Pom-Pom Monster Salon - Klutz US

ISBN: 9780545561648
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Preţ: 53,00 Lei
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With Pom-Pom Monster Salon, anyone can make pom-poms and turn them into fun fuzzy monsters. Use our exclusive pom-pom maker and follow our cutting and styling instructions to create perfectly coifed mop-tops, afros, pigtails, even mohawks. Add tiny hair bows, punch-out feet, foam horns and teeth for the final touches. The monsters you'll make with this craft kit are plush to touch, and adorably?monstrous. Comes with...

Autor CHORBA, April
An apariţie 2011
Editura Klutz US
Nr pagini 42
Dimensiuni 19 x 24 cm
Format Carton
Etichete: chorba april
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