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N or M?
Tommy & Tuppence are hired to track down wartime spies at a seaside resort...It is World War ..
38,00 Lei
Neighbour (Winner of the ITW Thriller Award for Best Novel)
It was a case guaranteed to spark a media feeding frenzy - a young mother, blonde and pretty, dis..
36,00 Lei
A message from a dead acquaintance prompts a bus tour to an unknown crime...In utter disbelief Mi..
38,00 Lei
Nemesis: A Harry Hole Novel
Grainy CCTV footage shows a man walking into a bar and pointing a gun to the cashier's head. He t..
45,00 Lei
Never Let You Go
A chilling, twisting thriller that crackles with suspense, perfect for fans of BA Paris and Clare..
48,00 Lei
Night Manager
A special edition of le Carré's first post-Cold War novel, to tie in with the new major BBC serie..
45,00 Lei
Night Stalker (Detective Erika Foster)
If the Night Stalker is watching, you're already dead... In the dead of a swelteringly hot s..
46,00 Lei
No Name Lane
The hunt for a serial killer unearths an unsolved cold case from over sixty years ago. Young girl..
44,00 Lei
Nocturnal Animals (Film Tie-in) - A
The novel that inspired the 2016 major motion picture Nocturnal Animals, starring Jake Gyllenhaal..
42,00 Lei
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less (editie de buzunar)
A special edition of Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less by Jeffrey Archer reissued with a bright ..
42,00 Lei
It has been eleven years since Hanne Wilhelmsen's life was forever changed by an assault that lef..
48,00 Lei
Omerta, the Sicilian code of silence, has been the cornerstone of the Mafia's sense of honor for ..
48,00 Lei
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
A dentist lies murdered at his Harley Street practice...The dentist was found with a blackened ho..
38,00 Lei
Ordeal by Innocence
Evidence that clears the name of a boy sentenced for killing his adopted mother arrives too late ..
38,00 Lei
Oscar Wilde Mystery: Oscar Wilde and the Nest of Vipers
In OSCAR WILDE AND THE NEST OF VIPERS, the fourth in Gyles Brandreth's acclaimed Oscar Wilde Murd..
48,00 Lei
Our Game (PMC)
Le Carre's post-Cold War masterpiece, filled with suspense, betrayal, desire and drama. The ..
59,00 Lei
Owl Always Hunts At Night: Munch and Krüger (format de buzunar)
From the author of the bestselling Richard and Judy bookclub pick I'm Travelling Alone ..
42,00 Lei
Pale Horse
A priest's death leads to sinister goings-on in an old country pub...To understand the strange go..
38,00 Lei
Paris Winter
Extra material includes a deleted scene and a Q&A with Imogen Robertson. Maud Heighton c..
54,00 Lei
Parker Pyne Investigates
A collection of short stories featuring the 'heart specialist', Parker Pyne. Mrs Packington felt ..
38,00 Lei
Partners in Crime
Agatha Christie's complete Tommy and Tuppence short story collection, reissued with a striking ne..
46,00 Lei
Passenger to Frankfurt
A middle-aged diplomat is accosted in an airport lounge and his identity stolen...Sir Stafford Ny..
38,00 Lei
Patronising Bastards: How the Elites Betrayed Britain
From the Sunday Times bestselling author of 50 People Who Buggered Up Britain, Quentin Letts, com..
62,00 Lei
Pelican Brief
Two Supreme Court Justices are dead. Their murders remain unsolved. Darby Shaw, a brilliant and b..
44,00 Lei
Penance of the Damned: A Sister Fidelma Mystery
Sister Fidelma returns in this brand-new 7th-century Irish mystery by Peter Tremayne, acclaimed a..
52,00 Lei
Peril at End House
Agatha Christie's ingenious murder mystery, reissued with a striking new cover designed to appeal..
