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A Dangerous Inheritance

Two women separated by time are linked by the most famous murder mystery in history, the Princes in the Tower. Lady Katherine Grey has already suffered more than her fair share of tragedy. Newly pregnant, she has incurred the wrath of her formidable cousin, Queen Elizabeth I, who sees her as a rival to her insecure throne. Alone in her chamber in the Tower, she finds old papers belonging to a kins..

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A Gentleman in Moscow

More than half a million readers have fallen in love with the New York Times bestseller A Gentleman in Moscow. ' Everything a novel should be: charming, witty, poetic and generous. An absolute delight' (Mail on Sunday). 'A work of great charm, intelligence and insight' (Sunday Times). 'Winning . . . gorgeous . . . satisfying . . . Towles is a craftsman' (New York Times Book Review). 'A ..

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A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters (Vintage Past) - A

Winner of the Man Booker Prize for Fiction 2011 Beginning with an unlikely stowaway's account of life on board Noah's Ark, A History of the World in 10½ Chapters presents a surprising and subversive fictional-history of earth told from several kaleidoscopic perspectives. Noah disembarks from his ark but he and his Voyage are not forgotten: they are revisited in on other centuries and other cl..

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A Murder on the Appian Way (Roma sub rosa)

Anul 52 i.Chr. E unul din cele mai tulburate. Bande rivale prada strazile Romei in vreme ce Publius Clodius, un aristocrat populist, si Titus Milo, inamicul lui, lupta pentru controlul alegerilor consulare. Cand Clodius e ucis si Milo e acuzat de crima, in cetate izbucnesc rascoale si cladirea senatului e arsa din temelii. Pompius Magnus il insarcineaza pe Gordianus Descoperitorul sa afle ce s-a..

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A Place of Greater Safety

A gripping and celebrated epic from Hilary Mantel, the Booker Prize-winning author of 'Wolf Hall' and 'Beyond Black', this is the story of three young men who find themselves in Paris at the dawn of the French Revolution. Georges-Jacques Danton: zealous, energetic and debt-ridden. Maximilien Robespierre: small, diligent and terrified of violence. And Camille Desmoulins: a genius of rhetoric, cha..

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Adventures of Hector Lynch 1: Corsair

Corsair by Tim Severin is the first swashbuckling adventure in the Pirate series. 1677. On a late-summer's evening, two ships lurk off the coast of southwest Ireland. Seventeen-year-old Hector Lynch wakes to the sound of a pistol shot as the Barbary corsairs raid his village, and he and his sister are snatched. Separated from each other, Hector is sold at auction in Algiers, and thrown into a..

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Alchemy of Murder

Paris, 1889: Targul international. Nellie Bly, reporter, feminista si detectiv amator, e pe urmele unui criminal enigmatic. Orasul e un loc primejdios: izbucneste o epidemie de febra neagra, anarhistii comploteaza sa rastoarne guvernul, iar un ucigas vaneaza prostituatele din Montmartre. Dar e si un oras al culturii, un magnet epntru artisti, literati si oameni de stiinta. Va putea geniul combinat..

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Alias Grace

Sometimes I whisper it over to myself: Murderess. Murderess. It rustles, like a taffeta skirt along the floor.' Grace Marks. Female fiend? Femme fatale? Or weak and unwilling victim? Around the true story of one of the most enigmatic and notorious women of the 1840s, Margaret Atwood has created an extraordinarily potent tale of sexuality, cruelty and mystery. 'A sensuous, perplexing book, a..

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Alias Grace (TV Tie-in)

A TV-tie-in edition to accompany the six-part Netflix series, from the Man Booker-winning author of The Handmaid's Tale. By the author of The Handmaid's Tale Now a major NETFLIX series Sometimes I whisper it over to myself: Murderess. Murderess. It rustles, like a taffeta skirt along the floor.' Grace Marks. Female fiend? Femme fatale? Or weak and unwilling victim? Around the true story..

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Arcadian Nights: Greek Myths Reimagined

'Arcadian Nights is a brilliant, riveting book that leaves its competitors behind, blinking into the distance, as surely as Theseus left Ariadne' TLS Sitting on the terrace of his house in Arcadia on the coast of the Peloponnese, the award-winning playwright and novelist John Spurling reimagines the stories of Apollo, Herakles, Theseus, Perseus and Agamemnon, and the gods, demi-gods, monsters..

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Architect's Apprentice

The Architect's Apprentice is a dazzling and intricate tale from Elif Shafak, bestselling author of The Bastard of Istanbul. 'There were six of us: the master, the apprentices and the white elephant. We built everything together...' Sixteenth century Istanbul - a stowaway arrives in the city bearing an extraordinary gift for the Sultan. The boy is utterly alone in a foreign land, with no worldly..

