A Voyage to Arcturus (Fantasy Masterworks)

ISBN: 9780575074835
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'Undoubtedly one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century, and arguably the greatest work of imaginative fiction of our time' - Colin Wilson

After attending a séance, Maskull, a restless and rootless man, finds himself embarking on a journey to the planet Tormance, which orbits Arcturus. Alone, he wanders the startling landscape, open to a bewildering range of experiences from love to ritual murder, encountering new monsters at every turn, metamorphosing, constantly seeking the truth about the divinity known as Shaping, Surtur and Crystalman. A Voyage to Arcturus is David Lindsay's masterpiece, an extraordinary imaginative tour de force.

Autor LINDSAY, David
An apariţie 2003
Editura Gollancz
Nr pagini 280
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Etichete: lindsay david
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