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Jack Reacher: One Shot (film tie-in) Stoc momentan epuizat

Jack Reacher: One Shot (film tie-in)

Film edition of One Shot, Lee Child's 9th Reacher thriller, to tie in with the release of the movie,Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise, on Boxing Day 2012. Six shots. Five dead. A heartland city thrown into terror. But within hours the cops have it solved. A slam-dunk case. Apart from one thing. The accused gunman refuses to talk except for a single phrase: Get Jack Reacher for me. Re..

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Jack Reacher: Past Tense (format de buzunar)

The most hotly anticipated thriller of 2018 follows our hero Jack Reacher on a quest into his father's past, and climaxes in the most stomach-clenching, hair-raising,blood-curling ticking-time- bomb of an adventure yet. Jack Reacher plans to follow the autumn sun on an epic road trip across America, from Maine to California. He doesn’t get far. On a country road deep in the New England woods,..

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Jack Reacher: Worth Dying For (editie de buzunar)

Featuring Jack Reacher, hero of the blockbuster movie starring Tom Cruise, in an explosive follow-up to the cliffhanger ending of 61 Hours. Has Jack Reacher finally met his match? 61 Hours ended with Reacher trapped in a desperate situation from which escape seemed impossible. Even for him. Was that really the end of the road for the maverick loner? Worth Dying For is the kind of exp..

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Jack Ryan: Bear and the Dragon

A truly brilliant thriller by Tom Clancy, The Bear and the Dragon is a Jack Ryan novel. Newly elected in his own right, Jack Ryan has found that being President has gotten no easier: domestic pitfalls await him at every turn; the Asian economy is going down the tubes; and now, in Moscow, someone may have tried to take out the chairman of the SVR - the former KGB - with a rocket-propelled gren..

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James Bond: Trigger Mortis

Literary legend James Bond returns to his 1950s heyday in this exhilarating thriller by Sunday Timesbestselling author Anthony Horowitz. It's 1957 and James Bond (agent 007) has only just survived his showdown with Auric Goldfinger at Fort Knox. By his side is Pussy Galore, who was with him at the end.Unknown to either of them, the USSR and the West are in a deadly struggle for technological ..

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Janus Stone

Dr Ruth Galloway's forensic skills are called upon when builders, demolishing an old house in Norwich, uncover the bones of a child - minus the skull - beneath a doorway. Is it some ritual sacrifice or just plain straightforward murder? Ruth links up with DCI Harry Nelson to investigate. The house was once a children's home. Nelson traces the Catholic priest who used to run the place. He tell..

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Journey under the Midnight Sun

An enduring epic mystery by the million-copy cult Japanese bestseller and author of The Devotion of Suspect X. A twenty-year-old murder A chain of unsolvable mysteries Can one detective solve this epic riddle? When a man is found murdered in an abandoned building in Osaka in 1973, unflappable detective Sasagaki is assigned to the case. He begins to piece together the connection of two yo..

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Kane and Abel

They had only one thing in common . . . William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski, one the son of a Boston millionaire, the other a penniless Polish immigrant - two men born on the same day on opposite sides of the world, their paths destined to cross in the ruthless struggle to build a fortune. Kane and Abel is the marvellous story, spanning sixty years, of two powerful men linked by an all-con..

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Keane 4: Conspiracy

British Intelligence maverick James Keane goes undercover in Napoleon's Paris for his most daring espionage mission yet. It's 1812, and one man is on the top of the world. Napoleon Bonaparte has enjoyed victories all over Europe and is rebuilding the glorious city of Paris. Meanwhile, his enemies struggle to keep alive the embers of rebellion that still burn at the city's heart. To aid this nobl..

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Kennedy's Brain

When archaeologist Louise Cantor's son Henrik is found dead in his flat, she refuses to believe it was suicide. Clues that only a mother could detect lead her to believe something more sinister took place. In her grief she begins to investigate Henrik's death and when Louise finds a photograph of an unknown girlfriend in Mozambique she decides to travel there. She sees fear in every face, eve..

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Killing Eve - Codename Villanelle Stoc momentan epuizat

Killing Eve - Codename Villanelle

The basis for KILLING EVE, now a major BBC TV series, starring Sandra Oh, written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge 'Gloriously exciting' Metro She is the perfect assassin. A Russian orphan, saved from the death penalty for the brutal revenge she took on her gangster father's killers. Ruthlessly trained. Given a new life. New names, new faces - whichever fits. Her paymasters call themselves..

