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A Second Chance at Eden
A Second Chance at Eden by Peter F. Hamilton, the bestselling master of space opera, is a collect..
62,00 Lei
A Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph and Guardian Book of the Year When Gaby Baillieux, a young w..
52,00 Lei
Battlefield 3: The Russian
Spetsnaz era un nume care baga spaima in inima dusmanilor Rusiei. Dar acum, cand tara e prada cai..
42,00 Lei
Commonwealth 1: Misspent Youth
Peste 40 de ani de aici incolo, dupa decenii de cercetare si trilioane de euro cheluite pe geneti..
59,00 Lei
Great North Road
When attending a Newcastle murder scene, Detective Sidney Hurst finds a dead North family clone. ..
62,00 Lei
Greg Mandel 1: Mindstar Rising
It's the 21st century and global warming is here to stay, so forget the way your country used to ..
59,00 Lei
Greg Mandel 2: A Quantum Murder
The second book in the Greg Mandel series from the master of space opera A Quantum Murder is..
62,00 Lei
Greg Mandel 3: Nano Flower
Julia Evans, proprietara miliardara a companiei Event Horizon, a fost de 15 ani puterea din spate..
58,00 Lei
Manhattan in Reverse
This is a collection of seven short stories from the master of space opera. Peter F Hamilton take..
53,00 Lei
New Silk Roads:  Present and Future of the World (format mare)
From the Sunday Times and internationally bestselling author of The Silk Roads 'Masterly map..
72,00 Lei
Night's Dawn 1: Reality Dysfunction
In AD 2600 the human race is finally realizing its full potential. Hundreds of colonized planets ..
68,00 Lei
Night's Dawn 2: Neutronium Alchemis
Following on from The Reality Dysfunction, The Neutronium Alchemist is the second epic novel in t..
68,00 Lei
Night's Dawn 3: Naked God
The third book in the The Night's Dawn trilogy, The Naked God by Peter F. Hamilton is an epic con..
68,00 Lei
Un baiat se uita cum moare mama lui. Studenti beti joaca intr-o pivnita. Un barbat sadic moare in..
37,00 Lei
Tudors: A History of England, vol. II
Rich in detail and atmosphere and told in vivid prose, Tudors recounts the transformation of Engl..
59,00 Lei
Void 1: Dreaming Void
The first adventure in this exciting trilogy. The Dreaming Void is the first novel in Peter ..
62,00 Lei
Void 2: Temporal Void
The second book in Peter F. Hamilton's bestselling Void Trilogy Following on from The Dreami..
62,00 Lei
Wolfhound Century
A thousand miles east of Mirgorod, the great capital city of the Vlast, deep in the ancient fores..
58,00 Lei
Wolfhound Century 2: Truth and Fear
A new edition with glorious new cover art. Peter Higgins' Vlast is a superbly imagined 'other' Russi..
56,00 Lei
39 Clues 07: Viper's Nest
Cautarea celor 39 de indicii care i-ar putea duce la castigarea unei puteri extraordinare, i-a pu..
38,00 Lei
A Long Way from Home (format de buzunar)
Irene Bobs loves fast driving. Her husband is the best car salesman in rural south eastern Austra..
42,00 Lei
A Terrible Beauty: A Cultural History of the Twentieth Century
A history of the twentieth century which covers all the ideas, people, great events, literary and..
109,00 Lei
Age of Nothing: How We Have Sought To Live Since The Death of God
The closing months of 2008 saw the world's nations united in financial uncertainty. Amid endless ..
86,00 Lei
Peter Carey's astonishing novel is a fast-moving extravaganza, both funny and gripping, about a m..
52,00 Lei
Cats Ahoy!
When Alfonso the cat hears there's a boat coming into harbour carrying its largest ever catch, he..
36,00 Lei
Chronicle of the Fallers 1: The Abyss Beyond Dreams
54,00 Lei
Chronicle of the Fallers 2: Night without Stars
Following the astonishing The Abyss Beyond Dreams, Night Without Stars is the epic second and fin..
