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A Man of the People - PMC

Publicat - profetic - cu cateva zile inainte de prima tentativa de lovitura de stat in Nigeria din 1966, romanul e o analiza lucida a politicii de dupa castigarea idenpendetei si e o parte importanta operelor lui despre istoria moderna a Africii. 'A bitter yet funny satire… probably the best book to come out of West Africa' (Anthony Burgess). Cu o introducere de Karl Maier. Colectia Penguin Mode..

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A Moveable Feast

Published posthumously in 1964, A Moveable Feast remains one of Ernest Hemingway's most beloved works. Since Hemingway's personal papers were released in 1979, scholars have examined and debated the changes made to the text before publication. Now this new special restored edition presents the original manuscript as the author prepared it to be published. Featuring a personal foreword by Patr..

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A Regicide

Set in an unspecified island kingdom, A Regicide tells the story of the statistician Boris who, after the electoral victory of the Church party in the country's elections, decides to assassinate the King on the day he is to visit the factory where he is employed. As the crime is described and relived, doubt sets in as to whether it has ever taken place. Written in 1949 but only published in 1..

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A Room of One's Own and The Voyage Out

A Room of One's Own (1929) has become a classic feminist essay and perhaps Virginia Woolf's best known work; The Voyage Out (1915) is highly significant as her first novel. Both focus on the place of women within the power structures of modern society. The essay lays bare the woman artist's struggle for a voice, since throughout history she has been denied the social and economic independence..

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A Streetcar Named Desire

Volumul contine o introducere semnata de Arthur Miller si un interviu al autorului cu el insusi: The World I Live In. T. Williams e unul din cei mai influenti dramaturgi ai secolului 20 si unul din cei mai mari ai Americii. In colectia Penguin Modern Classics ..

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A Town Like Alice (Vintage Summer)

"We used to sit by the river and watch the sun setting behind the mountains, sometimes, and say what a marvellous place it would be to come for a holiday". Jean Paget is just twenty years old and working in Malaya when the Japanese invasion begins. When she is captured she joins a group of other women and children whom the Japanese force to walk for miles through the jungle leading to the dea..

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A View From the Bridge

A view from the Bridge Eddie Carbone is a longshoreman and a straightforward man, with a strong sense of decency and of honour. For Eddie, it's a privilege to take in his wife's cousins, straight off the boat from Italy. But, as his niece begins to fall for one of them, it's clear that it's not just, as Eddie claims, that he's too strange, too sissy, too careless for her, but that something big..

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A: A Novel

In the late 1960s Andy Warhol, one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, set out to turn an ordinary book into a piece of pop art. He said that he wanted to create a 'bad' novel 'because doing something the wrong way always opens doors'. The result was this astonishing account of the famously influential group of artists, superstars, addicts and freaks who made up the world o..

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Absalom, Absalom

Quentin Compson and Shreve, his Harvard room-mate, are obsessed by the tragic rise and fall of Thomas Sutpen. As a poor white boy, Sutpen was turned away from a plantation owner's mansion by a negro butler. From then on, he was determined to force his way into the upper echelons of Southern society. His relentless will ensures his ambitions are soon realised; land, marriage, children. But in aft..

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Across the River and into the Trees (editie de buzunar)

The War is just over. In Venice, a city elaborately and affectionately described, the American Colonel, Richard Cantrell, falls passionately in love with Renata, a young Italian countess who has 'a profile that could break your or anyone else's heart'. Cantrell is embittered, war-scarred and old enough to be Renata's father, but he is overwhelmed by the selflessness and freshness of the love she..

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Ada or Ardor

'A great work of art, radiant and rapturous, affirming the power of love and imagination' The New York Times Book Review Ada or Ardor is a romance that follows Ada from her first childhood meeting with Van Veen on his uncle's country estate, in a 'dream-bright' America, through eighty years of rapture, as they cross continents, are continually parted and reunited, come to learn the strange tr..

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Africa's Tarnished Name (Penguin Modern)

He needed to hear Africa speak for itself after a lifetime of hearing Africa spoken about by others Electrifying essays on the history, complexity, diversity of a continent, from the father of modern African literature. Penguin Modern: fifty new books celebrating the pioneering spirit of the iconic Penguin Modern Classics series, with each one offering a concentrated hit of its contemporar..

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Aleph - PMC

Borges' stories have a deceptively simple, almost laconic style. In maddeningly ingenious stories that play with the very form of the short story, Borges returns again and again to his themes: dreams, labyrinths, mirrors, infinite libraries, the manipulations of chance, gaucho knife-fighters, transparent tigers and the elusive nature of identity itself.  ..

