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Bane Chronicles
Ever wanted to know why Magnus Bane is banned from Peru? Or what he got up to during the French R..
52,00 Lei
Lola Galley e obisnuita sa faca ce nu vrea. Acum nu vrea deloc sa se ocupe de cazul lui Richard E..
38,00 Lei
Bay of Sights
A dark and powerful goddess hunts for three jewels: fallen stars that will give her endless power..
44,00 Lei
Belgariad 4: Castle of Wizardry
Garion - odata un simplu baiat la o ferma, acum intelegand ce puteri de vrajitor are - a recastig..
32,00 Lei
Belgariad 5: Enchanters' End Game
Garion a fost incoronat ca stapan al Vestului si purtator de drept al lui Ord of Aldur. Dar profe..
32,00 Lei
Beyond the Aquila Rift: The Best of Alastair Reynolds
This is an amazing collection of some of the best short fiction ever written in the SF genre, by ..
64,00 Lei
Black Hills
Paha Sapa, a young Sioux warrior, first encounters General George Armstrong Custer as Custer lies..
52,00 Lei
Black Jade
Valashu Elahad, cavaler Valar si al saptelea fiu al regelui din Mesh,a pierdut Piatra-Luminii si tre..
44,00 Lei
Black Wings of Cthulhu: New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror. Vol. 1
In this title, the modern masters of Lovecraftian horror offer up to 21 brand-new, utterly horrif..
59,00 Lei
Black Wings of Cthulhu: New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror. Vol. 2
Editor S.T. Joshi has assembled 18 brand-new stories of cosmic mayhem and terror, by Jason V. Bro..
59,00 Lei
Black Wings of Cthulhu: New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror. Vol. 3
Volume three of the critically acclaimed Black Wings series offers seventeen original tales of ho..
59,00 Lei
Blade Runner (Film Tie-in)
52,00 Lei
Blasphemy (editie de buzunar)
Unii o numesc cea mai mare descoperire stiintifica a tuturor timpurilor. Altii o numesc… blasfemi..
33,00 Lei
Bobby Dollar 2: Happy Hour in Hell
Bobby Dollar has a problem or four of epic proportions. Problem one - his best friend Sam has giv..
52,00 Lei
Bone Season
EVEN A DREAMER CAN START A REVOLUTION. Nineteen-year-old Paige Mahoney works in the criminal unde..
52,00 Lei
Bone Season 2: Mime Order
From the International Bestselling author of The Bone Season. Paige Mahoney has escaped the ..
52,00 Lei
Book of Dave
Un sofer de taxi dement, pe nume Dave Rudman, a scris o carte pentru fiul sau instrainat, pe ntru..
59,00 Lei
Book of Man 2: Broken Chalice
After Isolde disrupted the ceremony at the amphitheatre by plunging her bleeding arm into the Cha..
36,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
Boy with the Porcelaine Blade
An ornate yet dark fantasy, with echoes of Scott Lynch, Robin Hobb and Jon Courtenay Grimwood. An..
52,00 Lei
Brain-Dead Megaphone
In this, his first collection of essays, Saunders trains his eye on the real world rather than the f..
52,00 Lei
Brave New World
52,00 Lei
Brave New World (Vintage Future)
38,00 Lei
Breakfast Of Champions
In a frolic of cartoon and comic outbursts against rule and reason, a miraculous weaving of scien..
58,00 Lei
Broken Bubble
Four people's lives intertwine and collide in this early novel from one of the SF greats. Sa..
52,00 Lei
Broken Earth 1: Fifth Season (Hugo Award 2016)
A New York Times Notable Book of 2015 Shortlisted for the Hugo, World Fantasy, Nebula, Kitschie..
54,00 Lei
Broken Earth 2: Obelisk Gate (Hugo Award 2017)
Continuing the trilogy that began with the multi-award nominated THE FIFTH SEASON. Shortlisted fo..
54,00 Lei
Broken Earth 3: Stone Key
The remarkable conclusion to the highly acclaimed post-apocalyptic trilogy that began with multi-..
