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21 Lessons for the 21st Century
**FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE MILLION COPY BESTSELLER SAPIENS** Sapiens showed us where we came f..
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A Brief History of Time: From Big Bang to Black Holes
Was there a beginning of time? Could time run backwards? Is the universe infinite or does it have..
58,00 Lei
A History of the Arab Peoples
In a bestselling work of profound and lasting importance, the late Albert Hourani told the defini..
72,00 Lei
Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World
They gave us democracy, philosophy, poetry, rational science, the joke. They built the Parthenon ..
56,00 Lei
Band of Angels: The Forgotten World of Early Christian Women
In Band of Angels, Kate Cooper tells the surprising story of early Christianity from the woman's ..
61,00 Lei
Beyond the Veil: Male-female Dynamics in a Muslim Society
Does Islam as a religion oppress women? Is Islam against democracy? In this classic study, intern..
83,00 Lei
Book of Humans
'Charming, compelling and packed with information. I learned more about biology from this short b..
82,00 Lei
Book of the People: How to Read the Bible
From the renowned historian, biographer, and novelist A. N. Wilson comes a literary, historical, ..
61,00 Lei
Constantinople: The Last Great Siege, 1453
In the spring of 1453, the Ottoman Turks advanced on Constantinople in pursuit of an ancient Isla..
66,00 Lei
Devils' Alliance: Hitler's Pact with Stalin 1939-1941
For nearly two years the two most infamous dictators in history actively collaborated with one an..
58,00 Lei
Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World
Once vast swathes of the globe were coloured imperial red and Britannia ruled not just the waves,..
56,00 Lei
Fall of Yougoslavia
Misha Glenny's acclaimed account of the war in former Yugoslavia contains substantial new material t..
59,00 Lei
Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence
It is the most persistent myth of our time: religion is the cause of all violence. But history su..
62,00 Lei
Great Transformation: The World in the Time of Buddha, Socrates, Confucius and Jeremiah
The centuries between 800 and 300 BC saw an explosion of new religious concepts. Their emergence ..
73,00 Lei
Hearts of Stone
The fierce courage of the men and women of the Greek Resistance is brought to vivid life in Sunda..
52,00 Lei
Holocaust: A New History
64,00 Lei
How the French Won Waterloo - or Think They Did (editie de buzunar)
Published in the 200th Anniversary year of the Battle of Waterloo a witty look at how the French ..
44,00 Lei
Islam and Capitalism
Islam and Capitalism is a learned, engaged rebuttal of the cultural reductionism of Max Weber and..
83,00 Lei
Millennium: The End of the World and the Forging of Christendom
Tom Holland, author of RUBICON and PERSIAN FIRE, gives a thrilling panoramic account of the birth..
78,00 Lei
New Silk Roads:  Present and Future of the World (format mare)
From the Sunday Times and internationally bestselling author of The Silk Roads 'Masterly map..
72,00 Lei
Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945
Europe in 1945 was prostrate. Much of the continent was devastated by war, mass slaughter, bombin..
89,00 Lei
Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt
This is a story studded with extraordinary achievements and historic moments, from the building o..
98,00 Lei
Saint Patrick's People
Istorie a identitatii irlandeze din vremea Sf. Patrick pana azi. Misionariat, diaspora, mituri si le..
39,00 Lei
Saladin: The Life, the Legend and the Islamic Empire
Saladin remains one of the most iconic figures of his age. As the man who united the Arabs and sa..
56,00 Lei
Second World War
A magisterial, single-volume history of the greatest conflict the world has ever known by our for..
78,00 Lei
Tudors: A History of England, vol. II
Rich in detail and atmosphere and told in vivid prose, Tudors recounts the transformation of Engl..
59,00 Lei
War: What is it good for?: The role of conflict in civilisation, from primates to robots
War is one of the greatest human evils. It has ruined livelihoods, provoked unspeakable atrocitie..