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Alexandria Quartet

Lawrence Durrell was one of the best-selling, most celebrated English novelists of the late twentieth century. The Alexandria Quartet is unquestionably his most admired work, at heart a sensuous and brilliant evocation of wartime Alexandria. In this world of corrupt glamour, L. G. Darley attempts to reconcile himself to the end of his affair with the dark, passionate Justine Hosnani - setting al..

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All My Sons - PMC

O drama puternica, impresionanta despre etica profitului si familie, si prima mare piesa scrisa de unul din cei mai buni dramaturgi ai secolului XX. A primit The New York Drama Critics' Circle Award si Tony Award for Best Play. 'The greatest modern American playwright' (Mail on Sunday). Cu o introducere de Bigsby Christopher. Col. Penguin Modern Classics ..

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All the King's Men - PMC Stoc momentan epuizat

All the King's Men - PMC

Tanar, pasionat si hotarat, Willie Stark isi incepe cariera politica ca un idealist dedicat oamenilor, decis transforme America. Dar cand e tradat, in timpul campaniei pentru postul de guvernator in Deep South's Mason County, realizeaza ca idealismul pur nu are mare valoare in lumea politica si ca, pentru a avea succes, nu trebuie sa se teama de coruptie. O meditatie dulce-amara asupra slabiciun..

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Almost English

Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2013 and the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction 2014. Home is a foreign country - they do things differently there ... In a tiny flat in West London, sixteen-year-old Marina lives with her emotionally delicate mother, Laura, and three ancient Hungarian relatives. Imprisoned by her family's crushing expectations and their fierce unEnglish pride, by their s..

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Alone in Berlin - PMC

A tie-in edition of Fallada's best-selling WW2 novel, to accompany the major new film starring Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson. Berlin, 1940, and the city is filled with fear. When unassuming couple Otto and Anna Quangel receive the news that their beloved son has been killed fighting in France, they are shocked out of their quiet existence and begin a silent campaign of defiance. A deadly ..

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Americana - PMC

His first novel, Don DeLillo's Americana passionately articulates the neurotic landscape of contemporary American life through a disintegrating embodiment of the American dream. Prosperous, good-looking and empty inside, 28-year-old advertising executive David Bell appears on the surface to have everything. But he is a man on the brink of losing his sanity. Trapped in a Manhattan office with ..

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Amerika - PMC

Karl Rossman has been banished by his parents to America, following a family scandal. There, with unquenchable optimism, he throws himself into the strange experiences that lie before him as he slowly makes his way into the interior of the great continent. Although Kafka's first novel (begun in 1911 and never finished), can be read as a menacing allegory of modern life, it is also infused with a..

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An American Tragedy (editie de buzunar)

This is the story of Clyde Griffiths, who spends his life in the desperate pursuit of success. On a deeper, more profound level, it is the masterful portrayal of the society whose values both shape Clyde's ambitions and seal his fate; it is an unsurpassed depiction of the harsh realities of American life and of the dark side of the American dream. Extraordinary in scope and power, vivid in its s..

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An Artist of the Floating World (format de buzunar)

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2017 It is 1948. Japan is rebuilding her cities after the calamity of World War Two, her people putting defeat behind them and looking to the future. The celebrated artist, Masuji Ono, fills his days attending to his garden, his house repairs, his two grown daughters and his grandson; his evenings drinking with old associates in quiet lantern-lit bars. ..

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And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks

In 1944, Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs were charged as accessories to murder. One of their friends, Lucien Carr, had stabbed another, David Kammerrer. Carr had come to each of them and confessed; Kerouac helped him get rid of the weapon - neither told the police. For this failing they were arrested. Months later, the two writers - unpublished at the time - collaborated on And the Hippos ..

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Animal Farm - PMC Stoc momentan epuizat

Animal Farm - PMC

'All animals are equal - but some are more equal than others' When the downtrodden animals of Manor Farm overthrow their master Mr Jones and take over the farm themselves, they imagine it is the beginning of a life of freedom and equality. But gradually a cunning, ruthless élite among them, masterminded by the pigs Napoleon and Snowball, starts to take control. Soon the other animals discover ..

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Anna of the Five Towns

Roman celebru, inspirat de "Eugenie Grandet" a lui Balzac ..

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Answered Prayers: The Unfinished Novel - PMC

P.B. Jones is the amoral, bisexual protagonist of this unfinished novel. He discovers that bed-hopping rather than literary ability is the way to get published. He discovers along the way that prayers that are answered cause more pain than those that remain ignored. ..

