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Scarlet Lion
Loialitatea cavalerului William Marshal fata de casa regala a fost rasplatita prin casatoria cu Isab..
48,00 Lei
Scottish Prisoner
From the international bestselling author of the Outlander series, the terrific new novel featuri..
52,00 Lei
Sea Lord
Johnny Rossendale has spent the last four years on the seas, away from the titled family he despises..
47,94 Lei
Second Death: Sister Fidelma Series
The twenty-sixth mystery in Peter Tremayne's much-loved series featuring 7th-century Irish super-..
54,00 Lei
Secret of Wishtide: A Laetitia Rodd Mystery
From the bestselling, award-winning novelist Kate Saunders comes the first in 'The Laetitia Rodd ..
49,00 Lei
Secret River
This story is set in London, 1807. William Thornhill, happily wedded to his childhood sweetheart Sal..
44,00 Lei
Seven Wonders: Roma sub Rosa Series
Editia contine A Study in Scarlet, The Sign of Four, The Hound of the Baskervilles si The Valley of ..
42,00 Lei
Seventh Trumpet: A Sister Fidelma Mystery
Ireland, AD 670. When the body of a murdered young noble is discovered not far from Cashel, the King..
1.000,00 Lei
Sex Lives of Siamese Twins
This book is from the number one bestselling author of Trainspotting. Meet Lucy Brennan - an aggress..
48,00 Lei
Shardlake 2: Dark Fire
Winner of the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Dagger, Dark Fire is the second thrilling historical crime..
52,00 Lei
Sharpe's Company: Siege of Badajoz, January to April 1812
Captain Richard Sharpe has to lead the attack on the terrible fortress. It is a hard winter...
38,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
Sharpe's Devil: Napoleon and South America, 1820–1821
Richard Sharpe, asked to help an old friend, meets, at last, the greatest enemy. Five years ..
38,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
Sharpe's Eagle: Talavera Campaign, July 1809
The newly promoted Captain Richard Sharpe clashes with an incompetent colonel, leads his men in t..
38,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
Sharpe's Enemy: Defence of Portugal, Christmas 1812
Newly promoted, he is given the task of rescuing a group of well-born women, held hostage high in..
38,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
Sharpe's Escape: Bussaco Campaign, 1810
Richard Sharpe, with enemies on every side, survives Marshall Massena’s attack and ends at the li..
38,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
Sharpe's Gold: Destruction of Almeida, August 1810
Captain Sharpe’s task is to recover from a feared guerilla leader the gold Wellington so desperat..
38,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
Sharpe's Havoc: Northern Portugal Campaign, Spring 1809
A small British army is stranded when the French invade northern Portugal and Lieutenant Richard ..
38,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
Sharpe's Waterloo: Waterloo Campaign, 15–18 June, 1815
Lieutenant-Colonel Sharpe, sidelined on the Royal staff, magnificently siezes command at the fina..
38,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
Sharpe’s Revenge: Peace of 1814
Richard Sharpe triumphs in the last battle of the war, only to find himself in worse peril when c..
38,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
Sharpe’s Sword: Salamanca Campaign, June and July 1812
Richard Sharpe, who alone can recognise the top French spy, is under orders to capture him alive...
38,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
Sheikh and the Dustbin
Private McAuslan, J., The Dirtiest Soldier in the World (alias the Tartan Caliban, or the Highlan..
34,00 Lei 28,00 Lei
One vital convoy can break Mussolini's stranglehold on Malta - but it is intercepted in the Medit..
40,00 Lei 32,00 Lei
The year is 1453. For more than a thousand years the mighty walls of Constantinople have protecte..
38,00 Lei
Signature of All Things (editie de buzunar)
5 January 1800. At the beginning of a new century, Alma Whittaker is born into a perfect Philadel..
40,00 Lei
Silence (Film Tie-in)
With an introduction by Martin Scorsese. 'One of the finest historical novels written by any..
52,00 Lei
Sisters of Treason
Following the acclaimed Queen's Gambit, Elizabeth Fremantle brings us a new novel of intrigue and..
