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101 Cataclysms. For the Love of Cats
101 Cataclysms: For the Love of Cats is a photographic celebration of the world's most popular pe..
32,00 Lei 10,00 Lei
Suddenly everyone in the world loses consciousness for two minutes. Planes fall from the sky, the..
36,00 Lei 16,00 Lei
Harper Connelly 3: An Ice Cold Grave
La 15 ani, Harper Connelly a fost lovita de trasnet. Si-a revenit, dar trupul I s-a acoperit cu o..
34,00 Lei 12,00 Lei
House of Night 2: Betrayed
Can Zoey and the gang catch a rogue vampyre killing humans before it's too late? Discover what mi..
38,00 Lei 11,00 Lei
House of Night 7: Burned
The next exciting instalment in the adventures of Zoey Redbird at the House of Night school for v..
38,00 Lei 11,00 Lei
House of Night 8: Awakened
Zoey's been given a way out of all the scary, evil drama back home. But can she really pick a bet..
36,00 Lei 11,00 Lei
House of Night Novella: Dragon's Oath
A fantastic new novella set in the worldwide bestselling House of Night world The all-new Ho..
32,00 Lei 16,00 Lei
Mcatrix Derided
There has never been a massive blockbusting SF actioner quite so po-faced as THE MATRIX. With a l..
46,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
True Blood 7: All Together Dead
Sookie Stackhouse ar vrea sa invete sa treaca peste tradarea lui Bill, iubitul ei vampir, si sa s..
36,00 Lei 10,00 Lei
Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion
Povestea filmului, imagini inedite, secrete din spatele scenei. ..
55,00 Lei 10,00 Lei
Witches of Chiswick
We have all been lied to. A great and sinister conspiracy exists to keep us from uncovering the t..
40,00 Lei 10,00 Lei
A Legacy of Spies (format mare)
Peter Guillam, staunch colleague and disciple of George Smiley of the British Secret Service, oth..
79,00 Lei 69,00 Lei
A Place of Execution
A riveting psychological thriller, now a major ITV drama, from the Number One bestselling Queen o..
39,00 Lei 29,00 Lei
A Portrait of an Idiot as a Young Man: Part Memoir, Part Explanation as to Why Men are So Rubbish
When Jon Holmes became a father (twice), he was asked to fill in a form detailing his family medi..
84,00 Lei 48,00 Lei
Acorna's Children: Third Watch
Khorii, the rebellious daughter of the near-mythic Acorna and her lifemate, Aari, has followed in..
34,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
America America
It is the early 1970s; Nixon is in the White House and Corey Sifter, the young son of working cla..
60,00 Lei 25,00 Lei
Art Cities of the Future: 21st-Century Avant-Gardes (including Cluj-Napoca)
Forget New York, London and Paris – the old establishment is being challenged by a new order of a..
340,00 Lei 274,00 Lei
Atlas of Beauty
Photographs and stories of 500 women from around the world, based on the author's hugely popular ..
136,00 Lei 99,00 Lei
Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women
In the struggle for women's equality, there is one subject still shrouded in silence - women's co..
64,00 Lei 51,20 Lei
WINNER OF THE 1988 PULITZER PRIZE IN LITERATURE Terrible, unspeakable things happened to Set..
58,00 Lei 46,40 Lei
Between the Acts - PMC
Virginia Woolf's last novel, in equal parts a triumphant celebration and witty mockery of 'Englis..
33,00 Lei 26,40 Lei
Big Game: 10 Strategies for Winning at Life
Are you living the life you dreamed of as a child? If not, you are not alone. Many of us were nev..
36,00 Lei 32,00 Lei
Book of Man 2: Broken Chalice
After Isolde disrupted the ceremony at the amphitheatre by plunging her bleeding arm into the Cha..
36,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
Collins Cobuild Business Vocabulary In Practice
The new 2nd edition of the Collins COBUILD Business Vocabulary in Practice equips learners with t..
65,00 Lei 26,00 Lei
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimige (US Large Print Edition)
In high school, Tsukuru Tazaki belonged to an extremely tight-knit group of friends who pledged t..
104,00 Lei 44,00 Lei
Dime Store Magic
Another edge-of-the-seat, hugely entertaining supernatural thriller from a rising star. Prepare t..
