Sounds and Sweet Airs: The Forgotten Women of Classical Music

ISBN: 9781786070678
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A Classical Music Book of the Year Francesca Caccini. Barbara Strozzi. Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre. Marianna Martines. Fanny Hensel. Clara Schumann. Lili Boulanger. Elizabeth Maconchy. Since the birth of classical music, women who dared compose have faced a bitter struggle to be heard. In spite of this, female composers continued to create, inspire and challenge. Yet even today so much of their work languishes unheard.

Anna Beer reveals the highs and lows experienced by eight composers across the centuries, from Renaissance Florence to twentieth-century London, restoring to their rightful place exceptional women whom history has forgotten.

Autor BEER, Anna
An apariţie 2017
Editura Oneworld
Nr pagini 384
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
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