54,00 Lei
Broken Empire 1: Prince of Thorns
Prince of Thorns is the first volume in a powerful new epic fantasy trilogy, original, absorbing ..
56,00 Lei
Broken Empire 2: King of Thorns
The second book in the Broken Empire series, Lawrence takes his young anti-hero one step closer t..
56,00 Lei
Broken Empire 3: Emperor of Thorns
Lawrence brings the Broken Empire series to its devastating conclusion The path to the thron..
56,00 Lei
Burning World: Warm Bodies Series
R is recovering from death. He's learning how to read, how to speak, maybe even how to love. He can ..
47,00 Lei
By Schism Rent Asunder
La 900 de ani de la crearea lumii, Biserica Zeului Asteptand a devenit atot-puternica ca pastrato..
29,00 Lei
An ISLAND OF DR MOREAU for the 21st century. An SF novel that draws in the never more timely issu..
54,00 Lei
Cal Leandros: Madhouse
The next book in the Cal Leandros series that began with Nightlife, Madhouse is a clever and hugely ..
31,00 Lei
Canopus in Argos: Archives: Making of the Representative for Planet 8
From the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, this is the fourth instalment in the visionary..
44,00 Lei
Canopus in Argos: Archives: Marriage Between Zones Three, Four and Five
From Doris Lessing, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, this is the second instalment in th..
44,00 Lei
Canopus in Argos: Archives: Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire
From Doris Lessing, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, the fifth and final instalment in t..
36,00 Lei
Canopus in Argos: Archives: Shikasta
From Doris Lessing, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, this is the first instalment in the..
42,00 Lei
Societatea din secolul 23 se conduce lin si pasnic cu ajutorul agentilor de la Social Care, ca Ju..
36,00 Lei
Caraval (format de buzunar)
Welcome to Caraval, where nothing is quite what it seems. Scarlett has never left the tiny isle o..
42,00 Lei
Carpe Jugulum: A Discworld Novel
Mightily Oats has not picked a good time to be priest. He thought he'd come to Lancre for a simpl..
39,00 Lei
Carpet People
In the beginning, there was nothing but endless flatness. Then came the Carpet . . . That's ..
44,00 Lei
Castings 2: Deep Water
Book Two of this sweeping fantasy set in a troubled land of warlords and outcasts, where the ghos..
40,00 Lei
Castings 3: Full Circle
Book three of this sweeping fantasy - set in a troubled land of warlords and outcasts, where the ..
40,00 Lei
Cat's Cradle (Penguin Essentials)
Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle is an irreverent and highly entertaining fantasy about the playful i..
44,00 Lei
Cat's Cradle (SF Masterworks)
One of America's greatest writers gives us his unique perspective on our fears of nuclear annihil..
56,00 Lei
Cat's Cradle - PMC
'All of the true things I am about to tell you are shameless lies.' Dr Felix Hoenikker, one ..
46,00 Lei
Caves of Steel (editie de buzunar)
One of the classic presentations of the womb-city, metropolis as mother, which has haunted imagin..
52,00 Lei
Chaos Walking 1: Knife of Never Letting Go
This title is an unflinching novel about the impossible choices of growing up, by an award-winnin..
49,00 Lei
Chaos Walking 2: The Ask and the Answer
Fleeing before a relentless army, Todd has carried a desperately wounded Viola right into the han..
49,00 Lei
Chaos Walking 3: Monsters of Men
War,' says the Mayor. 'At last.' Three armies march on New Prentisstown, each one intent on destr..
49,00 Lei
Chaoswar Saga 2: A Crown Imperilled
The penultimate volume of the mighty Riftwar Cycle from best selling author Raymond E. Feist. War..
52,00 Lei
Childhood's End
Earth has become a Utopia, guided by a strange unseen people from outer space whose staggering po..
54,00 Lei
Childhood's End
Arthur C. Clarke's classic in which he ponders humanity's future and possible evolution. Now a ma..
58,00 Lei
Children of Earth and Sky
Guy Gavriel Kay, bestselling author of the groundbreaking novels Under Heaven and River of Stars,..
