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Inheritance Trilogy 1: Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
Yeine Darr e o proscrisa din Nordul barbar. Dar cand mama ei moare in imprejurari misterioase, I ..
42,00 Lei 29,40 Lei
Broken Earth 1: Fifth Season (Hugo Award 2016)
A New York Times Notable Book of 2015 Shortlisted for the Hugo, World Fantasy, Nebula, Kitschie..
54,00 Lei 37,80 Lei
Broken Earth 2: Obelisk Gate (Hugo Award 2017)
Continuing the trilogy that began with the multi-award nominated THE FIFTH SEASON. Shortlisted fo..
54,00 Lei 37,80 Lei
Broken Earth 3: Stone Sky (Winner of the 2017 Nebula Award & Finalist for the 2018 Hugo Award)
The remarkable conclusion to the highly acclaimed post-apocalyptic trilogy that began with multi-..
52,00 Lei 36,40 Lei
Inheritance Trilogy 2: Broken Kingdoms
In the city of Shadow, beneath the World Tree, alleyways shimmer with magic and godlings live hid..
48,00 Lei 33,60 Lei
Inheritance Trilogy 3: Kingdom of Gods
For two thousand years the Arameri family has ruled the world by enslaving the very gods that cre..
48,00 Lei 33,60 Lei
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