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Kind Worth Killing (editie de buzunar)


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King Arthur's Bones

1191. During excavation work at Glastonbury Abbey, an ancient leaden cross is discovered buried several feet below ground. Inscribed on the cross are the words: Hic iacet sepultus inclitus rex arturius...Here lies buried the renowned King Arthur. Beneath the cross are skeletal remains. Could these really be the remains of the legendary King Arthur and his queen, Guinevere? As the monks debate th..

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Krapp's Last Tape and Other Shorter Plays

Krapp's Last Tape was first performed by Patrick Magee at the Royal Court Theatre in October 1958, and described as 'a solo, if that is the word, for one voice and two organs: one human, one mechanical. It fills few pages. It is perhaps the most original and important play of its length ever written.' (Roy Walker) The present volume brings together Krapp's Last Tape and Beckett'..

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Labours of Hercules

Poirot sets himself a challenge before he retires - to solve 12 cases which correspond with the labours of his classical Greek namesake...In appearance Hercule Poirot hardly resembled an ancient Greek hero. Yet - reasoned the detective - like Hercules he had been responsible for ridding society of some of its most unpleasant monsters. So, in the period leading up to his retirement, Poirot made u..

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Lady Audley’s Secret (Wordsworth Classics)

The flaxen-haired beauty of the childlike Lady Audley would suggest that she has no secrets. But M.E. Braddon's classic novel of sensation uncovers the truth about its heroine in a plot involving bigamy, arson and murder. It challenges assumptions about the nature of femininity and investigates the narrow divide between sanity and insanity, using as its focus one of the most fascinating of all V..

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Lady Grace Mysteries: Feud

Pictorii portretelor reginei Elisabeta I se afla la curte impreuna cu vopselele lor ce contin ingrediente mortale. Lady Grace, domnisoara de onoare favorita a Elisabetei, e fascinata de munca artistilor, mai ales de cand banuieste ca la curte isi face de cap un otravitor. Ar putea fi condamnate picturile sau pictorii? ..

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Lady Grace Mysteries: Intrigue

O noua piesa, Intrigue, urmeaza sa aiba premiera la Londra. In piesa e si o foarte convingatoare scena a mortii, iar regina Elisabeta I moare de curiozitate sa vada piesa inainte de supusii ei. Doar ca la spectacolul dat in fata reginei si a curtii ei, seca mortii e mai realista decat ar fi fost de asteptat. Ramane ca Lady Grace, domnisoara de onoare favorita a reginei, sa descopere misterul crime..

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Law of Nines

The #1 New York Times bestselling author delivers a stunningly original , high-octane thriller. ‘Your mother was twenty-seven when it came to her. Now you’re twenty-seven, and it’s come to you.’ The skin of Alex’s arms tingled with goosebumps. By her twenty-seventh birthday insanity had come to his mother … Turning twenty-seven may be terrifying for some, but for Alex, a struggling artist living..

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Leaving Berlin

From the author of The Good German (made into a film starring George Clooney) comes a sweeping novel set in post-war Berlin. Alex Meier, a young Jewish writer, fled the Nazis for America before the war. But the politics of his youth have now put him in the crosshairs of the McCarthy witch-hunts. Faced with deportation and the loss of his family, he makes a desperate bargain with the fledgling..

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Legacy (Freyja and Huldar)

The first in a thrilling new crime series from international bestseller and prizewinning author Yrsa Sigurdardottir. The first in an exciting new series from 'Iceland's outstanding crime novelist' (Daily Express) Yrsa Sigurdardottir. THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER THE INTERNATIONAL PRIZEWINNER 'Believe all the hype - this is crime at its best.' Heat Detective Huldar is ..

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Leopard (editie de buzunar)

THE NEW GLOBAL PHENOMENON 'A cracking good thriller... The ticking clock, the tension expertly racheted ever upwards, the changing scenery, the constantly shifting goalposts and his effortless, triumphant outpacing of the reader's ability to guess what's going to happen will keep you gripped to the last page' Guardian Two young women are found dead, both drowned in their own blood. Then a ..

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Let the Old Dreams Die

Reissued paperback with a new upmarket brand look for the 'Swedish Stephen King' and bestselling author of Let the Right One In The follow-up collection to the international vampire bestseller Let the Right One In Whatever happened to Oskar and Eli? And what became of the beleaguered families in Handling the Undead? Find out in Let the Old Dreams Die. In other tales ..

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Let the Right One In

**The international bestseller and the book behind the film and play Let Me In** 'The new Stephen King' The Times Oskar and Eli. In very different ways, they were both victims. Which is why, against the odds, they became friends. And how they came to depend on one another, for life itself. Oskar is a 12-year-old boy living with his mother on a dreary housing estate at the city's edge..