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ARENA is a Sunday Times bestselling novel from Simon Scarrow, author of CENTURION, THE GLADIATOR and BRITANNIA, and T.J. Andrews. Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell. It is AD 41. The city of Rome is a dangerous place. Optio Macro of the Second Legion, recently decorated for courage on the battlefield, can't wait to leave the teeming city behind. He's dismayed when he's compelled to stay ..

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One man's greatest victory. Rome's greatest defeat. A.D. 9: In the depths of the Teutoburg Wald, in a landscape riven by ravines, darkened by ancient oak and bisected by fast-flowing streams, Arminius of the Cherusci led a confederation of six Germanic tribes in the annihilation of three Roman legions. Deep in the forest almost twenty thousand men were massacred without mercy; fewer than two hun..

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At the Edge of the Orchard

The sweeping and compelling new novel from the bestselling author of Girl with a Pearl Earring. 'Dark, brutal, moving, powerful' (Jane Harris). 'A wonderful book; rich, evocative, original. I loved it' (Joanne Harris). In 1830s Ohio, the Goodenough family barely scratch out a living in the inhospitable Black Swamp. Robert and his sister Martha must watch as their parents' marriage is torn apa..

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Azincourt Stoc momentan epuizat


Batalia de la Agincourts e una din cele mai impresionante; infruntandu-se in conditii atroce, a dus la o victorie extraordinara, la un triumf al omului obisnuit asupra aristocratului - victorie celebrata de atunci incoace. Romanul lui Cornwell te face sa te simti unul din arcasii lui Henry V. Arcasul lui e Nicholas Hook, un barbat care nu scapa acasa de necazuri si incurcaturi. Acum, in compania..

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Barefoot Queen

1748, Seville: Caridad, a recently freed Cuban slave, wanders the streets of the city. Her master is dead and she has nowhere to go. When she meets Milagro Carmona - a young, rebellious gypsy - the two women are instantly inseparable. Milagros introduces Caridad to the gypsy community, an exotic fringe society that will soon bring them love and change their life forever. From the tumultuous b..

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Ben Hur

An immediate best-seller on publication, Ben Hur remains a dazzling achievement by any standards. A thoroughly exhilarating tale of betrayal, revenge and salvation, it is the only novel that ranks with Uncle Tom's Cabin as a genuine American folk possession. This was the book that finally overcame the inherent suspicion of fiction that still prevailed in much of america in the late nineteenth ce..

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Black Ajax

O aventura a capitanului Buck Flashman. 'Mr. Fraser e un mare autor de romane istorice si acesta il arata in plinatatea formei' (Christopher Matthew). Fraser e celebru pentru seria Flashman ..

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Bleeding Land

England 1642 - a nation divided. England is at war with itself. King Charles and Parliament each gather soldiers to their banners. Across the land men prepare to fight for their religious and political ideals. Civil war has begun. A family ripped asunder. The Rivers are landed gentry, and tradition dictates that their allegiance is to the King. Sir Francis' loyalty to the crown and his desire to..

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Bleeding Land 2: Brothers' Fury

Rebel Tom Rivers has been rejected by both his family and his commanding officer. But spymaster Captain Crafte sees in the young hothead a fearlessness that could be used to strike at the very heart of the Royalist cause. Renegade Raw with grief at the death of his father, Edmund Rivers has rejected the peace talks between Parliament and the King. Now he leads a band of ruthless marauders agains..

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Boleyn Inheritance

From the bestselling author of The Other Boleyn Girl, Philippa Gregory, comes a wonderfully atmospheric evocation of the court of Henry VIII and his final queens. The king will decide who will live and who will die; he has the power of God now. 1539. Henry VIII must take his fourth wife and the dangerous prize is won by Anne of Cleves. A German princess by birth, Anne is to be Henry’s pawn..

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Book of Aron

**SHORTLISTED FOR THE CARNEGIE AWARD** 'Powerful . . . shattering . . . a masterpiece' The Times 'Testament of love and sacrifice . . . a masterpiece' Joshua Ferris, Guardian 'Transcendent and timeless . . . masterpiece' Washington Post Aron is a nine-year-old Polish Jew, and a troublemaker. His mother despairs of him. His father beats him. He tries to be good. But in 1939, as the walls ..

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Breakout at Stalingrad (a novel)

'One of the greatest novels of the Second World War' The Times. 'A remarkable find' Antony Beevor. 'A masterpiece' Mail on Sunday. Stalingrad, November 1942. Lieutenant Breuer dreams of returning home for Christmas. But he and his fellow German soldiers will spend winter in a frozen hell – as snow, ice and relentless Soviet assaults reduce the once-mighty Sixth Army to a diseased and star..