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Anthem - PMC Stoc momentan epuizat

Anthem - PMC

Equality 7-2521 e un barbat aparte. De la Marea Renastere a fost o crima in lumea lui sa gandesti sau sa te porti individualist. Pana si iubirea e interzisa. Si totusi inca din copilaria petrecuta in Casa Infantilor, a simtit ca el e altfel… Publicat prima oara in 1938 in Anglia, scurtul roman distopian al lui Rand cristalizeaza ideile de individualism si competitie care o vor face celebra in in..

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Anthills of the Savannah- PMC

Chris, Ikem si Beatrice sunt trei prieteni care lucreaza in regimul militar al Excelentei Sale Presedintele Kanganului, educat la Sandhurst. In atmosfera apasatoare a opresiunii si intimidarii ei pur si simplu incearca sa traiasca si sa iubeasca... si sa ramana prieteni. Dar intr-o lume in care fiecare zi aduce o noua tradare e greu sa te agati de o speranta. 'The writer in whose company the pri..

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Antic Hay

Cand Theordore Gumbril concepe niste pantaloni pneumatici pentru a usura viata sedentarilor, se hotaraste ca a venit vremea sa renunte la meseria de profesor si sa isi caute norocul in metropolis. "Huxley aduce o vigoare si un elan extraordinare in fiecare pagina" (Spectator)...

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Ape & Essence

In February 2108, the New Zealand Rediscovery Expedition reaches California at last. It is over a century since the world was devastated by nuclear war, but the blight of radioactivity and disease still gnaws away at the survivors. The expedition expects to find physical destruction but they are quite unprepared for the moral degradation they meet. Ape and Essence is Huxley's vision of the ruin ..

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Ariel Stoc momentan epuizat


Ariel, first published in 1965, contains many of Sylvia Plath's best-known poems, written in an extraordinary burst of creativity just before her death in 1963. Including poems such as 'Lady Lazarus', 'Edge', 'Daddy' and 'Paralytic', it was the first of four collections to be published by Faber & Faber. Ariel is the volume on which Sylvia Plath's reputation as one of the most original, darin..

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Arrow of God - PMC

Ezeulu, incapatanatul preot sef al zeului Ulu, e divinizat de sase sate din Umuaro. Dar descopera ca autoritatea lui e amenintata de rivalii lui din trib, de guvernul alb si chiar de propria familie. Simte ca trebuie sa fie de neatins; doar e o sageata in arcul zeului, nu-i asa? Inarmat cu credinta sa, e pregatit sa isi conduca poporul, chiar daca asta inseamna distrugere si anihilare. Si totusi..

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As I Lay Dying

The death and burial of Addie Bundren is told by members of her family, as they cart the coffin to Jefferson, Mississippi, to bury her among her people. And as the intense desires, fears and rivalries of the family are revealed in the vernacular of the Deep South, Faulkner presents a portrait of extraordinary power - as epic as the Old Testament, as American as Huckleberry Finn. ..

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Atlas Shrugged (US)

Published in 1957, Atlas Shrugged was Ayn Rand's greatest achievement and last work of fiction. In this novel she dramatizes her unique philosophy through an intellectual mystery story that integrates ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, politics, economics, and sex. Set in a near-future U.S.A. whose economy is collapsing as a result of the mysterious disappearance of leading innovators and industri..

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Ballad of Peckham Rye - PMC

Un barbat cu un farmec nebun si cu spirit de intreprinzator, Dougal Douglas, e angajat sa revitalizeze o firma din Meadows, Meade & Grindley. Izbuteste, dar nu chiar cum ar fi vrut patronul. Se intampla lucruri bizare si Dougal pe masura ce Dougal extercita o ifluenta bizara asupra locuitorilor din Peckham Rye, aducand minciuni, lacrimi, santaj si chiar crima in viata celor pe care ii intalneste. ..

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Ballad of the Sad Café Stoc momentan epuizat

Ballad of the Sad Café

In The Ballad of the Sad Café, a tale of unrequited love, Miss Amelia, a spirited, unconventional woman, runs a small-town store and, except for a marriage that lasted just ten days, has always lived alone. Then Cousin Lymon appears from nowhere, a little, strutting hunchback who steals Miss Amelia's heart. Together they transform the store into a lively, popular café. But when her rejected husb..