38,00 Lei
Phantom: A Harry Hole Thriller
THE MURDER HAS BEEN SOLVED. BUT HAS JUSTICE BEEN DONE? Harry Hole is back in Oslo. He's been..
40,00 Lei
*Shortlisted for the John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger Award 2017* World-weary Jonathan Craine..
52,00 Lei
Playing with Death
46,00 Lei
Poirot Investigates
The very first collection of superb short stories featuring Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings....
38,00 Lei
Poirot's Early Cases
Captain Hastings recounts 18 of Poirot's early cases from the days before he was famous...Hercule..
38,00 Lei
Poirot: Complete Short Stories
All 51 Hercule Poirot short stories presented in chonological order in a single volume - plus a b..
105,00 Lei
Poirot: French Collection
A brand new three-in-one Poirot omnibus, featuring the world-renowned detective's adventures in F..
92,00 Lei
Poirot: Post-War Years
A brand new Poirot omnibus, featuring four of the world-renowned detective's most challenging cas..
92,00 Lei
Poirot: The Complete Ariadne Oliver: Volume 1
A brand new POIROT omnibus, featuring the first five appearances of the detective’s side-kick, the s..
92,00 Lei
Poirot: The War Years
Contine: One, Two Buckle My Soe, Five Little Pigs si Taken at the Flood. ..
92,00 Lei
Police: A Harry Hole Thriller
The police urgently need Harry Hole A killer is stalking Oslo’s streets. Police officers are..
39,00 Lei
Polish Detective
Set in Dundee, this fast-paced crime novel is the first to feature Polish Detective Sergeant Dani..
54,00 Lei
Portrait Of A Killer: Jack the Ripper - Case Closed
Using the first-hand expertise she has gained through writing the bestselling Dr Kay Scarpetta novel..
34,00 Lei
Possessions of Doctor Forrest
Three respected Scottish doctors - psychiatrist Steve Hartford, paediatric surgeon Grey Lochran a..
42,00 Lei
Postern of Fate
A poisoning many years ago may not have been accidental after all...Tommy and Tuppence Beresford ..
38,00 Lei
Problem at Pollensa Bay
A collectionof short stories featuring some of Agatha Christie's best-loved detectives - Hercule ..
38,00 Lei
Promise Me
It began with a phone call... Has he now made a promise he can't keep? A gripping Myron Bolitar nove..
36,00 Lei
Promises in Death
Inside the paralysed shell, she struggled, she strained. She looked up into the eyes of her kille..
48,00 Lei
Pursued - PMC
Described as a 'riveting read' by Sarah Waters and acclaimed by crime writers such as Andrew Taylor,..
39,00 Lei
Quality of Silence
Much-anticipated new novel from Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author Rosamund Lupto..
54,00 Lei
Worldwide bestseller John Grisham will keep you on the edge of your seat with his most suspensefu..
39,00 Lei
Rain Fall
Meet John Rain. Assassin. He follows his own code - he needs no one, trusts no one - until betray..
48,00 Lei 31,00 Lei
Rudy Baylor is a newly qualified lawyer: he has one case, and one case alone, to save himself fro..
48,00 Lei
Real World
In a suburb on the outskirts of Tokyo, four teenage girls drift through a hot smoggy August and t..
48,00 Lei
Rebecka Martinsson: Blood Split
Winner of Sweden's Best First Crime Novel Award 'A breath of fresh cold air . . . a dangerou..
56,00 Lei
Rebecka Martinsson: Savage Altar
'A breath of fresh cold air . . . a dangerous edge to gladden fans of Lisbeth Salander' Boyd Tonk..
54,00 Lei
Red Sky at Noon (Moscow Trilogy)
‘An epic adventure story set against the most awful war in history. Ridiculously good’ Dan Snow ..
52,00 Lei
Red Sparrow 1
A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE starring Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton and Jeremy Irons. Domi..
48,00 Lei
Red Sparrow 2: Palace of Treason
48,00 Lei
Redbreast: A Harry Hole Novel
Harry Hole, drunkard, loner and brilliant detective is reassigned to surveillance after a high pr..
