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Winner of the 2013 Nebula Award for Best Novel The year is 2312. Scientific advances have op..
56,00 Lei
A  Plague of Angels 2: Water Rising
The long-awaited and much-demanded sequel to A PLAGUE OF ANGELS, continuing the story of Abasio, onc..
49,00 Lei
A Canticle for Leibowitz (SF Masterworks)
The HUGO AWARD-winning novel of Earth after the apocalypse In the depths of the Utah desert,..
64,00 Lei
A Case of Conscience (SF Masterworks)
James Blish's seminal treatment of religion in SF, a Hugo Award-winning precursor to The Sparrow...
58,00 Lei
A Deepness in the Sky (SF Masterworks)
The Hugo and John W. Campbell Memorial Award-winning prequel to the magnificent A FIRE UPON THE D..
58,00 Lei
A Fall of Moondust (SF Masterworks)
A brilliantly imagined story of human ingenuity and survival from one of the undisputed masters o..
52,00 Lei
A Madness of Angels
Enter a London where magicians ride the Last Train, implore favours of the Beggar King and interpret..
42,00 Lei
A Maze of Death (SF Masterworks)
'Has been described as his single finest work' The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Fourteen ..
52,00 Lei
A Plague of Angels
Intr-o fortareata traiesc dragoni si orci. In alta parte, o orfana devine o femeie frumoasa intr-un ..
49,00 Lei
A Scanner Darkly (SF Masterworks)
A brilliant sci-fi novel from one of the last century's most influential pop culture figures ..
52,00 Lei
A Second Chance at Eden
A Second Chance at Eden by Peter F. Hamilton, the bestselling master of space opera, is a collect..
62,00 Lei
A Time Odyssey 3: Firstborn
Two of the biggest names in SF together again, with the third of the acclaimed Time's Odyssey sequen..
52,00 Lei
A Voyage to Arcturus (Fantasy Masterworks)
'Undoubtedly one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century, and arguably the greatest work ..
44,00 Lei
Adam Robots: Short Stories
Gathered together for the first time from a major publisher - a collection of short stories by Ad..
52,00 Lei
Aegypt (Fantasy Masterworks)
There is more than one history of the world. Before science defined the modern age, other powers,..
58,00 Lei
Against a Dark Blackground
Sharrow a fost odata liderul unei echipe din unul din micule razboaie [comerciale sporadice din c..
64,00 Lei
Age of Missrule 3: Darkest Hour
The eternal conflict between the Light and Dark once again blackens the skies and blights the land. ..
38,00 Lei
Age of the Five 1: Priestess of the White
When Auraya was chosen to become a priestess, she could never have believed that a mere ten years..
58,00 Lei
Age of the Five 2: Last of the Wilds
Although the architect of the White's victory, Auraya feels no joy. Her days are spent trying to ..
58,00 Lei
Age of the Five 3: Voice of the Gods
Cartea a treia din seria 'The Age of Five' a apreciatei autoare din Australia. 'O aventura fantas..
52,00 Lei
Age of the Five 3: Voice of the Gods
Cartea a treia din seria 'The Age of Five' a apreciatei autoare din Australia. 'O aventura fantas..
58,00 Lei
Alex Verus: Fated
Camden, North London. A tangled, mangled junction of train lines, roads and waterways. Where mino..
46,00 Lei
All Souls 3: Book of Life  (format de buzunar)
42,00 Lei
Alvin Maker 1: Seventh Son
From the primal depth's of the world's greatest myths comes this gripping fantasy of a boy, born ..
62,00 Lei
Ammonite (SF Masterworks)
The James Tiptree Jr Award-winning novel. Change or die. These are the only options availabl..
52,00 Lei
A fascinating, even compulsory addition to the Bolano fan's bookshelf ...the sentences whizz over..
48,00 Lei
Aspect-Emperor 2: White Luck Warrior
A score of years after he first walked into the histories of men, Anasurimbor Kellhus rules all t..
58,00 Lei
Acum 25 de ani, Robert Holdstock, unul din cei mai minunati creatori de mituri, a redefinit liter..
