Total Recall: My Unbelievable True Life Story

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Total Recall is the unbelievably true story of Arnold Schwarzenegger's life. Born in the small city of Thal, Austria, in 1947, he moved to Los Angeles at the age of 21. Within ten years, he was a millionaire business man. After twenty years, he was the world's biggest movie star. In 2003, he was Governor of California and a household name around the world.

The most interesting parts of the book are those that deal with his impoverished Austrian upbringing in the wake of Germany's defeat in the Second World War, and his discovery of bodybuilding as a ladder to a better world - Mail on Sunday

The Terminator star has just released his autobiography, Total Recall... and the revelations in its pages certainly pack a punch - Hello

Much hyped and much anticipated, the launch of Total Recall... For the first time he will offer his side of the story - Sunday Telegraph

It s the unbelievable yet true story of Arnold Schwarzenegger s life. And he tells it in his own, painfully blunt fashion

'In Total Recall, Schwarzenegger presents the former as the direct result of the latter. His autobiography is a classic reworking of the American dream: dream hard, work hard, aim high, let no one stand in your way.' - The Daily Express

'This surprisingly enjoyable book shows he has a great product to sell. He is the living embodiment of the America Dream: a scrawny Austrian boy who became a body-building champion, conquered Hollywood, married into the Kennedys and ended up as governor of California.' 'Schwarzenegger recounts his story in loving detail over 600 pages, together with a dazzling spread of 243 photographs.' '[This] autobiography shows [Arnie] to be a man of greater substance than the Austrian Oak caricature might suggest.' The Daily Business Post, Andrew Lynch

An apariţie 2013
Editura Simon & Schuster
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