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Collins Cobuild Business Vocabulary In Practice
The new 2nd edition of the Collins COBUILD Business Vocabulary in Practice equips learners with t..
65,00 Lei 26,00 Lei
Is That a Fish in Your Ear?: Translation and the Meaning of Everything
Is That a Fish in Your Ear? by David Bellos asks: how do we really make ourselves understood to o..
64,00 Lei
Language Wars: A History of Proper English
The English language is a battlefield. Since the age of Shakespeare, arguments over correct usage..
64,00 Lei
Language: The Cultural Tool
Like other tools, language was invented, can be reinvented or lost, and shows significant variati..
54,00 Lei
Last Word: Tales from the Tip of the Mother Tongue
We adapt words from other languages, from slang, from developments in science, literature and art. L..
48,00 Lei
Lingo: A Language Spotter's Guide to Europe
Welcome to Europe as you've never known it before, seen through the peculiarities of its language..
54,00 Lei
Meaning of Liff: 30th Anniversary Edition
The Meaning of Liff has sold hundreds of thousands of copies since it was first published in 1983..
75,00 Lei
Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages
Guy Deutscher is that rare beast, an academic who talks good sense about linguistics...he argues ..
59,00 Lei
Troublesome Words
Un ghid clar, concis si instructiv al problemelor puse de folosirea si scrierea limbii engleze. De p..
50,00 Lei
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