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Lies, Inc.
A masterwork by Philip K. Dick, this is the final, expanded version of the novellla THE UNTELEPOR..
54,00 Lei
Life During Wartime
In the jungles of Guatemala, David Mingolla is struggling to survive amongst the rotting vegetati..
58,00 Lei
Long Tomorrow (S.F. Masterworks)
No city, no town, no community of more than one thousand people or two hundred buildings to the s..
56,00 Lei
Looking for Jake and Other Stories
A novella and thirteen short stories of brilliant diversity, from a master of literary fantasy ..
57,00 Lei
Lord Darcy (Fantasy Masterworks)
Welcome to a world where the Plantagenet kings survived, the laws of magic were discovered and th..
74,00 Lei
Lord of Light (SF Masterworks)
One of the very best must-read SF novels of all time. Imagine a distant world where gods wal..
52,00 Lei
Lord of the Isles
Cea dintai carte dintr-o serie epica, plina de aventuri, pasiune si magie. Intr-o lume unde fortele ..
44,00 Lei
Lud e un mic port aflat la confluenta a doua rauri: Dapple si Dawl. Dar Dapple izvoraste din tara..
42,00 Lei
Lyonesse: Suldrun's Garden
Autorul american s-a nascut in 1916. Pentru acest roman a primit premiul Hugo. Pentru "Madouc" a ..
40,00 Lei
Magic Kingdom of Landover: A Princess of Landover
A sasea carte din seria The Magic Kingdom of Shannara. Printesa Mistaya Holiday nu s-a adaptat prea ..
42,00 Lei
Magic Kingdom of Landover: Wizard at Large
A treia carte din ciclul "The Magic Kingdom of Landover"..
35,00 Lei
Malazan Book of the Fallen 10: Crippled God
The final, apocalyptic chapter in one of the most original, exciting and acclaimed fantasy series..
52,00 Lei
Malazan Book of the Fallen 2: Deadhouse Gates
Weakened by events in Darujhistan, the Malazan Empire teeters on the brink of anarchy. In the vas..
42,00 Lei
Malazan Book of the Fallen 7: Reaper's Gale
The Letherii Empire is in turmoil. Rhulad Sengar, the Emperor of a Thousand Deaths, spirals into ..
52,00 Lei
Malazan Book of the Fallen 8: Toll the Hounds
The eighth book in Erikson's acclaimed Malazan Book of the Fallen fantasy sequence It is sai..
48,00 Lei
Malazan Book of the Fallen 9: Dust of Dreams
The penultimate book in the acclaimed Malazan Book of the Fallen fantasy series On the Lethe..
48,00 Lei
Malazan Book of the Fallen : First Collected Tales of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach
BLOOD FOLLOWS - In the port city of Lamentable Moll, a diabolical killer stalks the streets and p..
45,00 Lei
Malazan Empire 1: Night of Knives
Malaz gave a great empire its name, but now this island and its city amount to little more than a..
52,00 Lei
Malazan Empire 2: Return of the Crimson Guard
Un nou capitol epic din tumultuoasa istorie a Imperiului Malazan, a doua carte dupa Night of Kniv..
58,00 Lei
Malazan Empire 3:  Stonewielder
Greymane believed he'd outrun his past. With his school for swordsmanship in Falar, he was lookin..
58,00 Lei
Malazan Empire 5: Blood and Bone
In the western sky the bright emerald banner of the Visitor descends like a portent of annihilati..
45,00 Lei
Man Plus (SF Masterworks)
The award-winning account of a man changed beyond all recognition so that he can be part of a bol..
56,00 Lei
Manhattan in Reverse
This is a collection of seven short stories from the master of space opera. Peter F Hamilton take..
53,00 Lei
Margaret Bains e singurul copil din Phobos - o colonie de oamni care trudesc la un proiect ce vre..
42,00 Lei
Mark on the Beast and Other Fantastic Tales (Fantasy Masterworks)
A unique collection by one of Britain's greatest writers of the nineteenth and twentieth centurie..
44,00 Lei
Martian Time-slip (SF Masterworks)
Philip K. Dick is the bestselling author of MINORITY REPORT and BLADE RUNNER Mars is a desol..
