Aikido for Self Discovery: Blueprint for an Enlightened Life

ISBN: 9780738700601
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Aikido is a martial art that resolves conflict through harmonious movements and minimal physical force. Aikido for Self-Discovery brings the many lessons of Aikido out of the dojo (training hall) and into the everyday activities of life. It teaches you how to use Aikido as a tool for intuitive living and spiritual enlightenment. Although other Aikido books talk about centering, harmony, conflict resolution, and internal energy, this book is the first to present lessons designed to draw you into a sensory experience of these concepts, felt in the present moment. When you experience firsthand the physical aspects of Aikido principles, you can begin to perceive the world and yourself in a new way. In the following excerpt, author Stan Wrobel talks about creating awareness from within: From our center we establish our relationships with our internal and external worlds . . . Continue to explore-not driven with the need to answer a hundred questions more accurately and faster than anyone else, but with a curiosity of not knowing and the pleasure of first discoveries. The right answers are only right for you. Create your own test; and with patience, curiosity, openness, and awareness, come to an understanding of how you present, create, unfold, sense, function, and change. -Stan Wrobel, Ph. D.

Autor WROBEL, Stan
An apariţie 2001
Editura Llewellyn Publications
Nr pagini 240
Dimensiuni 20.4 x 13.5 cm
Format Paperback, B
Etichete: stan wrobel
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