52,00 Lei 15,00 Lei
English Usage
This major new edition of the Collins COBUILD English Usage is a modern, easy-to-use and in-depth..
124,00 Lei 78,00 Lei
Every Dead Thing: A Charlie Parker Thriller
Tormented and racked with guilt over the brutal slaying of his wife and daughter, Charlie Parker,..
42,00 Lei 34,00 Lei
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Original Screenplay
When Magizoologist Newt Scamander arrives in New York, he intends his stay to be just a brief sto..
98,00 Lei 79,00 Lei
Flashman Papers: Flashman and the Angel of the Lord
Coward, scoundrel, lover and cheat, but there is no better man to go into the jungle with. Join F..
40,00 Lei 32,00 Lei
Flashman Papers: Flashman and the Mountain of Light
Coward, scoundrel, lover and cheat, but there is no better man to go into the jungle with. Join F..
40,00 Lei 32,00 Lei
Flashman Papers: Flashman and the Redskins
Coward, scoundrel, lover and cheat, but there is no better man to go into the jungle with. Join F..
40,00 Lei 32,00 Lei
Flashman Papers: Flashman at the Charge
Coward, scoundrel, lover and cheat, but there is no better man to go into the jungle with. Join F..
40,00 Lei 32,00 Lei
Flashman Papers: Flashman in the Great Game
Coward, scoundrel, lover and cheat, but there is no better man to go into the jungle with. Join F..
40,00 Lei 32,00 Lei
Flashman Papers: Flashman on the March
Coward, scoundrel, lover and cheat, but there is no better man to go into the jungle with. Join F..
40,00 Lei 32,00 Lei
A brilliant novel of suspense with a supernatural twist - packaged in the stunning new Kelley Arm..
42,00 Lei 21,00 Lei
Girl Online
The incredible number 1 bestselling debut novel from YouTube phenomenon Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, now..
49,00 Lei 39,20 Lei
Girl Online: Going Solo
Penny's life is back to normal. As Penny starts the school year she's ready to face the worl..
47,00 Lei 37,60 Lei
Girl Online: On Tour
The sequel to the number-one bestseller Girl Online. Penny's bags are packed ...When Noah in..
47,00 Lei 37,60 Lei
Goodbye Europe
From Paris to Prague, from the past to the present, authors and artists say farewell in this uniq..
99,00 Lei 84,00 Lei
Handmaid's Tale (tv tie-in)
53,00 Lei 42,40 Lei
Handmaid's Tale (Vintage Future)
NOW A SMASH-HIT TV SERIES The Republic of Gilead offers Offred only one function: to breed. ..
42,00 Lei 33,60 Lei
He, She and It
In the middle of the twenty-first century, life as we know it has changed for all time. Shira Shi..
51,00 Lei 40,80 Lei
Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse
THE HOLLOW CHOCOLATE BUNNIES OF THE APOCALYPSE is set in Toy City. The Old Rich, who have made th..
40,00 Lei 10,00 Lei
Hollows: Where Demons Dare
Rachel Morgan is back and there are more sexy bounty-hunting witches, cunning demons and vicious ..
36,00 Lei 9,00 Lei
Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow
‘Homo Deus will shock you. It will entertain you. Above all, it will make you think in ways you h..
62,00 Lei 55,00 Lei
Hornblower: A Ship of the Line
May, 1810 - and thirty-nine-year-old Captain Horatio Hornblower has been handed his first ship of..
40,00 Lei 24,00 Lei
Hornblower: Captain Hornblower Omnibus
'Hornblower and the Atropos' Skippering the flagship for Nelson's funeral on the Thames is not..
60,00 Lei 42,00 Lei
Hornblower: Happy Return
June, 1808 - and off the Coast of Nicaragua Captain Horatio Hornblower has his hands full . . . ..
40,00 Lei 24,00 Lei
Hornblower: Hornblower and the Atropos
1805, and Hornblower is both humbled and honoured in quick succession . . . After near disas..
40,00 Lei 24,00 Lei
Hornblower: Hornblower and the Crisis
The final Horatio Hornblower story tells of Napoleon's plans to invade England . . . Set in ..
36,00 Lei 24,00 Lei
Hornblower: Hornblower and the Hotspur
April 1803, and the Peace of Amiens is failing as Horatio Hornblower takes a three-master on a vi..