52,00 Lei
Mary and the Giant
'It is now becoming increasingly clear that Dick is one of the most compelling chroniclers of lif..
52,00 Lei
Mass Effect: Revelation
Toate societatile avansate din galaxie se bazeaza pe tehnologia protheenilor - o specie straveche..
58,00 Lei
A dazzling Culture novel from one of the most exciting science-fiction writers of modern times - ..
58,00 Lei
Mcatrix Derided
Parodie dupa "Matrix Reloaded" ..
46,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
Memory of Flames 1: Adamantine Palace
Odata, dragonii stapaneau lumea si omul era putin mai mult decat o prada; apoi s-a descoperit o m..
46,00 Lei
Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn 1: Dragonbone Chair
Cartea intai din Memory, Sorrow and Throne ..
52,00 Lei
Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn 2: Stone of Farewell
In Osten Ard, the evil of the Storm King covers the land and the country is riven by war. Nature,..
64,00 Lei
Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn 3: Green Angel Tower 1: Siege
Simon Snowlock and Prince Josua's band of allies gather at the Stone of Farewell. King Elias is draw..
70,00 Lei
Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn 3: Green Angel Tower 2: Storm
Memory, Sorrow and Thorn: The three swords which seem inextricably linked to the fate of both Sim..
58,00 Lei
Merlin Codex 3: Broken Kings
The hill below the fortress of Taurovinda, stronghold of Urtha, High King of the Cornovidi, is co..
40,00 Lei
Merry Gentry: Divine Misdemeanors
Some know her as Meredith Nic Essus, princess of faerie. Others as Merry Gentry, LA private eye. ..
40,00 Lei
Merry Gentry: Seduced by Moonlight
Meredith Gentry e exotica, decadenta, mortala. Mai e si detectiv particular si printesa sub acoperir..
40,00 Lei
Merry Gentry: Swallowing Darkness
Faceti cunostinta cu Meredith Gentry - detectiv particular, printesa sub acoperire, jumatate om, jum..
36,00 Lei
Metro 2033
The year is 2033. The world has been reduced to rubble. Humanity is nearly extinct. The half-dest..
56,00 Lei
Metro 2034
The basis of two bestselling computer games Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light, the Metro books have..
56,00 Lei
Mirage Makers 1: Heart of the Mirage
Stolen from her people as a child and raised as a citizen of the Tyranian Empire, Ligea Gayed is ..
42,00 Lei
Mirage Makers 2: Shadow of Tyr
Ligea Gayaed a intors spatele fostilor ei mentori, o fratie secreta din Imperiul Tyranian, iar acum ..
42,00 Lei
Mirage Makers 3: Song of the Shiver Barrens
Ligea Gayaed a renuntat la tot pentru a-si face o noua viata alaturi de fiul ei, Arrant. Dar acum..
42,00 Lei
Mission of Gravity (SF Masterworks)
A brilliant and mind-bending depiction of alien life that still stands as a landmark of hard SF. ..
49,00 Lei
Mistborn 1: Final Empire
Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy trilogy overturns the expectations of readers and then goes on t..
59,00 Lei
Mistborn 2: Well of Ascension
The Dark Lord is dead, and now a new world can be built. The acclaimed epic commercial fantasy pu..
59,00 Lei
Mistborn 3: Hero of Ages
The Mistborn saga comes to its thrilling conclusion, as an acclaimed epic commercial fantasy come..
59,00 Lei
Mistborn: Alloy of Law
The Mistborn trilogy has become a firm favourite with fantasy fans the world over. The imaginatio..
54,00 Lei
Mockingbird (SF Masterworks)
Walter Tevis is the acclaimed author of The Hustler and The Man Who Fell to Earth, both memorably..
42,00 Lei
Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (SF Masterworks)
‘The best book Robert A. Heinlein ever wrote' F&FS Luna is an open penal colony and the ..
58,00 Lei
More Than Human (SF Masterworks)
Award winning tale of alienation, evolution and humanity All alone: an idiot boy, a runaway ..
52,00 Lei
Mythago Cycle Vol. 2
Volumul doi din ciclul Mythago Wood cuprinde: The Hollowing si Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn. Una d..