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Brethren 1: Brethren

From the burning plains of Syria to the filthy backstreets of Paris and London, Brethren is the story of Will Campbell, coming of age in a time of conspiracy, passion, politics and war. Will longs to become a Knight Templar, but first he must serve as an apprentice to the foul-tempered scholar Everard, a man of dangerous secrets. Meanwhile, a new star is rising in the east. Amir Baybars ha..

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Brethren 2: Crusade

Robyn Young is a compelling voice in historical fiction, writing in the tradition of Bernard Cornwell, Conn Iggulden and Manda Scott. This is the epic second novel in the million-selling Brethren trilogy. It is 1274 and in the fortified city of Acre, the last major stronghold of the Crusaders in Palestine, an epic conflict is beginning. Will Campbell is a Templar Knight, trained for war, b..

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Brethren 3: Requiem

The epic conclusion to the million-selling Brethren trilogy. A stunning, epic novel of war, savagery and the fall of the Templars in the tradition of Conn Iggulden, Bernard Cornwell and Manda Scott. It is 1295. The Christian empire in the Holy Land lies in ruins and Will Campbell has barely escaped with his life. After years of fighting in the desert sun - and secretly working for peace wi..

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Bridge of San Luis Rey

An ancient bridge collapses over a gorge in Peru, hurling five people into the abyss. It seems a meaningless human tragedy. But one witness, a Franciscan monk, believes the deaths might not be as random as they appear. Coll. Penguin Modern Classics ..

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Bring Up the Bodies (Man Booker Prize Winner 2012)

With this historic win for ‘Bring Up the Bodies’, Hilary Mantel becomes the first British author and the first woman to be awarded two Man Booker Prizes (her first was for ‘Wolf Hall’ in 2009). By 1535 Thomas Cromwell is Chief Minister to Henry VIII, his fortunes having risen with those of Anne Boleyn, the king’s new wife. But Anne has failed to give the king an heir, and Cromwell watches as ..

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Burmese Days (editie de buzunar) Stoc momentan epuizat

Burmese Days (editie de buzunar)

Set in the days of the Empire, with the British ruling in Burma, Burmese Days describes both indigenous corruption and Imperial bigotry, when 'after all, natives were natives - interesting, no doubt, but finally only a 'subject' people, an inferior people with black faces'. Against the prevailing orthodoxy, Flory, a white timber merchant, befriends Dr Veraswami, a black enthusiast for Empire. Th..

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Burmese Days - PMC

Set in the days of the Empire, with the British ruling in Burma, Burmese Days describes both indigenous corruption and Imperial bigotry, when 'after all, natives were natives - interesting, no doubt, but finally only a 'subject' people, an inferior people with black faces'. Against the prevailing orthodoxy, Flory, a white timber merchant, befriends Dr Veraswami, a black enthusiast for Empire. Th..

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Burning Bright

Flames and funerals, circus feats and seduction, neighbours and nakedness: a sparkling historical drama from the bestselling author of Girl with a Pearl Earring. Uprooting from their quiet Dorset village to the carnal streets of London, young Jem Kellaway and his family feel far from home. The Kellaways struggle to fi nd their place in a tumultuous city, alive with repercussions from the bloo..

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Butchers of Berlin

One of Britain's most visionary writers' (DAVID PEACE). 'An appalling, beautifully-lit abyss' (ALAN MOORE). A dark, chilling and mesmerising thriller set in wartime Berlin, for fans of Joseph Kanon and Robert Harris. Berlin 1943. August Schlegel lives in a world full of questions with no easy answers. Why is he being called out on a homicide case when he works in financial crimes? Why did the..

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By Blood Divided Stoc momentan epuizat

By Blood Divided

Destiny, inheritance, the world shifting from east to west. This is an epic novel set in an age of dramatic change. Perfect for fans of Ken Follett. 'Wonderful history, adventure and a heart-breaking love story are brought thrillingly to life' - Kate Mosse 'A dramatic read from the very outset' - Simon Scarrow DESTINY, INHERITANCE, THE WORLD SHIFTING FROM EAST TO WEST. THIS IS..

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Catherine the Great and Potemkin: The Imperial Love Affair

One of the great love stories of history, in a league with Napoleon and Josephine, and Antony and Cleopatra ...Excellent, with dazzling mastery of detail and literary flair' (Economist). It was history's most successful political partnership - as sensual and fiery as it was creative and visionary. Catherine the Great was a woman of notorious passion and imperial ambition. Prince Potemkin - wi..

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Celtic Crusades 2: Black Rood

Fictiune istorica. Cruciada in care Templierii au gasit crucea lui Isus..

