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Lorien Legacies 3: Rise of Nine
The Rise of Nine is the next thrilling instalment in the gripping Lorien Legacies series by Pitta..
49,00 Lei
Lorien Legacies 4: Fall of Five
The Fall of Five is the heartstopping fourth installment in the Lorien Legacies series by Pittacu..
49,00 Lei
Man in the Iron Mask - W
The final episode in the cycle of novels featuring Dumas' celebrated foursome of D'Artagnan, Atho..
15,00 Lei
New Collected Short Stories
The New Collected Short Stories brings together three of Jeffrey Archer's classic collections of ..
58,00 Lei
Night School (Jack Reacher 21) (format de buzunar)
In the morning, they gave Reacher a medal. And in the afternoon, they sent him back to school. Ni..
42,00 Lei
Numa Files: Fire Ice
Pe tarmul Marii Negre, Kurt Austin si echipa NUMA descopera o baza de submarine abandonata, comandat..
34,00 Lei
Numa Files: Lost City
Lost City is a nerve-shredding NUMA Files novel from Clive Cussler, international bestseller. Kurt A..
39,00 Lei
Numa Files: Medusa
In the Micronesian Islands, a top-secret US undersea lab vanishes... At the same time, off Bermud..
48,00 Lei
Numa Files: Navigator
Clive Cussler continues his thrilling NUMA Files with The Navigator. Iraq, 2003: in the post..
52,00 Lei
Numa Files: Polar Shift
Polar Shift is the sixth NUMA Files novel by the inimitable Clive Cussler. Giant freak waves send an..
34,00 Lei
Oathsworn 3: White Reaven
Cei-legati-prin-juramant simt chemarea marii. Orm, conducatorul lor, n-ar vea sa-si paraseasca dulce..
38,00 Lei
Oathsworn 4: Prow Beast
Neamul Oathsworn a devenit temut si respectat printre vikingii din intreaga lume. Doar ca in vrem..
40,00 Lei
Oregon Files: Corsair
In largul coastelor Somaliei, un vas vechi de marfa e abordat de piratii care planuiesc sa ceara ..
48,00 Lei
Oregon Files: Dark Watch
Un roman din seria Oregon Files ..
48,00 Lei
Oregon Files: Golden Buddha
The creator of the bestselling "NUMA and Dirk Pitt" series, is back with his latest and most intr..
44,00 Lei
Oregon Files: Plague Ship
Intr-un ghetar norvegian, un ofiter nazist a descoperit in timpul razboiului cea mai legendara co..
33,00 Lei
Oregon Files: Sacred Stone
Sacred Stone is the second adventure for Clive Cussler's hero of the Oregon Files, Juan Cabrillo...
34,00 Lei
Oregon Files: Skeleton Coast
In 1896, vasul britanic Rove s-a scufundat in largul coastelor Africii impreuna cu uriasa comoara de..
36,00 Lei
Our Game
Tim Cranmer, retired secret servant, and Larry Pettifer, bored radical don, philanderer and for twen..
48,00 Lei
Pharaoh (editie de buzunar)
The Worldwide Number One Bestseller Wilbur Smith returns to Ancient Egypt in a captivating new no..
42,00 Lei
Pirate Latitudes
Jamaica, 1665. Un avanpost britanic singuratic in apele caraibiene controlate de spanioli. Capitala ..
36,00 Lei
Robert Langdon 1: Angels and Demons
An ancient secret brotherhood A devastating new weapon An unthinkable target CERN Instit..
52,00 Lei
Robert Langdon 2: Da Vinci Code
Harvard professor Robert Langdon receives an urgent late-night phone call while on business in Pa..
52,00 Lei
Robert Langdon 2: Da Vinci Code (editie de buzunar)
Harvard professor Robert Langdon receives an urgent late-night phone call while on business in Pa..
39,00 Lei
Robert Langdon 3: Lost Symbol
WHAT WAS LOST WILL BE FOUND The Capitol Building, Washington DC: Harvard symbologist Robert ..
52,00 Lei
Robert Langdon 3: Lost Symbol (editie de buzunar)
‘Impossible to put down . . . Another mind-blowing Robert Langdon story’ New York Times A my..
39,00 Lei
Dirk Pitt descopera in adancul desertului african o instalatie stiintifica ultra-secreta din care se..
36,00 Lei
Scaramouche: A Romance of the French Revolution
When Andre-Louis witnesses the murder of his best friend by an arrogant and privileged aristocrat he..
48,00 Lei
Secret Crown
Bavaria, 1886. King Ludwig II, infamous for his eccentric behavior, is declared insane by his gov..
39,00 Lei
Shadow of Your Smile
At age eighty-three and in failing health, Olivia Morrow knows she has little time left. The last..
48,00 Lei
Sons of Fortune
Separated by fate. Reunited by destiny. In the late 1940s in Hartford, Connecticut a set of ..
53,00 Lei
Spartan Gold: Fargo Adventures
An ancient treasure stolen by Xerxes the Great... Discovered by Napoleon Bonaparte... The clues to i..
48,00 Lei
Sultan of Byzantium
Fighting the Ottoman invaders in Constantinople in 1453, Emperor Constantine XI was killed, his b..
56,00 Lei
Sun over Breda: Captain Alatriste
The third in the bestselling Captain Alatriste series. Flanders, 1625. After his tussles wit..
34,00 Lei
Sycamore Row (editie de buzunar)
Jake Brigance has never met Seth Hubbard, or even heard of him, until the old man's suicide note ..
39,00 Lei
Thirteenth Apostle
When his friend Andrei is mysteriously killed on a train on his way back from Rome, Father Nil, a..
49,00 Lei
Three Musketeers - W
A historical romance, The Three Musketeers tells the story of the early adventures of the young G..
16,00 Lei
Tom Clancy's Support and Defend
Over the course of three decades, Tom Clancy created a world alive with prescient action and rema..
42,00 Lei
Tombs (Fargo Adventures)
The Tombs is the thrilling fourth Fargo adventure by Clive Cussler. It's a prize beyond..
46,00 Lei
Amman, Jordan. As an ambitious digitization project gathers pace in a vast building outside Amman..
49,00 Lei
Twenty Years After - W
A year after the publication of The Three Musketeers, Alexandre Dumas produced a sequel worthy in..
17,00 Lei
Two Eerie Tales of Suspense: Breakfast at the Hotel Deja Vu and Theo
From the author of SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN comes two new suspenseful novellas. Two of Pa..
46,00 Lei
Valley of the Templars
Paul Christopher's Valley of the Templars is the next exciting John Holliday novel. Retired Army ..
42,00 Lei
Young Bond: Strike Lightning
42,00 Lei
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