blocks
In caseta sunt patru carti cu file de carton (10 deschideri, 7x7 cm) cu ilustratii extraordinare ..
48,00 Lei
Alison Jay's Wall Frieze
Sapte postere - patru cu alfabetul, trei cu cifrele de la 1 la 10 - in care fiecare litera sau ci..
30,00 Lei
Alphabet: A Child's First ABC
Carte cu file de carton rotunjite la colturi, pentru copii mici. Ilustratiile senzationale ale lu..
38,00 Lei
Ancient Egypt (Jigsaw)
Patru puzzle-uri cu cate o poveste mica despre piramide, Tutankamon, Cartea mortilor si mormantul lu..
29,00 Lei
Animal: Giant Wall Cards
O cutie de carton care contine 25 de carduri foarte mari cu animale pictate de celebra Alison Jay..
71,00 Lei
Baby's Big Box of Little Books
Mums and Dads, breakfasts and bedtimes, pets and toys and prams and swings - and lots and lots of..
67,00 Lei
Ballet Cat
Surely an alley cat can never be a ballet cat...or can he? The Crazy Cat Crew love to dance - the..
40,00 Lei
Bedtime Lullaby (+ CD)
Cantece de leagan, bogat ilustrate, insotite de un CD cu muzica linistitoare pentru copiii mici. ..
42,00 Lei
Berlitz Language: My First 1000 Words
Berlitz My First 1000 Words in English is perfect for children aged 4 years and up who are developin..
32,00 Lei
Berlitz Language: My First Flashcards
Pe o parte a flaschcardurilor e o imagine colorata (animale, pasari, mancare, obiecte din casa sa..
32,00 Lei
Berlitz Language: My First Picture Dictionary
Berlitz My First Picture Dictionary in English is perfect for children aged 4 to 8 years who are ..
38,00 Lei
Better Angels of Our Nature: A History of Violence and Humanity
This acclaimed book by Steven Pinker, author of The Language Instinct and The Blank Slate, argues..
95,00 Lei
Billy Bunny Sticker Book
There are four titles in the series. In Billy Bunny learn all about colours and counting; in Bobb..
38,00 Lei
Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature
From bestselling author Stephen Pinker, The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature shatte..
64,00 Lei
Bob to the Rescue: An Illustrated Picture Book
This is a fully-illustrated, 32-page picture book for children by the authors of a street cat nam..
42,00 Lei
Boys' Sticker Activity Book
48,00 Lei
50 de cartoline cu indicatii pentru 50 de jocuri pentru prescolari, destinate dezvoltarii coordon..
33,00 Lei
Brer Rabbit down the Well (First Reading level 2)
This is a new title in the fantastic First Reading series, part of the Usborne Young Reading Prog..
29,00 Lei
Butterfly Fairy Mask (Press Out)
"Butterfly Fairy Masks" features easy-to make, amazing press-out models. Have a world of fun with..
19,00 Lei
Can't You Sleep, Dotty?
Dotty the puppy can't sleep. She tries snuggling up to Penguin, but it's no good... and now every..
22,00 Lei
Castle. A Fold-out Kingdom
Arata ca o carte, dar e un pachet in care se afla un castel impaturit. E din carton tare si are o..
44,00 Lei
Cats Ahoy!
When Alfonso the cat hears there's a boat coming into harbour carrying its largest ever catch, he..
36,00 Lei
Chick lives for adventure. Pug lives for sleep! In Chick's eyes, however, Pug can do no wrong. In..
40,00 Lei
Children's Favourite Songs (+CD)
65,00 Lei
Chu's Day
Meet Chu. Chu is a small panda with a very big sneeze. When Chu sneezes, you REALLY don't want to ge..
47,00 Lei
Church Mice Adrift
36,00 Lei
Church Mice Adrift
55,00 Lei
Church Mice in Action
Intr-o tentativa de a salva acoperisul spart al sacristiei, soriceii se hotarasc sa faca rost de ..
59,00 Lei
Church Mouse
36,00 Lei
Cinderella - HB
From Snow White, Cinderella and Pinocchio to ¬ The Little Mermaid, ¬ The Wizard of Oz and Peter P..
28,00 Lei
Classic Fairy Tales of Brothers Grimm - HB
93,00 Lei
Clifford at the Circus
Cand vine circul in oras, Clifford devine actorul principal, ajutandu-I pe toti si facand si tot ..
21,00 Lei
Cockerel and the Fox
Povestea franceza din sec. 12 e minunat repovestita si ilustrata de Helen Ward care a primit The ..
31,00 Lei
Collins First English Words: Age 3-7 (+CD)
Collins First English Words is the perfect first dictionary for kindergarten-aged learners of Eng..
63,00 Lei
Complete Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde - US edition
A celebrated playwright and poet, Oscar Wilde also penned incomparable nonfiction and fiction - a..
29,00 Lei
Crazy Hair
A father and daughter discover the joys of his crazy hair in this brilliant picture book. Bonnie ..
47,00 Lei
Daddy's Little Star
While Little Fox is chasing autumn leaves, he plays a game with Daddy and, as they play, Little F..
42,00 Lei
Dave (Book & Toy)
Dave the cat is a great big ol' greedy guts. He loves his dinners. One unfortunate day, after eat..
59,00 Lei
Detective Dog
There once was a dog with a keen sense of smell. She was known far and wide as Detective Dog Nell..
42,00 Lei
Do You Want to Be My Friend?
Do you want to be my friend? asks a little mouse of a horse, a peacock, an alligator and others i..
44,00 Lei
Doctor Foster Went to Gloucester (First Reading Level 2)
The traditional tale retold for beginner readers ready to tackle slightly more complicated storyl..
13,00 Lei
Don't Worry, Hugless Douglas
David Melling is one of the leading children's author/illustrators today and his second book abou..
45,00 Lei
Draw Thumb Things
O carte cu o multime de idei despre cum sa desenezi diverse lucruri trasnite folosind numai ampre..
33,00 Lei
Driftwood Ball
Every year the badgers and the otters gather to dance at the Driftwood Ball. But the two groups n..
48,00 Lei
Dudgeon Is Comming
The Dudgeon is coming - and what's more, he's coming tonight! He's shy and polite, so why is everyon..
25,00 Lei
Early Learning Library (7 books)
Boost your child's early learning skills with these seven colourful books. Each focuses on a differe..
91,00 Lei
Elephant White
Elephant White is Lucy's favourite toy (she's played with him so much, his white is all patchwork..
42,00 Lei
Emperor and the Nightingale (Usborne First Reading)
This title is part of four new titles in the fantastic 'First Reading' series, aimed at children ..
29,00 Lei
Emperor of Absurdia
Welcome to Absurdia: a strange and wonderful land where nothing is quite what it seems. Trees are..
42,00 Lei
Emperor's New Clothes
A reissue of this beautiful version of the Hans Christian Andersen classic, illustrated in Alison..
46,00 Lei
English for Beginners Flashcards
A set of 100 sturdy flashcards with over 200 essential English words to learn. On the front and back..
35,00 Lei
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