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When "The Fountainhead" was first published, Ayn Rand's daringly original literary vision and her gr..
46,00 Lei
Franny and Zooey
Editia reproduce textul american original ..
40,00 Lei
French Lieutenant's Woman
Of all John Fowles' novels The French Lieutenant's Woman received the most universal acclaim and ..
62,00 Lei
Frenchman‘s Creek
The Restoration Court knows Lady Dona St Columb to be ripe for any folly, any outrage that will a..
48,00 Lei
Futurological Congress (PMC)
'A giant of twentieth-century science fiction' Guardian 'This Room Guaranteed BOMB-FREE. From the..
54,00 Lei
Garden of the Finzi-Continis - PMC
Aristocrata, bogata si distanta, familia Finzi-Contini il fascineaza pe narator - un tanar evreu ..
42,00 Lei
Gaudeamus (Let us Rejoice) is the second autobiographical novel written by the author about his u..
64,00 Lei
German Numbers Woman
Roman contemporan britanic ..
42,00 Lei
Gigolo (Penguin Modern)
'The sap had dried up; the sap, the incentive, the fever, the desire to do, to act, to ..
6,00 Lei
Giovanni's Room - PMC
Considered an 'audacious' second novel, Giovanni's Room is set in the 1950s Paris of American expatr..
36,00 Lei
Glass Bead Game
'One of the truly important books of the century, in any language' The Times In the remote K..
62,00 Lei
Glass Menagerie - PMC
Abandoned by her husband, Amanda Wingfield comforts herself with recollections of her earlier, mo..
42,00 Lei
Glittering City (Penguin Modern)
'"Forget all your fears now. Have a fling this night"' Untrustworthy, charming Fussy Joe spi..
6,00 Lei
Go Set a Watchman (editie de buzunar)
From Harper Lee comes a landmark new novel set two decades after her beloved Pulitzer Prize-winni..
42,00 Lei
Go-Between - PMC
When one long, hot summer, young Leo is staying with a school-friend at Brandham Hall, he begins to ..
49,00 Lei
The original Fifty Shades of Grey, Edith Templeton's erotic novel Gordon has been banned, pirated..
48,00 Lei
Grapes of Wrath - PMC
John Steinbeck's powerful evocation of the suffering and hardship caused by the Great Depression,..
49,00 Lei
Great Automatic Grammatizator and Other Stories
With a sophisticated cool new cover, this series is perfect for older teen readers who like the d..
47,00 Lei
Great Hunger (Penguin Modern)
'I have lived in important places, times When great events were decided . . .' By turns co..
6,00 Lei
Haunted Boy (Penguin Modern)
His hand sought the adjacent flesh and sorrow paralleled desire in the immense complexity of love..
6,00 Lei
Haunted Life - PMC
The Haunted Life is the coming-of-age story of Peter Martin, a college track star determined to i..
50,00 Lei
Haunting of Hill House: Now the Inspiration for a New Netflix Original Series
52,00 Lei
Heart is a Lonely Hunter - PMC
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter was Carson McCullers' first novel, written in 1940. Set in a small t..
49,00 Lei
Heart of the Matter
Scobie, a police officer serving in a wartime West African state, is distrusted, being scrupulous..
42,00 Lei
Henderson the Rain King - PMC
Bellow evokes all the rich colour and exotic customs of a highly imaginary Africa in this comic nove..
59,00 Lei
Herzog - PMC
A masterful twist on the epistolary novel, Saul Bellow's Herzog is part confessional, part exorci..
54,00 Lei
High-Rise (Film Tie-in)
Coming in March 2016 from acclaimed director Ben Wheatley, a major motion picture adaptation of J..
48,00 Lei
Honorary Consul
Charley Fortnum is the 'Honorary Consul', a whisky-sodden figure of dubious authority taken by a ..
44,00 Lei
How Green Was My Valley - PMC
Crescut intr-o comunitate de mineri din South Wales, How Morgan a primit multe lectii dure - la masa..
50,00 Lei
Howard's End (Penguin Classics)
A meticulously-observed drama of class warfare, E.M. Forster's Howards End explores the conflict inh..
42,00 Lei
Humbold's Gift - PMC
For many years, the great poet Von Humboldt Fleisher and Charlie Citrine, a young man inflamed wi..
62,00 Lei
INTRODUCTION BY JO NESBØ AFTERWORD BY PAUL AUSTER Nineteenth-century Kristiania is an unfo..
54,00 Lei
I'd Die for You and Other Lost Stories
**THE SUNDAY TIMES TOP TEN BESTSELLER** ‘This belated collection shows us the depths of Fitzgeral..
54,00 Lei
Ice - PMC
'Few novelists match the intensity of her vision' J. G. Ballard No one knows why the ice has ..
54,00 Lei
Ice Palace - PMC
'How simple this novel is. How subtle. How strong. How unlike any other. It is unique. It is unfo..
44,00 Lei
Impatience of the Heart (PMC)
The great Austrian writer Stefan Zweig was a master anatomist of the deceitful heart, and Impatie..
49,00 Lei
In Cold Blood - PMC
The chilling true crime 'non-fiction novel' that made Truman Capote's name, In Cold Blood&nb..
49,00 Lei
In Praise of Older Women - PMC
Growing up in war-torn Hungary, the narrator András Vajda, discovers that the charms of young gir..
49,00 Lei
In the Night of Time
October 1936. Spanish architect Ignacio Abel arrives at Penn Station, the final stop on his journ..
56,00 Lei
Intruder In The Dust
Set in the deep south that provided the backdrop for all of Faulkner's finest fiction, Intruder in t..
58,00 Lei
Jacob's Room - HCC
JACOB’S ROOM, Virginia Woolf’s third novel, marks her first foray into Modernist experimentation...