54,00 Lei
Children of Hurin (Black Cover)
It is a legendary time long before The Lord of the Rings, and Morgoth, the first Dark Lord, dwell..
45,00 Lei
Children of Men
in 2021 Anglia e guvernata de despoticul Warden si de 20 de ani nu s-a nascut niciun copil. Theo ..
44,00 Lei
Children of Time (Winner of the 2016 Arthur C. Clarke Award for Best Novel)
'Children of Time is a joy from start to finish. Entertaining, smart, surprising and unexpectedly..
52,00 Lei
China Mountain Zhang (SF Masterworks)
I am Zhang, alone with my light, and in that light I think for a moment that I am free.' Imagine a w..
58,00 Lei
Chronicle of the Fallers 2: Night without Stars
Following the astonishing The Abyss Beyond Dreams, Night Without Stars is the epic second and fin..
54,00 Lei
Chronicles of Blood and Stone 1: Fifth Sorceress
'Only the four Mistresses remained from the hundreds she had loved, lost and left behind. 'Soon, my ..
44,00 Lei
Chronicles of Blood and Stone 2: Gates of Dawn
'The wind howled, and the lightening cascaded across the sky in unimaginable streaks, a portent of w..
39,00 Lei
Chronicles of Blood and Stone 3: Scrolls of the Ancients
The spellbinding fantasy that began with The Fifth Sorceress and The Gates of Dawncontinues... Tris..
38,00 Lei
City (City 1)
The City is ancient and vast and has been waging almost constant war for centuries. At its heart ..
52,00 Lei
City 2: Immortal Throne
The emperor is dead...long live the emperor! The fervent hope of the victorious rebels and the survi..
52,00 Lei
City Trilogy 2: Hell's Horizon
The second volume in a noirish, gritty urban fantasy for adults from the bestselling Children’s auth..
38,00 Lei
Civilwarland In Bad Decline: Short Stories (Vintage Classics)
In his first collection, George Saunders' vision of our near future is as black and funny as you ..
52,00 Lei
Clans of the Alphane Moon
No man in their rightful mind would kill their wife miles from home. Chuck Rittersdorf has r..
52,00 Lei
Clockwork Century: Boneshaker (winner of The Locus Award for Best Novel)
WINNER OF THE LOCUS AWARD FOR BEST NOVEL. Ezekiel Blue's father committed a crime, unleashin..
48,00 Lei
Clockwork Century: Dreadnought
Nurse Mercy Lynch is recently widowed, but the war has further unpleasant surprises in store. ..
48,00 Lei
Clockwork Century: Fiddlehead
Ex-spy 'Belle Boyd' is retired - more or less. Retired from spying on the Confederacy anyway. Her..
51,00 Lei
Clockwork Century: Ganymede
Josephine Early, New Orleans brothel owner and Union spy, has a mission. And it might just end th..
48,00 Lei
Clockwork or All Wound Up
Tick, tock, tick, tock! Some stories are like that. Once you've wend them up, nothing will stop t..
42,00 Lei
Coldfire 2: When True Night Falls
The second volume of the Coldfire Trilogy - an extraordinary feat of storytelling and imagination on..
51,00 Lei
Collapsing Empire
Does the biggest threat lie within? In the far future, humanity has left Earth to create a glorio..
48,00 Lei
Colour of Magic: A Discworld Novel
Roman din ciclul "Discworld" ..
39,00 Lei
Complete Robot (editie de buzunar)
The complete collection of Isaac Asimov's classic Robot stories. In these stories, Asimov creates..
58,00 Lei
Complete Roderick (SF Masterworks)
Rivals the work of Asimov as SF's keynote statement on Robotics Roderick is a robot and this is his..
65,00 Lei
Complete Stories Vol. 1
First published fifteen years ago, shortly after his death, inside this collection are some of th..
58,00 Lei
Complete Stories Vol. 2
The second volume in an extraordinary collection published shortly after the author's death. In t..
58,00 Lei
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