45,00 Lei
Redeemer: A Harry Hole Novel
'The Redeemer rocks! Jo Nesbo is my new favorite thriller writer and Harry Hole my new hero. This..
45,00 Lei
Retum of Sherlock Holmes - W
Once again Mr Sherlock Holmes is free to devote his life to examining those interesting little pr..
15,00 Lei
Reykjavik Murder Mysteries: Arctic Chill
'What is it with those Scandinavians? For many years they have been producing crime novels of the..
52,00 Lei
Reykjavik Murder Mysteries: Black Skies
'One of the most brilliant crime writers of his generation' Sunday Times Detective Sigurdur ..
58,00 Lei
Reykjavik Murder Mysteries: Draining Lake
A skeleton is found half-buried in a dried out lake. The bones have been weighed down with an old..
52,00 Lei
Reykjavik Murder Mysteries: Hypothermia
'Hypothermia is one of the most haunting crime novels I've read in a long time, unsentimental yet..
56,00 Lei
Reykjavik Murder Mysteries: Jar City
A man is found murdered in his Reykjavik flat. There are no obvious clues apart from a cryptic no..
48,00 Lei
Reykjavik Murder Mysteries: Oblivion
THE QUICK A woman swims in a remote, milky-blue lagoon. Steam rises from the water and as it..
42,00 Lei
Reykjavik Murder Mysteries: Outrage
'Arnaldur Indridason's new novel is further evidence that he's one of the most brilliant crime wr..
48,00 Lei
Reykjavik Murder Mysteries: Shadow District
The first instalment in the thrilling new crime series from worldwide bestseller Arnaldur Indrida..
52,00 Lei
Reykjavik Murder Mysteries: Silence of the Grave
Building work in an expanding Reykjavík uncovers a shallow grave.  Years before, this p..
52,00 Lei
Reykjavik Murder Mysteries: Strange Shores
A missing woman. A missing boy. Detective Erlendur returns - for the last time A young woman..
52,00 Lei
Reykjavik Murder Mysteries: Voices
A REYKJAVIK MURDER MYSTERY. It is a few days before Christmas and a Reykjavik doorman and oc..
48,00 Lei
Reykjavik Nights
THE LIVING - Erlendur has recently joined the police force as a young officer and immediately sin..
52,00 Lei
Ripley's Game
Tom Ripley detested murder. Unless it was absolutely necessary. Wherever possible, he preferred some..
52,00 Lei
From Britain's 'master of horror', Adam Nevill, comes The Ritual, winner of the August Derleth Aw..
46,00 Lei
Robert Langdon 5: Origin (format de buzunar)
The spellbinding new Robert Langdon novel from the author of The Da Vinci Code. 'Fans will n..
42,00 Lei
Rogue Lawyer (format de buzunar)
The best thriller writer alive' (Ken Follett). I'm not a typical lawyer. I don't maintain a prett..
38,00 Lei
Roman Blood
A thrilling puzzle from the ancient world with real historical characters and based on a case in ..
48,00 Lei
Roman Grey: Canto for a Gypsy
The priceless Royal Crown of Hungary was on display in St Patrick's Cathedral in New York. Guarde..
46,00 Lei
Rooster Bar (format de buzunar)
'The Best Thriller Writer Alive' Ken Follett John Grisham's newest legal thriller takes you ..
42,00 Lei
Rubbernecker (format de buzunar)
Patrick didn't care what made people work. He was only interested in what happened when they stop..
42,00 Lei
Rubicon: Roma sub rosa
Caesar si legiunile lui au traversat Rubiconul si se indreapta spre Roma. Pompei se pregateste sa..
44,00 Lei
Ruby in the Smoke
Prima carte din The Sally Lockhart Quartet. Curand dupa ce tatal el se ineaca in mare, Sally Lockhar..
38,00 Lei
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