13,00 Lei
Jane Austen: Complete Novels in One Sitting
This deluxe Miniature Edition is packed with summaries of the novels of one of history's most bel..
28,00 Lei
Johnny Panic and the Bible Dreams
I lay there alone in bed, feeling the black shadow creeping up the underside of the world like a ..
62,00 Lei
Journey to the End of the Night
First published in 1932, Journey to the End of the Night was immediately acclaimed as a masterpie..
62,00 Lei
Junky - PMC
A shocking exposé of the desperate subculture surrounding heroin addiction, William S. Burroughs'..
42,00 Lei
Kafka's Other Trial - PMC
In July 1914, Franz Kafka's fianc+«e Felice broke off their engagement in a humiliating public tr..
54,00 Lei
Keep the Aspidistra Flying (PMC)
Gordon Comstock loathes dull, middle-class respectability and worship of money. He gives up a 'go..
38,00 Lei
King's English
An indispensable companion for readers, writers, and even casual users of the language, the Pengu..
45,00 Lei
Labyrinths - PMC
Jorge Luis Borges's Labyrinths is a collection of short stories and essays showcasing one of Lati..
46,00 Lei
Lady Chatterley's Lover
Roman al lui Lawrence care a starnit un scandal imens si a fost interzis pana in anii '60 ai sec. 20..
38,00 Lei
Last Tycoon - PMC
Studioul arata ca '30 de acri de basm' in noaptea cand o femeie misterioasa ii zambeste lui Monroe S..
40,00 Lei
Leaving the Yellow House (Penguin Modern)
She had lived by delays; she had meant to stop drinking; she had put off the time, and now she ha..
6,00 Lei
Legend of the Sleepers (Penguin Modern)
'For once there had been false idols and asses' heads drawn on the walls...' Sleepers awake ..
6,00 Lei
Letter to My Daughter
Dedicated to the daughter she never had but sees all around her, Letter to my Daughter reveals Ma..
52,00 Lei
Letter to My Mother (Penguin Modern)
'As you are well aware, we never loved each other in your lifetime. Both of us pretended.' S..
6,00 Lei
Life and Fate (Vintage Classics)
Life and Fate is an epic tale of a country told through the fate of a single family, the Shaposhn..
66,00 Lei
Life and Opinions of Zacharias Lichter
A new translation of the only novel by lauded Romanian literary critic Matei Călinescu An NYRB ..
62,00 Lei
Light in August
A landmark in American fiction, Light in August explores Faulkner's central theme: the nature of ..
58,00 Lei
Little Birds - PMC
Anais Nin's second volume of erotic short stories is broader in scope, encompassing the entire br..
42,00 Lei
Lolita - PMC
One of the most controversial novels of the twentieth century, Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita&nbs..
48,00 Lei
Lonesome Traveller - PMC
As he roams the US, Mexico, Morocco, Paris and London, Kerouac records life on the road in prose ..
54,00 Lei
Lord of the Flies (Centenary Edition)
Since it was first published in 1954, William Golding's classic debut novel has remained a stark ..
49,00 Lei
Lord of the Flies (Faber Classics)
Publicat prima oara in 1954, romanul este unul din cele mai celebrate si tubluratoare din literat..
38,00 Lei
Magic Mountain
Povestea tanarului Hans Castorp care merge in vizita pentru o saptamana intr-un sanatoriu din Alp..
64,00 Lei
Magic Toyshop
This crazy world whirled around her, men and women dwarfed by toys and puppets, where even the bi..
52,00 Lei
On a remote Greek Island, Nicholas Urfe finds himself embroiled in the deceptions of a master tri..
62,00 Lei
Malayan Trilogy
Trilogia cuprinde: "Time for a Tiger", "The Enemy in the Blanket" si "Beds in the East" ..
55,00 Lei
Mambo Kings Play Songs for Love - PMC
In 1949 doi tineri muzicieni cubanezi, frati, Cesar si Nestor, pleaca din Havana spre New York. Z..
46,00 Lei
Man's Fate - PMC
Shanghai, 1927. Revolutia pluteste in aer. In vreme ce orasul e cuprins de violenta si varsare de..
44,00 Lei
Miles Green wakes up in a mysterious hospital with no idea of how he got there or who he is. He d..
64,00 Lei
Mapp & Lucia (Hesperus Classics)
Meet Mapp and Lucia - two of the most unpleasant, disgraceful women you're ever likely to encount..
54,00 Lei
Master and Margarita (Vintage Classics)
WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY WILL SELF The devil makes a personal appearance in Moscow accompanie..
53,00 Lei
Master of Go
Go is a game of strategy in which two players attempt to surround each other's black or white sto..
62,00 Lei
Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House (Penguin Modern)
From the self-described 'black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet', these soaring, urgent essays on ..
6,00 Lei
Member of the Wedding - PMC
Frankie, de 12 e plictisita de viata ei pana cand aude ca fratele ei se va insura. Inflacarata de..
44,00 Lei
Memories of the Ford Administration. A Novel
Profesorul de istorie Alf Clayton primeste un chestionar pe care trebuie sa il completeze cu memo..
38,00 Lei
Metamorphosis and The Trial - HCC
‘It’s only because of their stupidity that they’re able to be so sure of themselves.’ On the..
13,00 Lei
Mood Indigo
The world of Mood Indigo is a stained-glass cartoon kind of a place, where the piano dispenses co..
49,00 Lei
Mother Night
Whilst awaiting trial for war crimes in an Israeli prison, Howard W. Campbell Jr sets down his me..
52,00 Lei
Mr Kafka
'One of the most authentic incarnations of magical Prague, an incredible union of earthy humour a..
54,00 Lei
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