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On China
In 1971 Henry Kissinger took the historic step of reopening relations between China and the West,..
78,00 Lei
On Palestine (editie de buzunar)
On Palestine is Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappe's indispensable update on a suffering region. Operati..
42,00 Lei
On The Map: Why the World Looks the Way it Does
Maps fascinate us. They chart our understanding of the world and they log our progress, but above..
59,00 Lei
On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century
"These 128 pages are a brief primer in every important thing we might have learned from the histo..
42,00 Lei
On War (Classics of World Literature)
On War is perhaps the greatest book ever written about war. Carl von Clausewitz, a Prussian soldi..
28,00 Lei
Origins of ISIS: The Collapse of Nations and Revolution in the Middle East
The rapid expansion of ISIS and its swathe of territorial gains across the Middle East have been ..
64,00 Lei
Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution
Nations are not trapped by their pasts, but events that happened hundreds or even thousands of ye..
67,00 Lei
Origins of Totalitarianism
How could such a book speak so powerfully to our present moment? The short answer is that we, too..
58,00 Lei
Osman's Dream: The Story of the Ottoman Empire 1300-1923
The Ottoman chronicles recount that the first sultan, Osman, dreamt of the dynasty he would found..
98,00 Lei
Ottoman Endgame: War, Revolution and the Making of the Modern Middle East, 1908-1923
An outstanding history of the best writers on the First World War' (Simon Sebag Montefiore..
82,00 Lei
Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality
In Our Mathematical Universe, Max Tegmark, one of the most original physicists at work today, lea..
58,00 Lei
Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution
Is a baby whose personality has been chosen from a gene supermarket still a human? If we choose w..
75,00 Lei
Out of China: How the Chinese Ended the Era of Western Domination
Even at the high noon of Europe's empire-building China managed to be one of the handful of count..
74,00 Lei
Pagans and Christians: In the Mediterranean World from the Second Century AD to the Conversion of Constantine
From the second century AD to the conversion of the first Christian emperor, Constantine, Robin L..
99,00 Lei
Pale Rider: The Spanish Flu of 1918 and How it Changed the World
'Both a saga of tragedies and a detective story... Pale Rider is not just an excavation but a rei..
62,00 Lei
Palestine-Israeli Conflict: A Beginner's Guide
The Middle East is in deadlock There are two sides in this conflict This is the only book that al..
58,00 Lei
Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris
No one knows a city like the people who live there - so who better to relate the history of Paris..
58,00 Lei
Parliament of Man: The Past, Present and Future of the United Nations
Paul Kennedy's The Parliament of Man: The United Nations and the Quest for World Government is th..
74,00 Lei
Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers
Richard McGregor's The Party has been established as the book on China and it..
56,00 Lei
Pathfinders: The Golden Age of Arabic Science
In Pathfinders: The Golden Age of Arabic Science, Jim al-Khalili celebrates the forgotten pioneer..
58,00 Lei
Pax Romana: War, Peace and Conquest in the Roman World
The Pax Romana is famous for having provided a remarkable period of peace and stability, rarely s..
62,00 Lei
Peacemakers: Six Months that Changed The World
Between January and July 1919, after the war to end all wars, men and women from all over the wor..
85,00 Lei
Penguin Book of Norse Myths: Gods of the Vikings
'Burning ice, biting flame; that is how life began' The extraordinary Scandinavian myth cycl..
73,00 Lei
Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Civilizations
This new historical atlas - richly illustrated with photographs, artwork recreations and full-col..
114,00 Lei
Penguin Historical Atlas of the Bible Lands
Taking in such important themes as the powerful early city-states that dominated the plains, the ..
114,00 Lei
Penguin Historical Atlas of the Medieval World
This new historical atlas - richly illustrated with photographs, artwork recreations and full-col..
114,00 Lei
Penguin History of Latin America
Now fully updated to 2009, this acclaimed history of Latin America tells its turbulent story from..
