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Legends of Camelot 4 (Arthur the King 1): Lancelot

A mighty warrior. A faithful friend. An immortal love. As Arthur forges a union in Britain, across the sea a royal son is denied his birthright. The Romans are gone and war is coming to Gaul. In an age of cruelty and barbarism, Lancelot - known as Clothar - has been raised to champion justice and righteousness, but as his boyhood world in Gaul disintegrates, he seeks sanctuary in a new home - Brit..

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Legends of Camelot 5 (Arthur the King 2): Last Stand

Heroes united Camelot threatened. A fight to the end. In a wintry shelter, hidden from marauders, the warrior Lancelot and Arthur, High King of Britain, conceive of an order of knights to defend the newly united kingdom from all who would destroy it. Camelot, the High King's seat, is the wonder of the land, and the rule of Arthur and his beautiful queen Guinevere promises to bring about a new..

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Legends of Camelot 6 (Arthur the Son 1): Merlyn

A brutal murder. Murmurs of magic. Vengeance denied. It is 409 AD in Britain and the Roman legions are gone. Britain is abandoned and the fledgling colony of Camelot needs a new leader. Two young men, related by blood, step forward prepared to share that responsibility - Caius Merlyn Britannicus, the grandson of Camelot's founder, and his first cousin, the Celtic prince Uther Pendragon. But a..

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Legends of Camelot 7 (Arthur the Son 2): Pendragon

A matchless warrior. A true friend lost. A love like none before. The son of a Celtic King and a Romano-British aristocrat, Uther Pendragon learns early to respect honour, nobility and integrity, but he also learns to love to fight, and to kill when necessary. His closest boyhood friend is his cousin Merlyn Britannicus, and together they will set Britain on a new path. But Camelot attracts the env..

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Legends of Camelot 8 (Arthur the Legend 1): War of the Celts

A country in ruins. A struggle for survival. A dynasty begun. The Empire is collapsing and after 450 years of occupying Britain, the Roman legions are departing to defend the homeland. Soldier turned blacksmith Publius Varrus and his friend, the Legate Caius Britannicus, decide to stay behind and build a new life in the chaos that is left behind. They dream of rebuilding the Empire, this time free..

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Legends of Camelot 9 (Arthur the Legend 2): Round Table

A sword forged. A home built. A new era born. The Roman armies are now gone, and Publius Varrus, the legionnaire turned blacksmith, along with his former commanding general Caius Britannicus, begin to form alliances that will create a nation out of bloodshed and chaos. Using the mysterious metal smelted from a meteorite, Varrus forges an extraordinary sword that will one day be wielded by his grea..

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London has perhaps the most remarkable history of any city in the world. Now its story has a unique voice. In this epic novel Edward Rutherfurd takes the reader on a magnificent journey across sixteen centuries from the days of the Romans to the Victorian engineers of Tower Bridge and the era dockland development of today. Through the lives and adventures of his colourful cast of characters h..

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Long War 6: Rage of Ares

Arimnestos of Plataea was one of the heroes of the Battle of Marathon, in which the heroic Greeks halted the invading Persians in their tracks, and fought in the equally celebrated naval battle at Salamis. But even these stunning victories only served to buy the Greeks time, as the Persians gathered a new army, returning with overwhelming force to strike the final killing blow. For the Greeks, div..

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Lost Prophecies

A mysterious book of prophecies written by a 6th century Irish monk has puzzled scholars through the ages. Foretelling wars, plagues and rebellions, the Black Book of Bran is said to have predicted the Black Death and the Gunpowder Plot. But is it the result of divine inspiration or the ravings of a madman? A hidden hoard of Saxon gold. A poisoned priest. A monk skinned alive in Westminster A..

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Maigret: Misty Harbour Stoc momentan epuizat

Maigret: Misty Harbour

This is a new translation of Georges Simenon's gripping tale of lost identity. This is the book sixteen in the new Penguin Maigret series. A man picked up for wandering in obvious distress among the cars and buses on the Grands Boulevards. Questioned in French, he remains mute... A madman? In Maigret's office, he is searched. His suit is new, his underwear is new, his shoes are new. All identify..

