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Alexander: God of War
To many he was a god. To others he was a monster. The truth is even more extraordinary. As a boy,..
58,00 Lei
Long War 2: Marathon
Arimnestos of Plataea grew up wanting to be a bronze-smith, like his father. Then, in the chaos o..
52,00 Lei
Long War 3: Poseidon's Spear
Arimnestos of Plataea is a man who has seen and done things that most men only dream about. Sold int..
56,00 Lei
Long War 4: Great King
Slave, pirate, husband and lover - Arimnestos of Plataea has been many things in the course of hi..
54,00 Lei
Glory. Death. Well-born Athenian cavalry officer, Kineas, fought shoulder to shoulder with Alexan..
42,00 Lei
Tyrant: Destroyer of Cities
The death of Alexander the Great was the signal to begin the greatest war in human history - a war t..
48,00 Lei
Tyrant: Force of Kings
The vast and deadly conflict between Alexander the Great's former generals as they battle for con..
62,00 Lei
Tyrant: Funeral Games
Satyrus and Melitta, twin heirs to a rich kingdom on the Black Sea, become desperate fugitives wh..
44,00 Lei
Tyrant: King of Bosporus
They were born in the middle of a battle, into a world at war. And from their first moments of life,..
46,00 Lei
Tyrant: Storm of Arrows
Kineas, the Athenian cavalry commander, has come a long way since being dismissed from the army o..
46,00 Lei
A Dog's Journey
From W. Bruce Cameron, the author of A Dog's Purpose, the phenomenal New York Times Number One be..
52,00 Lei
A Dog's Purpose
This is the remarkable story of one endearing dog's search for his purpose over the course of sev..
48,00 Lei
Chivalry 2: Long Sword
52,00 Lei
Ill-Made Knight
An action-packed tale of chivalry and betrayal set during the Hundred Years War. September, ..
59,00 Lei
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