96,00 Lei
Penguin History of Modern Russia: From Tsarism to the Twenty-First Century
Russia's recent past has encompassed revolution, civil war, mass terror and two world wars, and t..
115,00 Lei
Penguin History of the Church: The Early Church. Vol. 1
Examines the beginning of the Christian movement during the first centuries AD, and the explosive..
66,00 Lei
Penguin History of the World. 6th ed
A completely revised and updated edition of this highly acclaimed account of human endeavor ..
126,00 Lei
People Speak: Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport
‘The idea was simple - take the most impassioned speeches about the fight for what is right and b..
58,00 Lei
Perfect Heresy: The Life and Death of the Cathars
Eight hundred years ago, the Cathars, a group of heretical Christians from all walks of society, ..
61,00 Lei
Phantom Atlas: The Greatest Myths, Lies and Blunders on Maps
149,00 Lei
Plantagenets: The Kings Who Made England
The New York Times bestseller that tells the story of Britain's greatest and worst dynasty--"a re..
62,00 Lei
Plots Against Hitler
In 1933, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. A year later, all parties but the Nazis had b..
56,00 Lei
Poland: A History
Adam Zamoyski first wrote his history of Poland two years before the collapse of the Soviet Union..
51,00 Lei
Political Order and Political Decay
In The Origins of Political Order, Francis Fukuyama took us from the dawn of mankind to the Frenc..
67,00 Lei
Pompeii: The Life of an Ancient Town
WINNER OF THE WOLFSON HISTORY PRIZE 2008 'The world's most controversial classicist debunks ..
61,00 Lei
Popes: A History
John Julius Norwich expertly examines the history of the oldest continuing institution in the wor..
73,00 Lei
Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future
A Book of the Year for The Economist and the Observer Our world seems to be collapsing. The ..
58,00 Lei
Protestants: The Radicals Who Made the Modern World
On the 500th anniversary of Luther’s rebellion, this spectacular global history traces the revolu..
62,00 Lei
Pursuit of Italy: A History of a Land, its Regions and their Peoples
The book that explains the whole extraordinary course of Italian history like no other in English..
61,00 Lei
Pursuit of Power: Europe, 1815-1914
A scintillating, encyclopaedic history, rich in detail from the arcane to the familiar... a verit..
76,00 Lei
Queens of the Conquest: England's Medieval Queens
Full of passion and betrayal, murder and war, the first volume of an epic new series from bestsel..
62,00 Lei
Realm Divided: A Year in the Life of Plantagenet England
1215 – the penultimate year of the reign of a king with the worst reputation of any in our histor..
52,00 Lei
Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine
Winner of the Duff Cooper and Lionel Gelber prizes In 1932-33, nearly four million Ukrainian..
64,00 Lei
Red Notice: How I Became Putin's No. 1 Enemy
November 2009. An emaciated young lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, is led to a freezing isolation cell i..
56,00 Lei
Red Plenty: Inside the Fifties' Soviet Dream
The Soviet Union was founded on a fairytale. It was built on 20th-century magic called 'the plann..
66,00 Lei
Red Prince: The Fall of a Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Europe
Wilhelm von Habsburg wore the uniform of an Austrian officer, the court regalia of a Habsburg arc..
65,00 Lei
Red Star Over China: The Classic Account of the Birth of Chinese Communism
The first Westerner to meet Mao Tse-tung and the Chinese Communist leaders in 1936, Edgar Snow ca..
74,00 Lei
A short but powerful study of one of the great watersheds of European history Although for g..
52,00 Lei
Restoration of Rome: Barbarian Popes & Imperial Pretenders
In 476 AD the last of Rome's emperors was deposed by a barbarian general, the son of one of Attil..
88,00 Lei
Revolutionary Iran: A History of the Islamic Republic
The definitive history of the Iran-Iraq war, and revolutionary Iran, essential for understanding ..
62,00 Lei
Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991: A Pelican Introduction
What caused the Russian Revolution? Did it succeed or fail? Do we still live with its consequence..
