Doodle Wire - Klutz US

ISBN: 9781591748410
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Preţ: 59,00 Lei
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Doodle Wire is a kid-friendly, super cool and easy to understand book of wire sculpture. It comes with 3 meters of large diameter wire that can be shaped, bent, looped, wrapped, swirled and pinched by hand. The projects are simple tracings of art we provide and the results are 3-D museum ready art pieces. Once engaged with this art form, you never have to stop. Simply smooth the wire out and bend into another masterpiece. Doodle Wire is an ever lasting art medium just waiting to be scribbled int another sculpture.

Autor SHERMAN, Michael e.a.
An apariţie 2010
Editura Klutz US
Nr pagini 40
Dimensiuni 18 x 24 cm
Format Carton
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