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Making of England: Anarchy

Anarchy is the knuckle-whitening third novel in Stewart Binns' The Making of England series. Ruthless brutality, greed and ambition - the Anarchy. The year is 1186, the thirty-second year of the reign of Henry II. Gilbert Foliot, Bishop of London, has lived through long Henry's reign and that of his grandfather, Henry I. He has witnessed the terrifying civil war between Henry II's mother, the Em..

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Making of England: Conquest

It's 1066 - Senlac Ridge, England. William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy, defeats Harold Godwinson, King Harold II of England, in what will become known as the Battle of Hastings. The battle is hard fought and bloody, the lives of thousands have been spent, including that of King Harold. But England will not be conquered easily, the Anglo-Saxons will not submit meekly to Norman rule. Although hi..

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Making of England: Crusade

1072 - England is firmly under the heel of its new Norman rulers. The few survivors of the English resistance look to Edgar the Atheling, the rightful heir to the English throne, to overthrow William the Conqueror. Years of intrigue and vicious civil war follow: brother against brother, family against family, friend against friend. In the face of chaos and death, Edgar and his allies form a secr..

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Making of England: Lionheart

Lionheart is the latest thrilling historical novel in Stewart Binns' epic Making of England series. 1176 - England King Henry II reigns over a vast empire that stretches the length of Britain and reaches the foothills of the Pyrenees. But he is aging, and his powerful and ambitious sons are restless. Henry's third son, Richard of Aquitaine, is developing a fearsome reputation for being a ruth..

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Man in the Iron Mask - W

The final episode in the cycle of novels featuring Dumas' celebrated foursome of D'Artagnan, Athos, Portos and Aramis. With an introduction and notes by Keith Wren. Col. Wordswoth Classics ..

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Manhattan Beach (Winner of the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction) Stoc momentan epuizat

Manhattan Beach (Winner of the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction)

The long-awaited novel from the bestselling author of Pulitzer Prize-winning A Visit From the Goon Squad. * Winner of the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction * New York Times Bestseller  * A New York Times Notable Book and a Washington Post Notable Fiction Book of 2017 * Longlisted for the National Book Award for Fiction * Named a Best B..

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March (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2006)

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and Richard and Judy pick. From the author of the acclaimed ‘Year of Wonders’ and ‘People of the Book’, a historical novel and love story set during a time of catastrophe on the front lines of the American Civil War. Set during the American Civil War, ‘March’ tells the story of John March, known to us as the father away from his family of girls in ‘..

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Mask of Troy

In 1876, Heinrich Schliemann a descoperit in antica cetate Mucenae, din Grecia, masca lui Agamemnon si inca ceva extraordinar. Secretul l-a urmat in mormant, iar comoara a parut pierduta pe vecie. In zilele noastre, in Marea Egee, arheologul marin Jack Howard descopera epava navei care s-ar putea sa-i fi apartinut lui Agamemnon. Cand aceasta descoperire se leaga de cea a lui Schliemann si de o o..

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Master and God

Afflicted by classic paranoia, the self-styled Master and God sees enemies everywhere. As he vents his suspicions, no one is safe. A reluctant hero, Gaius Vinius Clodianus is hand-picked for high rank in the Praetorian Guard a brave man striving for decency in a world of corruption and deceit. Flavia Lucilla, tending the privileged women at court, hears the intimate secrets of a ruler who plays ..

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Master of Shadows Stoc momentan epuizat

Master of Shadows

In fifteenth-century Constantinople, Prince Constantine saves the life of a broken-hearted girl. But the price of his valour is high. John Grant is a young man on the edge of the world. His unique abilities carry him from his home in Scotland to the heart of the Byzantine Empire in search of a girl and the chance to fulfil a death-bed promise. Lena has remained hidden from the men who have been ..

