Motorcycles Minicube

ISBN: 9788854403864
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An exciting addition to White Star’s MiniCube series, this irresistible, chunky little compendium spotlights a vast range of the world’s most important and influential motorcycle designs. Aficionados will appreciate the fine photography that showcases, through a variety of perspectives, the details on a wide range of motorcycles. Archival photographs of motorcycles in advertising are supplemented by hundreds of specially commissioned photographs of motorcycles in internationally renowned races and traversing the world’s most stunning landscapes. Custom motorcycles and some of the world’s most legendary bikes from Harley Davidson, Triumph, and Guzzi, among others, are depicted in glorious full-color. The images pay homage to the sleek design and unique characteristics of each.

Autor DE FABIANIS, Valeria & RIZZO, Enzo
An apariţie 2008
Editura White Star
Nr pagini 768
Dimensiuni 6.5 x 6.5. x 6.5 cm
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