60,00 Lei
Babel-17 (SF Masterworks)
BABEL-17 is the novel which catapulted Samuel R. Delany into the front rank of SF writers. I..
54,00 Lei
Monstri cutreiera strazile Londre. Desigur, unii sunt mai inspaimantatori decat altii. Unicorni? ..
38,00 Lei
Bas-Lag 1: Perdido Street Station
The metropolis of New Crobuzon sprawls at the centre of its own bewildering world. Humans and mut..
68,00 Lei
Bas-Lag 2: Scar
A colossal fantasy of incredible diversity and spellbinding imagination. A human cargo bound for ..
58,00 Lei
Beauty (Fantasy Masterworks)
On her 16th birthday, the princess Beauty sidesteps the sleeping curse placed upon her by her wic..
52,00 Lei
Behold the Man (SF Masterworks)
A daring and explosive take on the crucifixion by one of England's most respected SF writers ..
54,00 Lei
Better Mousetrap
Frank Carpenter, unul din cei mai cunoscuti magicieni ai vremurilor noastre, e irezistibil atras ..
48,00 Lei
Beyond Lies the Wub: Volume One of the Collected Stories
The first volume of the complete stories of the twentieth century's greatest SF author. A ma..
58,00 Lei
Bicentennial Man (editie de buzunar)
Colectia clasica de povestiri scurte ale unuia din cei mai mari scriitori de SF. Fiecare din cele..
49,00 Lei
Black Magician 1: Magicians' Guild
Each year the magicians of Imardin gather together to purge the city streets of vagrants, urchins..
52,00 Lei
Black Magician 2: Novice
Imardin is a city of dark intrigues and deadly politics, where those who wield magic wield power...
54,00 Lei
Black Magician 3: High Lord
In the city of Imardin, where those who wield magic wield power, a young street-girl, adopted by ..
39,00 Lei
Black Magician Prequel: Magician's Apprentice
Set hundreds of years before the events of The Magicians' Guild, THE MAGICIAN'S APPRENTICE is the..
54,00 Lei
Blood Music (SF Masterworks)
The award winning tale of the inevitable take-over of our society by a benign, intelligent scient..
58,00 Lei
Blue Remembered Earth
One hundred and fifty years from now, in a world where Africa is the dominant technological and e..
56,00 Lei
Body Snatchers (SF Masterworks)
The classic novel of paranoia immortalised on film as THE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. Or..
46,00 Lei
Book of Dead Days 2: Dark Flight Down
Held captive in the palace of the Emperor Frederick, Boy and Willow are plunged into a world of g..
33,00 Lei
Book of the New Sun: Volume 1: Shadow and Claw
The first two volumes of Gene Wolfe's magnificent, award-winning The Book of the New Sun. An..
78,00 Lei
Book of the New Sun: Volume 2: Sword and Citadel
Award winning quest of discovery through an Earth fantastically transformed by aeons of humanity...
78,00 Lei
Broken Man 3: Beyond the Wall of Time
Zeii s-au trezit si a inceput noua era a distrugerii. Zidul timpului s-a prabusit, lasand zeii sa..
48,00 Lei
Broken Sword (Fantasy Masterworks)
The sword Tyrfing has been broken to prevent it striking at the roots of Yggdrasil, the great tre..
52,00 Lei
Caltraps of Time (SF Masterworks)
A seminal collection of forgotten classics, many published in Michael Moorcock's influential New ..
52,00 Lei
Cardinal's Blades
Paris. Strazile sunt pline de intrigi, dueluri, spioni si aventuri. Cerul e plin de dragoni. Iar ..
46,00 Lei
Cardinal's Blades 2: Alchemist in the Shadows
Bine ati venit in Parisul anului 1633 cand taramul e amenintat de dragoni. Franta e amenintata de..
46,00 Lei
Cardinal's Blades 3: Dragon Arcana
The epic conclusion of Pierre Pevel's superb swashbuckling adventure! The swashbuckling adventure..
46,00 Lei
15 povestiri, amestec de aventura, istorie, SF si fantasy. Autoarea a primit The British SF Award..