45,00 Lei
Six Tudor Queens: Katherine of Aragon, the True Queen
Katherine of Aragon: The True Queen by bestselling historian Alison Weir, author of The Lost Tudo..
48,00 Lei
Song of Achilles
Winner of the ORANGE PRIZE FOR FICTION 2012. Greece in the age of heroes. Patroclus, an awkward y..
59,00 Lei
Song of the Gladiator
The second dramatic historical novel set in the turbulence of Roman society to feature imperial s..
39,00 Lei
Spy for the Queen of Scots
As lady-in-waiting to Mary, Queen of Scots, the beautiful Ginette - known as Jenny - is the young qu..
42,00 Lei
Stonehenge: A Novel of 2000 BC
Bernard Cornwell's brilliant novel, reissued for fans to find out the story behind the stones. Th..
52,00 Lei
Stonehenge: A Novel of 2000 BC
Bernard Cornwell's novel, following the enormous success of his Arthurian trilogy (The Winter King, ..
38,00 Lei
Sunne in Splendour
To celebrate thirty years since its first publication, Pan Macmillan are proud to publish this speci..
67,00 Lei
Sword and Scimitar
The Sunday Times bestselling author turns his fantastic writing talent to one of the bloodiest an..
46,00 Lei
Sword of Rome
Nero's turbulent reign draws to a close and Gaius Valerius Varens returns in his fourth brutal and b..
46,00 Lei
Tainted Relic
July, 1100. Jerusalem lies ransacked. Amidst the chaos, an English knight is entrusted with a val..
50,00 Lei
Tales of Otori 1: Across the Nightingale Floor
O Japonie medievala fantastica. Prima carte din trilogia Tales of the Otori. Carte nominalizata p..
42,00 Lei
Tales of Otori 3: Grass for His Pillow
A doua carte din trilogia Tales of the Otori. Takeo stie ca o va iubi pe frumoasa Kaede pana la moar..
36,00 Lei
Tales of Otori Prequel: Heaven's Net Is Wide
The Middle Country, home of the Otori clan is ruled by a benign but weak leader while in the East, t..
40,00 Lei
Tales of Otori Sequel: Harsh Cry of the Heron
Lordul Otori Takeo si Kaede domnesc de peste 16 ani. Intre Cele Trei Tari e pace, dar violentele si ..
44,00 Lei
Taming of the Queen (editie de buzunar)
Why would a woman marry a serial killer? Because she cannot refuse...Kateryn Parr, a thirty-year-..
44,00 Lei
Templar's Acre (Knights Templer Mysteries)
The Holy Land, 1291. A war has been raging across these lands for decades. The forces of the Crusade..
49,00 Lei
The men on board Her Britannic Majesty's Ships Terror and Erebus had every expectation of triumph..
46,00 Lei
Thirteenth Apostle
When his friend Andrei is mysteriously killed on a train on his way back from Rome, Father Nil, a..
49,00 Lei
Thornleigh 1: Queen's Lady
London 1527. Marry or serve: for Honor Larke, the choice is clear. Unwilling to perish of boredom as..
48,00 Lei
Thornleigh 3: Queen's Captive
A vengeful, bloody queen imprisons her own half-sister... England 1554, and twenty year old Princess..
48,00 Lei
Three Musketeers - W
A historical romance, The Three Musketeers tells the story of the early adventures of the young G..
16,00 Lei
Three Sisters, Three Queens (format de buzunar)
"There is only one bond that I trust: between a woman and her sisters. We never take our eyes off..
48,00 Lei
Throne of the Caesars 1: Iron & Rust
A monumental new roman series is here. 3rd century Rome, like you’ve never seen it before: m..
49,00 Lei
Throne of the Caesars 3: Fire and Sword
‘Absorbing and brilliant … Game of Thrones without the dragons’ THE TIMES The third book in Sidebot..
52,00 Lei
TimeRiders: Gates of Rome
Liam O'Connor should have died at sea in 1912. Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in 2010. ..
42,00 Lei
Tintagel 2: The Poisoned Throne
The second novel in a stunning trilogy charting the life of the first High King of the Britons, s..
54,00 Lei
The story of Tom-All-Alone's takes place in the 'space between' two masterpieces of mid-Victorian..