98,00 Lei
Mythago Wood (Winner of the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel)
MYTHAGO WOOD won the WORLD FANTASY AWARD FOR BEST NOVEL and is regarded as one of the finest fant..
54,00 Lei
The best of H.P. Lovecraft's stories in one handsome volume. WIKIPEDIA says: 'H.P. Lovecraft..
120,00 Lei
Neptune's Brood
Neptune's Brood is a brand new space opera from science fiction legend Charles Stross. Shortliste..
56,00 Lei
Night Watch
Primul volum din trilogia The Night Watch. Pe strazile Moscovei, asemeni restului populatiei, mer..
52,00 Lei
Night Watch 2: Day Watch
A doua carte din trilogia The Night Watch. De aceasta data Alice, o tanara dar puternica Cealalta..
52,00 Lei
Night Watch 3: Twilight Watch
Walking the streets of Moscow, indistinguishable from the rest of its population, are the Others...
52,00 Lei
Night Watch 4: Last Watch
The Last Watch is the stunning sequel to the Night Watch trilogy, following the fortunes of the O..
52,00 Lei
Night's Dawn 1: Reality Dysfunction
In AD 2600 the human race is finally realizing its full potential. Hundreds of colonized planets ..
68,00 Lei
Night's Dawn 2: Neutronium Alchemis
Following on from The Reality Dysfunction, The Neutronium Alchemist is the second epic novel in t..
68,00 Lei
Night's Dawn 3: Naked God
The third book in the The Night's Dawn trilogy, The Naked God by Peter F. Hamilton is an epic con..
68,00 Lei
No Enemy But Time (SF Masterworkd)
Joshua Kampa is torn between two worlds - the Early Pleistocene Africa of his dreams and the 20th-ce..
52,00 Lei
Non-Stop (SF Masterworks)
The first published novel of England's greatest living SF writer Curiosity was discouraged i..
52,00 Lei
Northland 1: Stone Spring
8,000 years ago Europe was a very different place. England was linked to Holland by a massive swa..
52,00 Lei
Northland 2: Bronze Summer
Centuries have passed. The wall that Ana's people built has long outlasted her and history has be..
46,00 Lei
Nova (SF Masterworks)
A stunning space opera from the HUGO and NEBULA AWARD-winning Grand Master, Samuel R. Delany. ..
58,00 Lei
Nulapeiron Sequence 2: Context
Nulapeiron e o planeta izolata de 12 secole. Locuitorii traiesc in subteran, condusi de o aristocrat..
37,00 Lei
Odd John (SF Masterworks)
The book that gave the world the term Homo superior. John Wainwright is a freak, a human mutation wi..
46,00 Lei
Of Men and Monsters (SF Masterworks)
'One of the genre's very few genuinely comic, genuinely incisive writers' THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCI..
46,00 Lei
Olympos (editie de buzunar)
The sequel to the bestselling and acclaimed ILIUM. Together these books are the SF event of the d..
62,00 Lei
Tighe locuieste pe zid. Se inalta deasupra satului si coboara in spatele lui. E vast si e tot ce cun..
38,00 Lei
On the Steel Breeze
Chiku Yellow is earthbound: living a peaceful life on a changing world as humanity explores a tho..
56,00 Lei
Orcs Bad Blood 1: Weapons of Magical Destruction
Stryke, capitanul legendarei Warband the Wolverines a orcilor, crede ca si-a dus oamenii pe un ta..
46,00 Lei
Orcs Bad Blood 2: Army of Shadows
Cetele razboinice al orcilor, Wolverines, sunt impotmolite intr-o lume paralela. Singura lor moda..
46,00 Lei
Orcs Bad Blood 3: Inferno
The Orcs are back! The epic conclusion to the internationally bestselling double trilogy. Stan Nicho..
46,00 Lei
Order of the Scales
A inceput razboiul si a sosit pe aripile a sute de dragoni. In vreme ce printul Jehal lupta dispe..
52,00 Lei
Paladin Legacy 1: Oath of Fealty
A death has made Kieri Phelan king of Lyona. Here humans and elves live in uneasy peace, united o..
64,00 Lei
In Orientul Apropiat inca domina Imperiul Otoman. Pe malul marii, cu spatele la desert, El Iskandryi..
39,00 Lei
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