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Master of War 1: Master of War

Like a punch from a mailed fist, MASTER OF WAR gives a true taste of the Hundred Years War. It is a gripping chronicle of pitched battle, treachery and cruelty. The stench and harshness of medieval life is ever present' (ROBERT FABBRI, bestselling author of the Vespasian series). England, 1346: For Thomas Blackstone the choice is easy - dance on the end of a rope for a murder he did not commi..

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Master of War 2: Defiant Unto Death

FRANCE: 1356. Ten years ago, the greatest army in Christendom was slaughtered at Crecy. Archer Thomas Blackstone stood his ground and left that squalid field a knight. He has since carved out a small fiefdom in northern France, but the woulds of war still bleed and a traitor has given the King of France the means to destroy the English knight and his family. As the traitor's net tightens, so the..

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Master of War 3: Gate of the Dead

Like a punch from a mailed fist, MASTER OF WAR gives a true taste of the Hundred Years War. It is a gripping chronicle of pitched battle, treachery and cruelty. The stench and harshness of medieval life is ever present' (ROBERT FABBRI, bestselling author of the Vespasian series). Tuscany, 1358: Thomas Blackstone has built a formidable reputation in exile, fighting as a mercenary amid the ceas..

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Master of War 4: Viper's Blood

A gripping chronicle of pitched battle, treachery and cruelty' (ROBERT FABBRI). Provoked by the Dauphin's refusal to honour the terms of his father's surrender, Edward III has invaded France with the greatest army England has ever assembled. But the English lion's attempts to claw the French crown from its master are futile. After defeats at Crecy and Poitiers, the Dauphin will no longer meet..

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Miniaturist (editie de buzunar)

The phenomenal Number One Bestseller Winner of the Specsavers National Book Award 2014 Waterstones Book of the Year 2014 Selected for the Richard & Judy Book Club 2015 There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed . . . On an autumn day in 1686, eighteen-year-old Nella Oortman knocks at the door of a grand house in the wealthiest quarter of Amsterdam. She has come from the count..

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Mudbound (Film Tie-in)

** Oscar Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Song and Best Cinematography ** Now a Netflix original movie, starring Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund, Jason Mitchell & Mary J. Blige ‘A masterly, meaningful tale from America’s divided past … This is a giant of a story.’ Guardian ‘A sweeping, often spellbinding epic of cinematic storytelling tha..

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Murder on the Eiffel Tower

The brand new Eiffel Tower is the glory of the 1889 Universal Exposition. But one sunny afternoon, a woman collapses and dies on this great Paris landmark. Can a bee-sting really be the cause of death? Or is there a more sinister explanation? Enter young bookseller Victor Legris. Present on the Tower at the time of the incident, he is determined to find out what actually happened. In this daz..

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Mussolini's Island

Sarah Day's MUSSOLINI'S ISLAND is a novel of sexuality and desire, of hidden passions and the secrets we keep locked within us. Based on the true story of the rounding up of a group of Sicilian gay men in 1939, this book is sure to appeal to readers of the Elena Ferrante novels, Anthony Doerr's ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE or Virginia Baily's EARLY ONE MORNING. 'A fascinating debut...the setti..

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My Name is Red (editie de buzunar)

In Istanbulul anilor 1590 sultanul vrea ca o carte ce ii proslaveste viata si imperiul sa fie inluminata de cei mai buni artisti, in stil european. Dar cand unul din miniaturisti e ucis, stapanul lor trebuie sa caute ajutor in afara. Miniaturistul a cazut victima rivalitatii profesionale, geloziei romantice ori terorii politice? 'We in the West can only feel gratitude that such a novelist as Pam..

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Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold

The Greek Myths retold . . . ___________ No one loves and quarrels, desires and deceives as boldly or brilliantly as Greek gods and goddesses. In Stephen Fry's vivid retelling we gaze in wonder as wise Athena is born from the cracking open of the great head of Zeus and follow doomed Persephone into the dark and lonely realm of the Underworld. We shiver when Pandora opens her jar of evil..