48,00 Lei
Total War Rome 2: The Sword of Attila : Rome
The fall of Rome was just the beginning. A new empire will rise ...AD 439: the Roman Empire is on th..
48,00 Lei
From global superstar Matthew Reilly comes a gripping historical thriller; a tale of murder, pass..
54,00 Lei
Tournament of Blood (Knights Templer Mysteries)
Plans to host a tournament in the spring of 1322 gives moneylenders everywhere a golden opportunity...
54,00 Lei
Amman, Jordan. As an ambitious digitization project gathers pace in a vast building outside Amman..
49,00 Lei
Traitor of St. Giles (Knights Templer Mysteries)
1321 and Tiverton is preparing for the Feast of St Giles. Philip Dyne is in the church of St Peter's..
54,00 Lei
Triumph of Caesar: Roma sub rosa
In anul 46 i.Chr, Roma se pregateste pentru triumful cvadruplu al lui Caesar, dictator pe viata. In ..
38,00 Lei
Trojan War 1: War at Troy
Vigorous new life is breathed into the myth's of Homer's Iliad in Lindsay Clarke's new dramatic rete..
45,00 Lei
Trojan War 2: Return from Troy
The second part of a masterful retelling of the stories surrounding the Trojan War. RETURN FROM TROY..
39,00 Lei
The Tutor is a sumptuous debut from Andrea Chapin set against the historical intrigue of Shakespe..
58,00 Lei
Twenty Years After - W
A year after the publication of The Three Musketeers, Alexandre Dumas produced a sequel worthy in..
17,00 Lei
Ulverton (Vintage Past)
At the heart of this novel lies the fictional village of Ulverton. It is the fixed point in a boo..
40,00 Lei
Under Enemy Colours: An Epic Novel of Naval Adventure
1793: revolutia franceza ameninta sa traverseze Canalul Manecii. Flota Regala e mobilizata, iat freg..
32,00 Lei
Underground Railroad
49,00 Lei
Vanishing Witch
The critically acclaimed Queen of the Dark Ages introduces a chilling novel set against the backd..
54,00 Lei
Venus Throw: Roma sub rosa
Intr-o noapte friguroasa din Ianuarie, anul 50 i.Chr, doi straini intra in Roma: un ambasador egi..
44,00 Lei
LOVE AND DEATH; SEX AND VENGEANCE. 1667. The civil wars are over. King Louis XIV crushed th..
42,00 Lei
Virgin Earth
John Tradescant cel Tanar a mostenit colectia unica de plante a tatalui sau, impreuna cu o abilitate..
52,00 Lei
Virgin's Lover
Sumptuous historical novel set in the court of Elizabeth I, from Sunday Times No.1 bestseller Phi..
54,00 Lei
It was years before a Visionist came to the City of Hope. How could I have fathomed that her pres..
48,00 Lei
War and Peace - W
War and Peace is a vast epic centred on Napoleon's war with Russia. While it expresses Tolstoy's ..
22,00 Lei
Warlord Chronicles 1: Winter King
In the dark ages, a legendary warrior struggles to unite Britain ...Uther, the High King of Brita..
44,00 Lei
Warlord Chronicles 1: Winter King
In the dark ages, a legendary warrior struggles to unite Britain ...Uther, the High King of Brita..
48,00 Lei
Warlord Chronicles 2: Enemy of God
The Warrior King has brought peace to Britain - but for how long? Following a hard-fought victory..
48,00 Lei
Warlord Chronicles 3: Excalibur
Arthur's final test of courage is upon him ...Arthur has crushed Lancelot's rebellion, but at a c..
48,00 Lei
Warrior Chronicles 1: Last Kingdom
DESTINY IS ALL. BBC2’s major Autumn 2015 TV series THE LAST KINGDOM is based on Bernard Corn..
40,00 Lei
Warrior Chronicles 2: Pale Horseman
Al doilea roman din seria Alfred. Secolul IX, luptele cu vikingii. ..
52,00 Lei
Warrior Chronicles 3: Lords of the North
Roman istoric din seria Alfred. Anul e 878, lupta e cu vikingii. Romanul a fost propus pentru o s..
41,00 Lei
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