Carthage Must Be Destroyed: The Rise and Fall of an Ancient Civilization

ISBN: 9780141018096
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The story of Carthage is one of the great epics of the Ancient World. And yet, thanks to the ruthlessness and brutality of the Roman destruction of the city under Scipio in 146 BC, we know relatively little about the city - its foundation, its expansion, its way of life, its literature and gods. Carthage has to all intents and purposes been driven to the margins of history. This is a tale of battles and empire-building, of bitter rivalry and destruction - and a great civilisation whose role in shaping European culture and history has, until now, been largely ignored. 'Splendid... epic and fascinating' (Tom Holland)

Autor MILES, Richard
An apariţie 2011
Editura Penguin
Nr pagini 544
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Etichete: miles richard
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