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Narcissus and Goldmund (PMC)

One of his masterpieces ...without doubt a great novel' (Guardian). One of Hermann Hesse's greatest novels, Narcissus and Goldmund is an extraordinary recreation of the Middle Ages, contrasting the careers of two friends, one of whom shuns life in a monastery and goes on the road, tangled in the extremes of life in a world dominated by sin, plague and war, the other staying in the monastery a..

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New World Rising 1: Sons of the Blood -30%

New World Rising 1: Sons of the Blood

Robyn Young realistically evokes the brutal world of the late fifteenth century, and interweaves a gripping tale with a highly original take on Richard III and the Princes in the Tower. Provocative and grounded upon impressive research, this is historical fiction of a high calibre. More, please!' (Alison Weir). 1483: A secret war is born...Jack Wynter is trapped in sun-baked Seville, sent the..

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New York

Edward Rutherfurd tells the story of this great city as no other author could - from the epic, empty grandeur of the New World to the skyscrapers of the City that Never Sleeps, from the intimate detail of lives long forgotten to those lived today at breakneck speed. The novel begins with a tiny Indian fishing village and the Dutch traders who first carved out their hopes amidst the splendour of ..

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Oathsworn 1: Whale Road Stoc momentan epuizat

Oathsworn 1: Whale Road

Orm Ruriksson e salvat din zapezile Norvegiei si devine un membru al echipajului corabiei Fjord Elk, plecat in cautarea unei relicve inestimabile: sabia care l-a ucis pe 'Christul Alb', om adorat de crestini. 'O carte fantastica, una din cele mai bune pe care le-am citit in ultimii ani buni' (Simon Scarrow) ..

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Oathsworn 2: Wolf Sea

Captivi intr-o cetate ostila, the Oathsworn zac asteptandu-si conducatorul, pe Orm, sa ii duca iarasi spre bogarie si lupta. Dar sabia lui Orm, legendara Rune Serpent, a fost furata de lacomul Starkad, si odata cu ea runele scrijelite pe maner, pe care doar Orm le poate descifra. Asa ca the Oathsworn se imbarca si pleaca sa isi recupereze pretioasa sabie. Aventurile ii vor purta din Grecia la Ie..

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Oathsworn 3: White Reaven

Cei-legati-prin-juramant simt chemarea marii. Orm, conducatorul lor, n-ar vea sa-si paraseasca dulcea casa. Dar cand sunt atacati si doi dintre ai lor sunt luati ostatici, pleaca toti prin stepa inchetata unde ii pandesc primejdii nemaiauzite. Cea mai rea iarna ii pune la grea incercare pana si pe cei mai rezistenti, iar la sfarsitul calatoriei ii asteapta tribul amazoanelor al caror unic tel e sa..

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Occupied City (editie de buzunar)

Tokyo, January 26th, 1948. As the third year of the US Occupation of Japan begins, a man enters a downtown bank. He speaks of an outbreak of dysentery and says he is a doctor, sent by the Occupation authorities, to treat anyone who might have been exposed. Clear liquid is poured into sixteen teacups. Sixteen employees of the bank drink this liquid according to strict instructions. Within minutes..

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Oracle of Stamboul

Cand Eleonora Cohen s-a nascut, in 1877, cand Imperiul Otoman isi traia ultimele zile, semnele nu au fost bune - mama ei a murit la nastere, iar satul ei era tacat de cavaleria tarului Rusiei. SI totusi, in ciuda acestui inceput de rau augur, a unei mame vitrege acre si a unei calatorii traumatizante in cala unei corabii, Eleonora devine o fata remarcabil de inteligenta. Si cand tragedia o arunc..