61,00 Lei
Why the West Rules - For Now: The Patterns of History and what they reveal about the Future
Why does the West rule? Eminent Stanford polymath Ian Morris answers this provocative question, d..
74,00 Lei
Written in History: Letters that Changed the World
WRITTEN IN HISTORY celebrates the great letters of world history, creative culture and personal l..
79,00 Lei
1493: How Europe's Discovery of the Americas Revolutionized Trade, Ecology and Life on Earth
Two hundred million years ago the earth consisted of a single vast continent, Pangea, surrounded ..
74,00 Lei
1848: Year of Revolution
A brilliant, colourful narrative history of a pivotal year in European history In 1848, Euro..
79,00 Lei
1914-1918: The History of the First World War
1914-1918, David Stevenson's history of the First World War, has been acclaimed as the definitive..
88,00 Lei
1966: The Year the Decade Exploded
The pop world accelerated and broke through the sound barrier in 1966. In America, in London, in ..
69,00 Lei
24 Hours in Ancient Egypt: A Day in the Life of the People Who Lived There
Spend 24 hours with the ancient Egyptians. Ancient Egypt wasn't all pyramids, sphinxes and gold s..
74,00 Lei
24 Hours in Ancient Rome: A Day in the Life of the People Who Lived There (editie cartonata)
Walk a day in a Roman's sandals. What was it like to live in one of the ancient world's most..
74,00 Lei
A Brief History of the Amazons: Women Warriors in Myth and History
The true story of the famous female warriors, long thought to be mythical 'Golden-shielded, ..
62,00 Lei
A Brief History of the Knights Templar
This fully updated edition is recognised as the most comprehensive history of the Knights Templar..
62,00 Lei
A Brief History of the Samurai
A superb insight into the history of the Samurai From a leading expert in Japanese history, ..
60,00 Lei
A Concise History of the Arabs
The key to understanding the Arab world today is unlocking its past. In this authoritative accoun..
68,00 Lei
A History of 20th Century in 100 Maps
The 20th century was a golden age of map-making, and maps permeated almost every aspect of daily ..
165,00 Lei
A History of Ancient Britain
Continues Neil's landmark exploration of how our land and its people came to be, which began with..
64,00 Lei
A History of Ancient Egypt: From the First Farmers to the Great Pyramid
The extraordinary history of Ancient Egyptian civilization - from its earliest origins to the cre..
76,00 Lei
A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years
Christianity, one of the world's great religions, has had an incalculable impact on human history..
99,00 Lei
A History of Modern Britain
A History of Modern Britain by Andrew Marr confronts head-on the victory of shopping over politic..
62,00 Lei
A History of the World
Our understanding of world history is changing, as new discoveries are made on all the continents an..
56,00 Lei
A History of the World in 100 Objects
Neil MacGregor's A History of the World in 100 Objects takes a bold, original approach to human h..
65,00 Lei
A History of the World in Twelve Maps
Throughout history, maps have been fundamental in shaping our view of the world, and our place in..
70,00 Lei
A Line in the Sand: Britain, France and the struggle that shaped the Middle East
In 1916, in the middle of the First World War, two men secretly agreed to divide the Middle East ..
54,00 Lei
A Short History of Byzantium
A Short History of Byzantium is renowned historian, and author of A History of Venice, John Juliu..
99,00 Lei
A Short History of England
From the invaders of the dark ages to the aftermath of the coalition, one of Britain's most respe..
57,00 Lei
A Short History of Medieval Christianity
What did people really believe in the Middle Ages? Much of our sense of the medieval period has c..
64,00 Lei
A Short History of Myth (Canons)
As long as we have been human, we have been mythmakers. In A Short History of Myth, Karen Armstro..
56,00 Lei
A Short History of the Anglo-Saxons
'Here lies our leader all cut down, the valiant man in the dust.' The elegiac words of the Battle..
62,00 Lei
A Short History of the Byzantine Empire
The Byzantine Empire was one of the most impressive imperial adventures in history. It ruled much..