58,00 Lei
Ring of Steel: Germany and Austria-Hungary at War, 1914-1918
Sunday Times History Book of the Year 2014 Winner of the 2014 Wolfson History Prize, th..
76,00 Lei
Rise and Fall of a Palestinian Dynasty: The Husaynis 1700-1948
The Husayni family of Jerusalem dominated Palestinian history for 250 years, from the Ottoman times ..
81,00 Lei
Rise and Fall of Communism
Winner of the 2010 W.J.M. Mackenzie Prize for Best Political Science Book of the Year 2010. ..
74,00 Lei
Rise of Rome: From the Iron Age to the Punic Wars (1000 BC – 264 BC)
In the late Iron Age, Rome was a small collection of huts arranged over a few hills. By the third..
73,00 Lei
Roma 1: The Epic Novel of Ancient Rome
Roma is the story of the ancient city of Rome, from its mythic beginnings as a campsite along a t..
48,00 Lei
Roman Empire: A Beginner's Guide
No other political entity has shaped the modern world like the Roman Empire. Encompassing close to a..
58,00 Lei
Roman Forum
There are few more historic and evocative places in the world. Caesar was cremated there. Charles..
54,00 Lei
Romania: Borderland of Europe
Romania occupies a unique position on the map of Eastern Europe. It is a country that presents ma..
155,00 Lei
Romanovs: 1613-1918
The Romanovs were the most successful dynasty of modern times, ruling a sixth of the world's surf..
64,00 Lei
Romantic Revolution
A compelling and persuasive account of how the Romantic Movement permanently changed the way we s..
54,00 Lei
Rome & Romans
Takes readers back in time to illustrate the exciting happenings of daily life. Imaginary charact..
29,00 Lei
Rome and Jerusalem: The Clash of Ancient Civilizations
In anul 70, dupa o rascoala a evreilor, legiunile romane au devastat marele oras Ierusalim. Dupa ..
93,00 Lei
Rome on the Euphrates: The Story of a Frontier
When Roman legions marched into Asia Minor in 200 BC, their plan was to secure a buffer zone betw..
78,00 Lei
Rome: A Cultural History
For almost a thousand years, Rome held sway as the spiritual and artistic centre of the world. Hu..
88,00 Lei
Rome: A History in Seven Sackings from the Gauls to the Nazis
Nominated for the 2017 Pen Hessell-Tiltman Daily Telegraph's Best History Books of 2017 Sunda..
59,00 Lei
Rome: The Autobiography
1000 de ani de istorie - de la ridicarea Republicii pana la caderea imparatilor - povestita de oa..
56,00 Lei
Russia Against Napoleon: The Battle for Europe, 1807 to 1814
'A compulsive page-turner ... a triumph of brilliant storytelling ... an instant classic that is ..
74,00 Lei
Russia and the Russians: From Earliest Times to the Present
Geoffrey Hosking is one of the foremost historians of Russia and its people. The result of a life..
98,00 Lei
Russian Revolution: A Beginner's Guide
1917: the year a series of rebellions toppled three centuries of autocratic rule and placed a gro..
58,00 Lei
Russian Revolution: A New History
At the turn of the century, the Russian economy was growing by about 10% annually and its populat..
62,00 Lei
Sacred History: How Angels, Mystics and Higher Intelligence Made Our World
From the bestselling author of The Secret History of the World, an exploration of the mystical fo..
75,00 Lei
Samurai: The Last Warrior
The name 'Samurai' is synonymous with the ultimate warrior. With their elaborate armour, fierce s..
58,00 Lei
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER Planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old. In just a fraction of tha..
62,00 Lei 55,00 Lei
Savage Continent: Europe in the Aftermath of World War II
Keith Lowe's Savage Continent is an awe-inspiring portrait of how Europe emerged from t..
56,00 Lei
Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps
The sea monsters on medieval and Renaissance maps, whether swimming vigorously, gambolling amid t..
99,00 Lei
Second-Hand Time
In this magnificent requiem to a civilization in ruins, the winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Lit..
88,00 Lei
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