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Order of Darkness 1: Changeling

The year is 1453, and all signs point to it being the end of the world. Accused of heresy and expelled from his monastery, handsome seventeen-year-old, Luca Vero, is recruited by a mysterious stranger to record the end of times across Europe. Commanded by sealed orders, Luca is sent to map the fears of Christendom, and travel to the very frontier of good and evil. Seventeen-year-old Isolde, a La..

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Order of Darkness 2: Stormbringer

Luca Vero is a member of the secret Order of Darkness, tasked with searching out and reporting signs of the end of the world. Breaking his journey in Piccolo, he finds a place filled with superstitious fears - of the unknown, of the forces of the sea and sky, of strangers. With him are his loyal friend and servant, Frieze, and his clerk, Brother Peter, as well as the Lady Isolde and her mysterio..

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Order of Darkness 3: Fool's Gold

Luca Vero and his friends are plunged into the heady whirlwind of Venice, the world's busiest marketplace, where everything - and everyone - is for sale. Their mission from the Pope is no protection: this city has its own laws. Meanwhile, the Lady Isolde is in more danger than ever, and her feelings for Luca are becoming more intense. As the friends face the unknown dangers of magic and alchemy,..

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Order of Darkness: Vol. I-III

A bind-up of the first three books in bestselling author Philippa Gregory's rich, dramatic, atmospheric Order of Darkness series, launching a fantastic new cover look! "Deftly conceived ... richly detailed" (THE DAILY TELEGRAPH on Changeling). THE YEAR IS 1460 AND ALL SIGNS POINT TO IT BEING THE END OF THE WORLD. Accused of heresy and expelled from his monastery, Luca Vero is recruited by a m..

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Oscar Wilde Mystery: Oscar Wilde and the Nest of Vipers

In OSCAR WILDE AND THE NEST OF VIPERS, the fourth in Gyles Brandreth's acclaimed Oscar Wilde Murder Mysteries series featuring Oscar Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle, the Prince of Wales asks Oscar to investigate a scandalous crime at the very heart of Victorian high society. 'Intelligent, amusing and entertaining' Alexander McCall Smith The story opens in the spring of 1890 at a glamorous recept..

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Other Boleyn Girl

The acclaimed international bestseller set around the Tudor court, during the years when Henry VIII traded his mistress Mary Boleyn for courtship of her sister Anne - and tracing the extraordinary events that changed the course of a country’s history. When Henry VIII tires of pretty young Mary Boleyn, her powerful family instructs her to promote her sister, Anne, as a replacement. But Anne Bo..

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Outcasts of Time

‘Beautifully written and superbly executed’ Times 'This clever and moving Faustian tale is packed with fascinating historical detail' Express From the author of the bestselling The Time Traveller's Guide to Restoration Britain, this is a stunningly high-concept historical novel that is both as daring as it is gripping, and perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden, SJ Parris and Kate Mosse. Dec..

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Outlander Tales: A Trial of Fire

Four extraordinary stories featuring characters from the bestselling Outlander series. The fiery trails of tracer bullets, as a wounded Spitfire falls from the sky. A Jamaican plantation burns deep into the night. A handful of heroic Highlanders fight their way straight up a vertical cliff to stand on the Plains of Abraham in a fiery dawn. And a torch burns green, through the eerie surrounds ..

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Outlander: An Echo in the Bone

The triumphant seventh novel in the bestselling phenomenon that is the Outlander series. The year is 1777. The place, North Carolina. And as the American rebellion grows in intensity, Highlander Jamie Fraser and his wife Claire need to decide which side their family is going to be on. The choice should be an easy one, given that Claire was born in the twentieth century and has already seen th..

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Outlander: Drums of Autumn

THE FOURTH NOVEL IN THE BESTSELLING OUTLANDER SERIES. How far will a woman travel to find a father, a lover a destiny? Across seas, across time – across the grave itself. It began in Scotland, at an ancient stone circle. Claire Randall was swept through time into the arms of James Fraser whose love for her became legend - a tale of tragic passion that ended with her return to the present t..

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