Tarot Life Planner: Change Your Destiny and Enrich Your Life

ISBN: 9780753727997
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The Tarot Life Planner encourages quick, practical understanding of the deck and explains how you can use it to influence you life's path.

Part one outlines how to read the major and minor arcana on a card-by-card basis. Learn how to: interpret a card's appearance in a spread, the significance of reversed cards, and how simple spell casting technique can be used to change a card's energy. Simple exercises help build familiarity with each card, while case histories and simple readings to place the cards in context.

Part two reveals how you can harness the power of the tarot to bring about positive life changes. Whatever guidance is needed - on career, health or love - a tarot can clarify uncertain situations and offer revealing insights on how to progress. This section also explores how you can use meditation to bring subconscious realizations to the fore and prayer to invoke the energies of particular cards.

An apariţie 2014
Editura Bounty
Nr pagini 176
Dimensiuni 19.6 x 1.2 x 26 cm
Format Paperback
Etichete: lady lorelei
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