30,00 Lei 24,00 Lei
Hornblower: Hornblower in the West Indies
1815, the Napoleonic Wars are over. Yet peace continues to elude Horatio Hornblower overseas . . ..
30,00 Lei 24,00 Lei
Hornblower: Mr Midshipman Hornblower
1793, the eve of the Napoleonic Wars, and Midshipman Horatio Hornblower receives his first comman..
40,00 Lei 24,00 Lei
House of Night 1: Marked
You've read Vampire Academy, you loved Vampire Diaries, now sink your teeth into the Sunday Times..
38,00 Lei 11,00 Lei
House of Night 4: Untamed
An ancient evil is rising against the House of Night. Can Zoey pull her friends back together in ..
38,00 Lei 11,00 Lei
House of Night 5: Hunted
Save the world or save her heart? Zoey has to face her greatest choices yet. Discover the addicti..
38,00 Lei 11,00 Lei
House of Night 6: Tempted
Can it be true that one of Zoey's best friends is helping her enemies? Secrets and lies threaten ..
38,00 Lei 11,00 Lei
How To Be a Woman
It's a good time to be a woman: we have the vote and the Pill, and we haven't been burnt as witch..
52,00 Lei 41,60 Lei
How to Build a Girl
The phenomenal Number One Sunday Times Bestseller in hardback and now Number One in paperback! ..
48,00 Lei 38,40 Lei
In the Midst of Winter (format mare)
**THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER** **The captivating new novel from the multi-million-bestsel..
73,00 Lei 64,00 Lei
Jane Eyre (Vintage Classics Library)
13,00 Lei 10,40 Lei
Kristen Stewart: Infinite Romance (+ poster)
Kristen Stewart, the beautiful Bella in the screen version of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight&nbs..
36,00 Lei 10,00 Lei
La Belle Sauvage: Book of Dust 1
Eleven-year-old Malcolm Polstead and his daemon, Asta, live with his parents at the Trout Inn nea..
84,00 Lei 73,00 Lei
Legend 1: Legend
Legend is the much-anticipated dystopian thriller debut from US author, Marie Lu. The must-read d..
53,00 Lei 42,40 Lei
Legend 2: Prodigy
Prodigy is the long-awaited sequel to Legend, the must-read dystopian thriller novel. Perfect for..
53,00 Lei 42,40 Lei
Legend 3: Champion
He is a Legend. She is a Prodigy. Who will be Champion? June and Day have sacrificed so much..
53,00 Lei 42,40 Lei
Limbo (editie de buzunar)
This is set partly in the fantasy world of Limbo, with its castle, king and queen, wizard, and un..
38,00 Lei 5,00 Lei
Macroeconomic Policy, Growth and Poverty Reduction
In the late 20th century, structural adjustment policies became the West's received wisdom as a s..
640,00 Lei 154,00 Lei
Magic's Design
They were destined to save the world from an ancient evil. Talos is a magic wielder, born in..
29,00 Lei 10,00 Lei
Men of the Otherworld
Kelley Armstrong's first short story collection - a gripping medley of tales involving many of he..
36,00 Lei 11,00 Lei
Midnight Line: Jack Reacher 22 (signed copy)
Jack Reacher takes an aimless stroll past a pawn shop in a small Midwestern town. In the window h..
88,00 Lei 79,00 Lei
Milk and Honey
#1 New York Times bestseller Milk and Honey is a collection of poetry and prose about survival. A..
56,00 Lei 48,00 Lei
Ministry of Utmost Happiness (Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2017)
84,00 Lei 73,00 Lei
Possibly the only drawback about the bestselling How To Be A Woman was that its author, Caitlin M..
52,00 Lei 41,60 Lei
Morganville Vampires: Carpe Corpus
NCLUDES AN EXCLUSIVE SHORT STORY - only available in the UK edition Part of the New Yor..
38,00 Lei 12,00 Lei
Mrs Dalloway (Vintage Classics Library)
13,00 Lei 10,40 Lei
Munich (format mare)
81,00 Lei 71,00 Lei
Nature of the Nonprofit Sector
The Nature of the Nonprofit Sector is a collection of insightful and influential classic and rece..
180,00 Lei 68,00 Lei
Never Slow Dance with a Zombie
Romy and Michelle's Hight School Reunion meets Night of the Living Dead in this la..
27,00 Lei 16,00 Lei
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