54,00 Lei
Civil War: The History of England Volume III
In Civil War, Peter Ackroyd continues his dazzling account of England's history, beginning with t..
58,00 Lei
Lily's life is in mortal peril. Her father is missing and now silver-eyed men stalk her through t..
42,00 Lei
Concise Untold History of the United States
Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone and historian Peter Kuznick examine the dark side of American..
48,00 Lei
Council of the Cursed: A Sister Fidelma Mystery
While investigating the savage murder of a religious magnate, Sister Fidelma uncovers a dark worl..
52,00 Lei
Courier's Tale
La Londra, Henry VIII vrea un mostenitor pentru a asigura succesiunea si a divortat de Katherine de ..
44,00 Lei
Cromwell's Blessing
The price for a country. The price for a King. The price for a marriage. The dramatic story of To..
58,00 Lei
Demon Cycle 1: Painted Man
The stunning debut fantasy novel from author Peter V. Brett. The Painted Man, book one of th..
54,00 Lei
Demon Cycle 2: Desert Spear
Continuing the impressive fantasy series from author Peter V. Brett, The Desert Spear is book two..
64,00 Lei
Demon Cycle 4: Skull Throne (editie de buzunar)
In the grand tradition of George R.R. Martin and Robert Jordan, Sunday Times bestselling author P..
44,00 Lei
Devil's Seal: A Sister Fidelma Mystery
Super sleuth Sister Fidelma returns in a brand-new historical mystery by Peter Tremayne, acclaime..
52,00 Lei
Dinosaurs & Co - PC
54 de carti de joc cu animale preistorice ..
22,00 Lei
Dove of Death: A Sister Fidelma Mystery
The gripping new novel in the internationally renowned Sister Fidelma crime series. AD 670. ..
52,00 Lei
Empathy Instinct: How to Create a More Civil Society
How the art and science of compassion can build a better society 'If we hope to meet the mor..
64,00 Lei
Eureka!: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Ancient Greeks but Were Afraid to Ask
The ancient Greeks gave us our alphabet and much of our scientific, medical and cultural language..
59,00 Lei
Fallen Dragon
58,00 Lei
Firefall is the omnibus edition of the novels Blindsight and Echopraxia. ..
52,00 Lei
First Crusade: The Call from the East
"The First Crusade" is one of the best-known and most written-about events in history but in this..
65,00 Lei
Flower of My Secret
The Flower of My Secret is a deeply moving portrait of a woman who is brought to the abyss of her..
42,00 Lei
German Genius: Europe's Third Renaissance, the Second Scientific Revolution and the Twentieth Century
From the end of the Baroque age and the death of Bach in 1750 to the rise of Hitler in 1933, Germ..
69,00 Lei
Girl with a Clock for a Heart (editie de buzunar)
First Love is Deadly. What if your college sweetheart, the girl of your dreams, suddenly dis..
42,00 Lei
Great War: 1914-1918
The Great War was the first truly global conflict, and it changed the course of world history ..
61,00 Lei
Gulliver's Travels (Young Reading Series 2)
Aventurile lui Guliver in Liliput sunt repovestite pentru micii cititori care incep sa aiba incre..
27,00 Lei
Her Every Fear
The bestselling author of The Kind Worth Killing returns with an electrifying psychological thril..
48,00 Lei
Hidden Life of Trees
Sunday Times Bestseller ‘A paradigm-smashing chronicle of joyous entanglement’ Charles Foste..
56,00 Lei
His Illegal Self
Che, de sapte ani, a fost abandonat de parintii lui (studenti radicali de la Harvard) in vremea revo..
36,00 Lei
Holy Roman Empire: A Thousand Years of Europe's History
THE SUNDAY TIMES AND ECONOMIST BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2016. 'A definitive study of the amorphous ..
