ISBN: 9780552145893
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The Ministry of Serendipity at Mornington Crescent runs everything. And that is everything.When the Ministry learns of a spacecraft that crashed four thousand years ago into the Pacific Ocean it sends an élite team of paranormal investigators to recover it. A mad alien thaws out, there is hell and horror all around and thousands flee in terror.

Porrig has inherited a planet, or it might be a bookshop, or it might be a gateway into another world. And Porrig is worried, because he has learned a terrible secret. But if he told people, would they listen? No.

But perhaps they should, because a mad alien has thawed out, there is hell and horror all around and thousands are fleeing in terror. And there is every likelihood of there being a bloody big explosion at the end. Will Porrig manage to do anything about it at all?

Autor RANKIN, Robert
An apariţie 1999
Editura Corgi
Nr pagini 364
Dimensiuni 18 x 11 cm
Format Paperback, A
Etichete: rankin robert
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