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Lethal Legacy

Cand politia e chemata intr-o cladire din Upper East Side din New York, detectivul Mike Chapman si asistentul DA Alexandra Cooper raspund imediat. Tina Barr, o locatara, spune ca a fost agresata dar efuza sa coopereze. A doua zi, Alex si Chapman sunt din nou chemati; de data asta gasesc o femeie omorata in bataie cu o carte misterioasa langa ea. Nu e tina; Tina a disparut. Cartea face parte dint..

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Life and Death of Sophie Stark

'If The Girl on the Train was the woman of 2015, then Sophie Stark is this year's model. Anna North's new novel, The Life and Death of Sophie Stark, has been a hit in America, with Lena Dunham describing its protagonist as a "totally unforgettable female antihero". Out now - soon every girl on every train will be reading it' Sunday Times Who is the real Sophie Stark? The Life and Death of ..

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Listerdale Mystery

A selection of mysteries, some light-hearted, some romantic, some very deadly...Twelve tantalizing cases...the curious disappearance of Lord Listerdale; a newlywed's fear of her ex-fiance; a strange encounter on a train; a domestic murder investigation; a wild man's sudden personality change; a retired inspector's hunt for a murderess; a young woman's impersonation of a duchess; a necklace hidde..

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Little Star

Reissued paperback with a new upmarket brand look for the 'Swedish Stephen King' and bestselling author of Let the Right One In 'The new Stephen King. Don't miss it' The Times He found her as a baby, abandoned in the forest. He saved her life. With her first breath - a perfect, musical note - he realised she was no ordinary child. It was for her own protection that he hid her ..

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Looking Glass War

During the Second World War, the Departmnet made a name for itself, running agents and missions behind enemy lines. Twenty years on, it is obselete, run down and in fear of its very existence when the suspicious death of an agent in Finalnd and the loss of some vital film bring a stay of execution. Convinced that they have stumbled on an undiscovered Soviet military installation, the Departme..

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Lord Edgware Dies

Agatha Christie's famous murder mystery, reissued with a striking new cover designed to appeal to the latest generation of Agatha Christie fans and book lovers. Poirot had been present when Jane bragged of her plan to 'get rid of' her estranged husband. Now the monstrous man was dead. And yet the great Belgian detective couldn't help feeling that he was being taken for a ride. After all, how cou..

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Lost Prophecies

A mysterious book of prophecies written by a 6th century Irish monk has puzzled scholars through the ages. Foretelling wars, plagues and rebellions, the Black Book of Bran is said to have predicted the Black Death and the Gunpowder Plot. But is it the result of divine inspiration or the ravings of a madman? A hidden hoard of Saxon gold. A poisoned priest. A monk skinned alive in Westminster A..

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Lying Game Stoc momentan epuizat

Lying Game

The twisting new thriller from international sensation Ruth Ware, author of Sunday Timesbestsellers In a Dark, Dark Wood and The Woman in Cabin 10 ‘Another heart-stopping belter of a thriller from an epic talent’ Heat The text message arrives in the small hours of the morning: I need you. Isa drops everything, takes her baby daughter and heads straight to Salten..

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Macbeth (editie de buzunar)

JO NESBO: #1 Sunday Times bestseller, #1 New York Times bestseller, 40 million books sold worldwide He’s the best cop they’ve got. When a drug bust turns into a bloodbath it’s up to Inspector Macbeth and his team to clean up the mess. He’s also an ex-drug addict with a troubled past. He’s rewarded for his success. Power. Money. Respect. They’re all within reach. But a man like him..

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READ THE CONTROVERSIAL THRILLER THAT SHOCKED THE WORLD THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER GLAMOUR'S WRITER OF THE YEAR By day Judith Rashleigh is a put-upon assistant at a London auction house. By night she's a hostess in one of the capital's unsavoury bars. Desperate to make something of herself, Judith knows she has to play the game. She's learned to dress, speak and act in the interests..

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Maestra 2: Domina

‘Fantastically good fun – sharp, sexy and intelligent . . . Something of a masterpiece’ Sunday Mirror ‘Like a ritzy 50 Shades meets The Da Vinci Code. It’s got sex, shopping, a few Old Masters and plenty of murder – what more could you want?’ Independent ‘Not to Miss!’ Marie Claire ‘Even more dangerous, shocking and provocative than its predecessor: A book ..

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Magpie Murders

THE NUMBER ONE EBOOK BESTSELLER 'The finest crime novel of the year' Daily Mail ***** Seven for a mystery that needs to be solved. Editor Susan Ryland has worked with bestselling crime writer Alan Conway for years. Readers love his detective, Atticus Pünd, a celebrated solver of crimes in the sleepy English villages of the 1950s. But Conway's latest tale of murder at Pye Hall is n..