91,00 Lei
How to Read a Graveyard: Journeys in the Company of the Dead
Death is the one certainty in life, yet, with the decline of religion in the West, we have become..
64,00 Lei
How Trump Thinks: His Tweets and the Birth of a New Political Language
The most unusual feature of Donald Trump's nationalist and populist campaign for the presidency o..
52,00 Lei
Inner Life of Animals
Can horses feel shame? Do deer grieve? Why do roosters deceive hens?  We tend to assume..
52,00 Lei
Invention of Numbers
Numbers are at the heart of the existence of the universe and everything in it, and yet a lot of ..
54,00 Lei
Kind Worth Killing (editie de buzunar)
42,00 Lei
King Jack and the Dragon (Book + CD)
King Jack and the Dragon is a magical make-believe story illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. Night is ..
40,00 Lei
King's List
What price betrayal? The bloody saga of revolution and republicanism reaches its climax in the final..
58,00 Lei
Limehouse Golem (Film tie-in)
52,00 Lei
Lost World of Communism
1989 was a year of revolution: it marked the collapse of communism in Eastern and Central Europe ..
84,00 Lei
‘The Malice was entertaining and riveting, with almost never a dull moment. …Do yourself a favour..
52,00 Lei
Man Who Sold the World: David Bowie and the 1970s
No artist offered a more incisive and accurate portrait of the troubled landscape of the 1970s th..
56,00 Lei
Nothing Is True and Everything is Possible : Adventures in Modern Russia
A journey into the glittering, surreal heart of 21st century Russia: into the lives of Hells Ange..
48,00 Lei
Oscar and Lucinda
Peter Carey's novel of the undeclared love between clergyman Oscar Hopkins and the heiress Lucind..
42,00 Lei
Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life
‘Brilliant’ Guardian Waterstones Non-Fiction Book of the Month (March) SHORTLISTED FOR ..
56,00 Lei
Parrot and Olivier in America
Olivier is a French aristocrat, the traumatized child of survivors of the Revolution. Parrot the ..
42,00 Lei
Parrot and Olivier in America
Olivier is a French aristocrat, the traumatized child of survivors of the Revolution. Parrot the ..
52,00 Lei
Penance of the Damned: A Sister Fidelma Mystery
Sister Fidelma returns in this brand-new 7th-century Irish mystery by Peter Tremayne, acclaimed a..
52,00 Lei
Queer City: Gay London from the Romans to the Present Day
*** A Sunday Times Bestseller *** In Roman Londinium the city was dotted with lupanaria (‘wo..
56,00 Lei
Quid Pro Quo: What the Romans Really Gave the English Language
In this original and highly accessible book, Peter Jones takes the reader on a fascinating journe..
58,00 Lei
Restoration of Rome: Barbarian Popes & Imperial Pretenders
In 476 AD the last of Rome's emperors was deposed by a barbarian general, the son of one of Attil..
88,00 Lei
Second Death: Sister Fidelma Series
The twenty-sixth mystery in Peter Tremayne's much-loved series featuring 7th-century Irish super-..
54,00 Lei
Setting the East Ablaze: Lenin's Dream of an Empire in Asia
Let us turn our faces towards Asia', exhorted Lenin when the long-awaited revolution in Europe fa..
64,00 Lei
Seventh Trumpet: A Sister Fidelma Mystery
Ireland, AD 670. When the body of a murdered young noble is discovered not far from Cashel, the K..
52,00 Lei
Silk Roads: A New History of the World
The No. 1 Sunday Times and international bestseller - a major reassessment of world history in li..
62,00 Lei
Sleeping in the Ground: DCI Banks
A terrible crime. No obvious motive. Banks is on the case. 'Top-notch police procedure' - ..
46,00 Lei
Spider-Man: A Novelisation
It begins with an orphan named Peter Parker, raised by his beloved Aunt May and Uncle Ben in Quee..
33,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
A chilling tale from two of the greatest storytellers of our time... Twelve-year-old Jack sp..
64,00 Lei
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