What Would Marx Do?
Autor SOUTHWELL, Gareth
An apariţie 2018
Editura Octopus
Nr pagini 192
Dimensiuni 15.3 x 20.8 cm
Format Paperback

What Would Marx Do?

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Have you ever wondered what Kant might have to say about your addiction to social media? Or whether Plato would be able to help resolve your constant arguments about what to watch on TV? Or if Hobbes would agree to feed your pet hamster while you're away on holiday?

When it comes to the really important questions, who better to ask than the greatest political minds in history, with What Would Marx Do? Using 40 everyday questions and problems as springboards for exploring the great political questions of our time, this book will give you a crash course in political philosophy, and an introduction to the theories and ideas of the greatest political philosophers of all time.

Includes questions such as:

-Should I bother to vote?
-Who should look after the baby?
-Do you earn enough?
-My car has just been stolen! But can I hold the thieves responsible?
-Should I watch what I say on Twitter?
-Should your children benefit from your success? -Is it wrong to want a bigger house? With quirky illustrations and intriguing and original takes on the biggest (and smallest) everyday questions, What Would Marx Do? is guaranteed to leave you with a better grasp on political philosophy, and able to discuss Marxism, Libertarian Socialism and Populism with ease.

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