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Beauty and Sadness

The successful writer Oki has reached middle age and is filled with regrets. He returns to Kyoto to find Otoko, a young woman with whom he had a terrible affair many years before, and discovers that she is now a painter, living with a younger woman as her lover. Otoko has continued to love Oki and has never forgotten him, but his return unsettles not only her but also her young lover. This is a ..

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Bell Jar

I was supposed to be having the time of my life. When Esther Greenwood wins an internship on a New York fashion magazine in 1953, she is elated, believing she will finally realise her dream to become a writer. But in between the cocktail parties and piles of manuscripts, Esther's life begins to slide out of control. She finds herself spiralling into serious depression as she grapples with dif..

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Berlin Novels Stoc momentan epuizat

Berlin Novels

Mr Norris Changes Trains is the first of Christopher Isherwood's classic 'Berlin' novels, and it portrays the encounter and growing friendship between young William Bradshaw and the urbane and mildly sinister Mr Norris. Piquant, witty and oblique, it vividly evokes the atmosphere of pre-war Berlin, and forcefully conveys an ironic political parable. Goodbye to Berlin was an inspiration for the s..

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Big Sur

'Kerouac's grittiest novel ... sensual and uninhibited' The New York Times Driven mad by three years of endless telegrams, phonecalls, mail, reporters and snoopers in the wake of his hugely successful novel On the Road, Jack Kerouac, 'King of the Beats', needs peace, quiet and sobriety: surrounded and outnumbered he has to 'get away to solitude again or die'. Amidst the wild beauty of the Califor..

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Black Ball (Penguin Modern)

'If he only knew what it was, he would fix it; he would kill this mean thing that made Mama feel so bad.' Belonging and estrangement intertwine in these four lyrical short stories from the the author of Invisible Man. Penguin Modern: fifty new books celebrating the pioneering spirit of the iconic Penguin Modern Classics series, with each one offering a concentrated hit of its contemporary,..

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Bonjour Tristesse (editie de buzunar) Stoc momentan epuizat

Bonjour Tristesse (editie de buzunar)

'Late into the night we talked of love, of its complications. In my father's eyes they were imaginary. . . This conception of rapid, violent and passing love affairs appealed to my imagination. I was not at the age when fidelity is attractive. I knew very little about love.' The French Riviera: home to the Beautiful People. And none are more beautiful than Cécile, a precocious seventeen-year-..

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Book of Disquiet

Sitting at his desk, Bernardo Soares imagined himself free forever of Rua dos Douradores, of his boss Vasques, of Moreira the book-keeper, of all the other employees, the errand boy, the post boy, even the cat. But if he left them all tomorrow and discarded the suit of clothes he wears, what else would he do? Because he would have to do something. And what suit would he wear? Because he would ha..

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Book of Illusions

One man's obsession with the mysterious life of a silent film star takes him on a journey into a shadow-world of lies, illusions, and unexpected love. After losing his wife and young sons in a plane crash, Vermont professor David Zimmer spends his waking hours mired in grief. Then, watching television one night, he stumbles upon a lost film by silent comedian Hector Mann, and remembers how to la..

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Book of Laughter and Forgetting (Faber Classics)

O carte foarte importanta, buimacitoare: ne invata ca atunci cand murim ce pierdem e nu viitorul, ci trecutul. Cred ca Kundera e marele descendent modern al lui Gogol si Kafka' (Carlos Fuentes) ..

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Book of Sand & Shakespeare's Memory - PMC

One of the most remarkable artists of our age.' MARIO VARGAS LLOSA THE BOOK OF SAND was the last of Borges' major collections to be published. The stories are, in his words, 'variations on favourite themes... combining a plain and at times almost colloquial style with a fantastic plot'. It includes such marvellous tales as 'The Congress', 'Undr' and 'The Mirror and the Mask'. Also included are t..

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Brave New World (editie de buzunar)

Far in the future, the World Controllers have created the ideal society. Through clever use of genetic engineering, brainwashing and recreational sex and drugs all its members are happy consumers. Bernard Marx seems alone harbouring an ill-defined longing to break free. A visit to one of the few remaining Savage Reservations where the old, imperfect life still continues, may be the cure for his ..

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Breakfast at Tiffany's (editie de buzunar)

Immortalised by Audrey Hepburn's sparkling performance in the 1961 film of the same name, Breakfast at Tiffany's is Truman Capote's timeless portrait of tragicomic cultural icon Holly Golightly, published in Penguin Modern Classics. It's New York in the 1940s, where the martinis flow from cocktail hour till breakfast at Tiffany's. And nice girls don't, except, of course, for Holly Golightly: ..

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