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Death in the Afternoon (editie de buzunar)
A fascinating look at the history and grandeur of bullfighting,Death in the Afternoonis also a de..
54,00 Lei
Essential Hemingway (editie de buzunar)
The Essential Hemingway brings together a wide selection of Hemingway's works, providing the perf..
54,00 Lei
Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises
Paris in the twenties - Pernod, parties and expatriate Americans, loose-living on money from home..
46,00 Lei
First Forty-Nine Stories
From Ernest Hemingway's Preface - 'There are many kinds of stories in this book. I hope you will ..
52,00 Lei
Green Hills of Africa
I remember seeing the lion looking yellow and heavy-headed and enormous against a scrubby-looking..
45,00 Lei
Men without Women
Men Without Women was a milestone in Hemingway's career. Fiesta had already established him as a ..
42,00 Lei
Old Man and the Sea (editie de buzunar)
Set in the Gulf Stream off the coast of Havana, Hemingway's magnificent fable is the story of an ..
43,00 Lei
Snows of Kilimanjaro and other stories (editie de buzunar)
Men and women of passion and action live, fight, love and die in scenes of dramatic intensity. Fr..
39,00 Lei
Torrents of Spring: A Romantic Novel in Honor of the Passing of a Great Race
The Torrents of Spring - Hemingway's second published work - wonderfully parodies the themes and st..
33,00 Lei
True at First Light (editie de buzunar)
The book opens on the day Hemingway's close friend Pop, a legendary hunter, leaves him in charge ..
48,00 Lei
A Farewell To Arms
Frederic Henry is an American Lieutenant serving in the ambulance corps of the Italian army durin..
48,00 Lei
A Farewell to Arms (editie de buzunar)
In 1918 Ernest Hemingway went to war, to the 'war to end all wars'. He volunteered for ambulance ..
44,00 Lei
A Moveable Feast
Published posthumously in 1964, A Moveable Feast remains one of Ernest Hemingway's most beloved w..
38,00 Lei
A Moveable Feast
Published posthumously in 1964, A Moveable Feast remains one of Ernest Hemingway's most beloved w..
45,00 Lei
Across the River and into the Trees (editie de buzunar)
The War is just over. In Venice, a city elaborately and affectionately described, the American Co..
48,00 Lei
This is the New Novel From The Bestselling Author Of Ready Player One. It's just another day..
49,00 Lei
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Inspired by his experiences as a reporter during the Spanish Civil War, Ernest Hemingway's For Wh..
48,00 Lei
For Whom the Bell Tolls (format de buzunar)
High in the pine forests of the Spanish Sierra, a guerrilla band prepares to blow up a vital brid..
46,00 Lei
Ready Player One
It's the year 2044, and the real world has become an ugly place. We're out of oil. We've wrecked ..
48,00 Lei
Ready Player One (Film Tie-in)
52,00 Lei
54 de carti de joc care ilustreaza costumul nobilimii engleze de la Alfred cel Mare pana la Elisabet..
22,00 Lei
Tarot Lenormand
Arcane care devin parte din viata fiecaruia, facand legatura cu planul spiritual. Cu instructiuni..
74,00 Lei
To Have and Have Not
Harry Morgan was hard - the classic Hemingway hero - rum-running, gun-running and man-running fro..
46,00 Lei
Tracking and Taming Dragons. Special edition
Ghid pentru dresarea dragonilor si un dragon de asamblat si agatat la geam ..
55,00 Lei
Winner Take Nothing (editie de buzunar)
Written when Hemingway was at the height of his creative powers, the stories in Winner Take Nothi..
42,00 Lei
Wizardology Handbook
Manualului ucenicului vrajitor, editat pe baza invststurilor lui Merlin, trasnmise oral secole de..
55,00 Lei
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