Insiders: Human Body

ISBN: 9781783703401
Disponibilitate: În Stoc
Preţ: 53,00 Lei
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This impressive series uses 3D illustrations that seem to rise before you with every turn of the page, to bring factual subjects to life, stimulating minds and imaginations. Packed with facts, presented in an easy-to-read text, fact panels, labels, captions and diagrams, this book can be pored over - no details are left unexplained, no rock unturned. Using the glossary, index and timelines, these books are perfect for research and discovery, but also make fascinating reads from cover to cover.
Autor CALABRESI, Linda
An apariţie 2015
Editura Templar
Nr pagini 64
Dimensiuni 26,5 x 24 cm
Format Paperback
Etichete: calabresi linda
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