64,00 Lei
A Short History of the Italian Renaissance
The extraordinary creative energy of Renaissance Italy lies at the root of modern Western culture..
64,00 Lei
A Short History of the Mongols
The Mongol Empire was the mightiest land empire the world has ever seen. At its height it was twi..
62,00 Lei
A Short History of the New Testament
Few documents in world history can match the inspirational impact of the New Testament. For all i..
64,00 Lei
A Short History of the Phoenicians
The Phoenicians present a tantalizing face to the ancient historian. Latin sources suggest they o..
64,00 Lei
A Short History of the Reformation
When, in October 1517, Martin Luther pinned his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of All Saints' Church..
62,00 Lei
A Short History of the Russian Revolution
In 1917 revolutionary fervour swept through Russia, ending centuries of imperial rule and instiga..
64,00 Lei
A Social History of the Third Reich
One of the most devastating portraits ever drawn of a human society - life in Hitler's Germany du..
95,00 Lei
A Terrible Beauty: A Cultural History of the Twentieth Century
A history of the twentieth century which covers all the ideas, people, great events, literary and..
109,00 Lei
A Writer at War: Vasily Grossman with the Red Army 1941-1945
Deemed unfit for service when the Germans invaded in 1941, Vasily Grossman became a special corre..
62,00 Lei
Aelfred's Britain: War and Peace in the Viking Age
56,00 Lei
After the Ice: A Global Human History, 20,000 - 5,000 BC
A fantastic voyage through 15,000 years of history that laid the foundations for civilisation as ..
97,00 Lei
Against Everything: On Dishonest Times
Against Everything is a thought-provoking study and essential guide to the vicissitudes of everyd..
66,00 Lei
Age of Anger: A History of the Present
The kind of vision the world needs right now...Pankaj Mishra shouldn't stop thinking' Christopher..
58,00 Lei
Age Of Capital: 1848 - 1875
Hobsbawm's brilliant history, beautifully repackaged as an Abacus History Great The first an..
84,00 Lei
Age Of Empire 1875 - 1914
Hobsbawm's classic history, repackaged as an Abacus History Great The splendid finale to Eri..
84,00 Lei
Age of Extremes: 1914-1991
THE AGE OF EXTREMES is eminent historian Eric Hobsbawm's personal vision of the twentieth century..
84,00 Lei
Age of Genius: The Seventeenth Century and the Birth of the Modern Mind
What happened to the European mind between 1605, when an audience watching Macbeth at the Globe m..
67,00 Lei
Age of Nothing: How We Have Sought To Live Since The Death of God
The closing months of 2008 saw the world's nations united in financial uncertainty. Amid endless ..
86,00 Lei
Age of Revolution: 1789 - 1848
The first volume of Hobsbawm's classic and universally acclaimed trilogy on the 19th century, bea..
84,00 Lei
Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science
Shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize and winner of the Royal Society Prize for Science Books,..
73,00 Lei
Albert Speer: His Battle with Truth
‘A masterpiece . . . a contribution to the effort of recuperation of human dignity at the end of ..
95,00 Lei
All Things Made New: Writings on the Reformation
The Reformation which engulfed England and Europe in the sixteenth century was one of the most hi..
62,00 Lei
Alpha Beta: How the Alphabet Shaped the Western World
The idea behind the alphabet - that language with all its wealth of meaning can be recorded with ..
54,00 Lei
Amazons: The Real Warrior Women of the Ancient World
Since the time of the ancient Greeks we have been fascinated by accounts of the Amazons, an elusi..
56,00 Lei
An Utterly Exasperated History of Modern Britain
Following his hugely popular account of the previous 2,000 years (which won Best Comedy History B..
52,00 Lei
An Utterly Impartial History of Britain: (or 2000 Years Of Upper Class Idiots In Charge)
Many of us were put off history by the dry and dreary way it was taught at school. Back then ‘The..
52,00 Lei
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