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Killing Commendatore - US (editie cartonata)
A publishing event: A major new, epic novel from the internationally acclaimed, best-selling auth..
108,00 Lei
Wind / Pinball: Two Novels
Haruki Murakami’s first two novels, available for the first time in English outside Japan. With a..
56,00 Lei
1Q84 (Complete trilogy)
'Murakami is like a magician who explains what he's doing as he performs the trick and still make..
79,00 Lei
A Wild Sheep Chase
The man was leading an aimless life, time passing, one big blank. His girlfriend has perfectly fo..
52,00 Lei
Absolutely on Music: Conversations with Seiji Ozawa
A deeply personal, intimate conversation about music and writing between the internationally accl..
59,00 Lei
After Dark (editie de buzunar)
Miezul noptii de apropie in timpul unei cine de zi cu zi, in vreme ce Mari, sorbind din ceasca de..
37,00 Lei
After the Quake
Sase povestiri. "Intr-un dans cu incantarile imaginatiei lui Murakami, ajungem la limitele posibi..
52,00 Lei
Birthday Stories
What will you get for your birthday this year? A chance to see into the future? Or a reminder of ..
52,00 Lei
Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman
Here are animated crows, a criminal monkey, an ice man, as well as the dreams that shape us and t..
58,00 Lei
Coin Locker Babies
Two babies are left in a Tokyo station coin locker and survive against the odds, but their lives ..
58,00 Lei
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimige
A mesmerising mystery story about friendship from the internationally bestselling author of Norwe..
52,00 Lei
Dance Dance Dance
High-class call girls billed to Mastercard. A psychic 13-year-old dropout with a passion for Talk..
56,00 Lei
Desire (Vintage Minis)
You’ve just passed someone on the street who could be the love of your life, the person you’re de..
20,00 Lei
Elephant Vanishes
When a man's favourite elephant vanishes, the balance of his whole life is subtly upset. A couple..
58,00 Lei
Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
A narrative particle-accelerator that zooms between Wild Turkey Whiskey and Bob Dylan, unicorn sk..
58,00 Lei
Kafka on the Shore
Kafka on the Shore follows the fortunes of two remarkable characters. Kafka Tamura runs away..
58,00 Lei
Killing Commendatore (editie cartonata)
The epic new novel from the internationally acclaimed and best-selling author of 1Q84. In Ki..
108,00 Lei
Men without Women (Murakami)
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER Across seven tales, Haruki Murakami brings his powers of observa..
49,00 Lei
Norwegian Wood
When he hears her favourite Beatles song, Toru Watanabe recalls his first love Naoko, the girlfri..
58,00 Lei
South of the Border, West of the Sun
Growing up in the suburbs in post-war Japan, it seemed to Hajime that everyone but him had brothe..
52,00 Lei
Sputnik Sweetheart
Twenty-two-year-old Sumire is in love with a woman seventeen years her senior. But whereas Miu is..
56,00 Lei
Underground: The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche
The true story behind an act of terrorism that turned an average Monday morning into a national d..
59,00 Lei
What I Talk about When I Talk about Running
In 1982, having sold his jazz bar to devote himself to writing, Murakami began running to keep fi..
56,00 Lei
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (format de buzunar)
In 1982, having sold his jazz bar to devote himself to writing, Murakami began running to keep fi..
42,00 Lei
Wind-up Bird Chronicle
INCLUDES A READING GUIDE Toru Okada's cat has disappeared and this has unsettled his wife, w..
52,00 Lei
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