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Centurions 1: Betrayal

AD 69: The Rhine frontier has exploded into bloody rebellion, and four centurions who once fought in the same army find themselves on opposite sides of a vicious insurrection. The rebel leader Kivilaz and his Batavi rebels have humbled the Romans in a battle they should have won. The legions must now defend their northern stronghold, the Old Camp, from the enraged tribes of Germany, knowing that..

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Century Trilogy 2: Winter of the World (editie de buzunar)

Five linked families live out their destinies as the world is shaken by tyranny and war in the mid-twentieth century Berlin in 1933 is in upheaval. Eleven-year-old Carla von Ulrich struggles to understand the tensions disrupting her family as Hitler strengthens his grip on Germany. Into this turmoil steps her mother's formidable friend and former British MP, Ethel Leckwith, and her student so..

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Century Trilogy 3: Edge of Eternity

Five families. Three decades. One extraordinary era. As the decisions made in the corridors of power bring the world to the brink of oblivion, five families from across the globe are brought together in an unforgettable tale of passion and conflict during the Cold War. When Rebecca Hoffmann, a teacher in East Germany, finds herself pursued by the secret police, she discovers that she has been..

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Children of the New Forest (Wordsworth Children's Classics)

Cavalier and Roundhead battle it out in the turbulent setting of the English Civil war and provide the background for this classic tale of four orphans as they face adversity, survival in the forest, reconciliation and eventual forgiveness. This is the first enduring historical novel for children, which conjures up as much magic today as it did on first publication. The freedom from adult constr..

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Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew: A Bone of Contention

Cambridge, 1392. Matthew Bartholomew, physician to Michaelhouse College, is called to examine some mysterious bones found in the King's Ditch. Next day he is called to the Ditch again: a student has been found dead there. Meanwhile, there is unrest in the town, and the strange disappearance of Dominica, former lover of the dead student and daughter of Waterstone, the well-known Principal of a Ca..

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Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew: A Summer of Discontent

Matthew Bartholomew jumps at the chance to travel to Ely with Brother Michael, as it will give him a unique opportunity to study in the richly stocked library of the Benedictine priory. Michael has been summoned to the city by his bishop, but it isn't until they arrive that they discover the reason - the bishop has been accused of murder. The charge seems ludicrous, but Michael takes the investi..

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Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew: Killer of Pilgrims

When a wealthy benefactor is found dead in Michaelhouse, Brother Michael and Matthew Bartholomew must find the culprit before the College is accused of foul play. At the same time, Cambridge is plagued by a mystery thief, who is targeting rich pilgrims. Moreover, pranksters are at large in the University, staging a series of practical jokes that are growing increasingly dangerous, and that are d..

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Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew: Murder by the Book

It is drawing near to the end of term, and the University at Cambridge is in turmoil over the opening of a new Common Library. There is an attack on one of the masters at a meeting to discuss the matter, and a body is found floating in the pond in the library's garden on the eve of its opening. Meanwhile, there are rumours of a large force of dangerous smugglers lurking in the Fens. Aided by ..

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Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew: Mystery in the Minster

In 1358 the fledging college of Michaelhouse in Cambridge is in need of extra funds. A legacy from the Archbishop of York of a parish close to that city promises a welcome source of income. However, there has been another claim to its ownership and it seems the only way to settle the dispute is for a deputation from Michaelhouse to travel north. Matthew Bartholomew is among the small party which..

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Cicero Trilogy 1: Imperium

When Tiro, the confidential secretary of a Roman senator, opens the door to a terrified stranger on a cold November morning, he sets in motion a chain of events which will eventually propel his master into one of the most famous courtroom dramas in history. The stranger is a Sicilian, a victim of the island's corrupt Roman governor, Verres. The senator is Cicero, a brilliant young lawyer and ..

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Cicero Trilogy 3: Dictator (editie de buzunar)

Laws are silent in times of war.' (Cicero). There was a time when Cicero held Caesar's life in the palm of his hand. But now Caesar is the dominant figure and Cicero's life is in ruins. Exiled, separated from his wife and children, his possessions confiscated, his life constantly in danger, Cicero is tormented by the knowledge that he has sacrificed power for the sake of his principles. His c..

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Circe (format mare) Stoc momentan epuizat

Circe (format mare)

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER THE NEW YORK TIMES NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER From the Orange Prize-winning, internationally bestselling author of The Song of Achilles comes the powerful story of the mythological witch Circe, inspired by Homer's Odyssey Chosen as must-read book of 2018 by the Guardian, i, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Express and Stylist In the house of Helios, god of the sun and migh..

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City of Fiends

It's 1327 and England is in turmoil. King Edward II has been removed from the throne and his son installed in his place. The old man's rule had proved a disaster for the realm and many hope that his removal may mean the return of peace to England's cities. Keeper of the King's Peace Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and his friend Bailiff Simon Puttock had been tasked with guarding Edward II, but they..

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