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Maigret: Hanged Man of Saint-Pholien

Georges Simenon's haunting tale about the lengths to which people will go to escape from guilt, translated by Linda Coverdale. Book three in the new Inspector Maigret series. A first ink drawing showed a hanged man swinging from a gallows on which perched an enormous crow. And there were at least twenty other etchings and pen or pencil sketches that had the same leitmotif of hanging. On the edge..

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Maigret: Inspector Cadaver

Maigret's old colleague becomes an unexpected rival in book twenty-four of the new Penguin Maigret series. In everyone's eyes, even the old ladies hiding behind their quivering curtains, even the kids just now who had turned to stare after they had passed him, he was the intruder, the undesirable. No, worse, he was fundamentally untrustworthy, some stranger who had just turned up from wh..

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Maigret: Judge's House

Exiled from Paris, Maigret discovers some disturbing secrets in a sleepy coastal town in this new translation, book twenty-two in the new Penguin Maigret series. He went out, lit his pipe and walked slowly to the harbour. He could hear scurrying footsteps behind him. The sea was becoming swollen. The beams of the lighthouses joined in the sky. The moon had just risen and the judge's house eme..

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Maigret: Liberty Bar

This is a new translation of Georges Simenon's devastating novel set on the French Riviera, book seventeen in the new Penguin Maigret series. It had a smell of holidays. The previous evening, in Cannes harbour, with the setting sun, had also had the smell of holidays, especially the Ardena, whose owner swaggered in front of two girls with gorgeous figures. Dazzled at first by the glamour of s..

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Maigret: Lock No. 1

This is a new translation of Georges Simenon's novel set in claustraphobic provincial town, book eighteen in the new Penguin Maigret series. Cars drove past along with the trucks and trams, but by now Maigret had realised that they were not important. Whatever roared by like this along the road was not part of the landscape...What really counted was the lock, the hooting of the tugs, the stone c..

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Maigret: Madman of Bergerac

This is a new translation of Simenon's tense novel, book fifteen in the new Penguin Maigret series. He recalled his travelling companion's agitated sleep - was it really sleep? - his sighs, and his sobbing. Then the two dangling legs, the patent-leather shoes and hand-knitted insipid face. Glazed eyes. And Maigret was not surprised to see a grey beard eating into his cheeks. This is a..

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Maigret: Maigret and the Ghost - PMC

Inspector Lognon - an embittered but dedicated detective - is shot. To everyone's amazement, it emerges that Lognon had spent the last ten nights in the room of a beautiful young woman - who has disappeared. In retreading Lognon's secretive last days, Maigret's investigations lead him into both the murky world of art-collecting and forgery, and the obsessive mind of a detective. �..

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Malin Fors: Fifth Season

The gripping fifth installment in the internationally bestselling Malin Fors series, perfect for fans of Scandinavian crime fiction. It's early May when a young family out on a forest walk stumble upon a heavily mutliated body. The female corpse is in eerily good condition, and signs of torture are all too visible. Inspector Malin Fors immediately draws parallels between this cas..

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Man in the Brown Suit

A young woman investigates an accidental death at a London tube station, and finds herself of a ship bound for South Africa… Pretty, young Anne came to London looking for adventure. In fact, adventure comes looking for her – and finds her immediately at Hyde Park Corner tube station. Anne is present on the platform when a thin man, reeking of mothballs, loses his balance and is electocuted on..

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Master and God

Afflicted by classic paranoia, the self-styled Master and God sees enemies everywhere. As he vents his suspicions, no one is safe. A reluctant hero, Gaius Vinius Clodianus is hand-picked for high rank in the Praetorian Guard a brave man striving for decency in a world of corruption and deceit. Flavia Lucilla, tending the privileged women at court, hears the intimate secrets of a ruler who plays ..

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Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes - HCC

‘It is with a heavy heart that I take up my pen to write these the last words in which I shall ever record the singular gifts by which my friend Mr. Sherlock Holmes was distinguished.’ This collection of eleven stories depict Holmes and Watson at their very best and solving some of their most notorious cases, culminating in ‘The Final Problem’. In this infamous tale, Holmes comes face-to-face..

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Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore

What do you do when the life you’ve carefully built for yourself comes apart? Lydia Smith lives a quiet life, spent in the company of her colleagues and customers at the bookstore where she works. But when Joey Molina, a young and mysterious regular, hangs himself in the bookstore and leaves Lydia secret messages hidden in the pages of his books, her world starts to unravel. Why did Joey d..

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