36,00 Lei 15,00 Lei
Castings 1: Blood Ties
The Eleven Domains were forged in blood a thousand years ago. And old wounds are about to be reop..
36,00 Lei
Centauri Device (SF Masterworks)
A brilliant space opera from one of the great stylists of SF. John Truck was to outward appe..
49,00 Lei
Chasm City
Agentul Tanner Mirabel porneste prin spatiu in urmatirea ucigasului Argent Reivich si ajunge pe n..
64,00 Lei
Chathrand Voyage 1: Red Wolf Conspiracy
A wonderully exciting debut fantasy that recalls both Philip Pullman and Scott Lynch. The Ch..
56,00 Lei
Chathrand Voyage 2: Rats and the Ruling Sea
The sequel to THE RED WOLF CONSPIRACY takes the Chathrand across the terrors of uncharted oceans ..
56,00 Lei
Chathrand Voyage 3: River of Shadows
The continuing saga of the great ship Chathrand - not since Robin Hobb has fantasy taken to the w..
56,00 Lei
Child Garden (SF Masterworks)
'Angela Carter meets Derek Jarman's Jubilee in a Max Ernst landscape. Excellent' Time Out In..
49,00 Lei
Chronicles of Amber
Amber is the one real world, casting infinite reflections of itself -- Shadow worlds, that can be..
85,00 Lei
Cities in Flight (SF Masterworks)
One of the very best must-read SF novels of all time. James Blish's galaxy-spanning masterwo..
58,00 Lei
City (SF Masterworks)
As the human race dwindles and declines, which of its great creations will inherit the Earth? And..
52,00 Lei
City and the City
When the body of a murdered woman is found in the extraordinary, decaying city of Beszel, somewhe..
55,00 Lei
City and the Stars (SF Masterworks)
Clarke's masterful evocation of the far future of humanity, considered his finest novel Men ..
58,00 Lei
Codex Alera 1: Furies of Calderon
Vreme de o mie de ani, oamenii din Alera au fost uniti datorita legaturii lor speciale cu Furiile..
58,00 Lei
Codex Alera 2: Academ's Fury
De secole, elementele esentiale au protejat Alera de invazii, dar cel mai mare pericol pare tot m..
58,00 Lei
Codex Alera 3: Cursor's Fury
Primul Lord Gaius Sextus trebuie sa tina piept unei rebeliuni care ar putea distruge delicatul ec..
64,00 Lei
Codex Alera 4: Captain's Fury
Tavi a luptat din greu doi ani in calitate de capitan al propriei legiuni. Si acum a descoperit c..
64,00 Lei
Codex Alera 5: Princeps' Fury
Dupa o lupta crancena, Tavi of Calderon a incheiat pana la urma o alianta cu cei mai vechi dusman..
58,00 Lei
Codex Alera 6: First Lord's Fury
The aging First Lord of Alera has fallen in battle. Yet his people must continue to resist an inv..
64,00 Lei
Coldfire 1: Black Sun Rising
The first volume of the Coldfire Trilogy - an extraordinary feat of storytelling and imagination ..
77,00 Lei
Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke
The definitive collection of short stories from the century's greatest science fiction writer ..
98,00 Lei
Commonwealth 1: Misspent Youth
Peste 40 de ani de aici incolo, dupa decenii de cercetare si trilioane de euro cheluite pe geneti..
59,00 Lei
Cu speranta unei vieti mai bune, cinci veterani colonizeaza o insula abandonata. Iau cu ei tot ce..
42,00 Lei
Conan Chronicles. Vol. 1: People of the Black Circle
The definitive collection of Conan stories, featuring the most distinctive and well known fantasy..
58,00 Lei
Conan Chronicles. Vol. 2: Hour of the Dragon
Scrise intre 1932 si 1935 pentru revista "Weird Tales", aventurile complete ale lui Conan sunt ad..
58,00 Lei
Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe (SF Masterworks)
Now on the acclaimed SF Masterworks list, D.G. Compton's extraordinary novel is a forgotten class..
49,00 Lei
Cosmic Puppets
A typically unsettling tale of different realities from a master of the genre Yielding to a ..
54,00 Lei
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