Banned and the Banished 3: Wit'ch War

ISBN: 978184149190
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Preţ: 36,00 Lei 18,00 Lei
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In her hands, the young wit'ch Elena holds the awesome energies of blood magick - and more. For the fate of all Alasea hinges on her recovery of the Blood Diary, a potent talisman forged five hundred years ago, then locked away behind wards too strong for any mage to break. Only with the secrets recorded in its pages can Elena defeat the Dark Lord, but the diary lies hidden in A'loa Glen and from that terrible land no traveller returns ...

Immortal magic and infinite vengeance - the new epic fantasy classic continues.

Autor CLEMENS, James
An apariţie 2003
Editura Orbit
Nr pagini 710
Dimensiuni 18 x 11 cm
Format Paperback, A
Etichete: clemens james
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