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Interesting Times: A Twentieth-Century Life
*The controversial autobiography of one of the most celebrated historians of our time Born i..
73,00 Lei
Invention of Russia: The Journey from Gorbachev's Freedom to Putin's War
WINNER OF THE ORWELL PRIZE 2016. How did a country that liberated itself from seventy years ..
58,00 Lei
Islamic State: The Digital Caliphate
Islamic State stunned the world when it overran an area the size of Britain on both sides of the ..
62,00 Lei
Living in the End Times
Žižek analyzes the end of the world at the hands of the “four riders of the apocalypse.” The..
75,00 Lei
Lost Continent: The BBC's Europe Editor on Europe's Darkest Hour Since World War Two
In THE LOST CONTINENT BBC Europe Editor Gavin Hewitt tells the story of a flawed dream, a noble v..
54,00 Lei
Making the Future: Occupations, Interventions, Empire and Resistance
Making the Future is the latest collection of essays from Noam Chomsky, one of our most vital and pr..
58,00 Lei
Man without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin
Since coming to power in 1999, Vladimir Putin has ruthlessly seized control of media, exiled or k..
58,00 Lei
Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media
Contrary to the usual image of the press as cantankerous, obstinate, and ubiquitous in its search..
62,00 Lei
Mao: On Practice and Contradiction
The writings that underpinned the Chinese revolution, introduced by Slavoj Žižek These early..
58,00 Lei
Marx and Marxism
An illuminating history of Marx's thought and intellectual influence from a leading historian of ..
52,00 Lei
Masters of Mankind: Essays and Lectures, 1969-2013
In this collection of essays from 1969-2013, many in book form for the first time, Noam Chomsky e..
52,00 Lei
McMafia (Tv Tie-In)
The extraordinary real stories that inspired the major BBC series Have you ever illegally do..
52,00 Lei
Mission Accomplished ?: The Crisis of International Intervention
Why do politicians send troops to foreign soil, to fight battles they rarely win? Is it old-fashi..
72,00 Lei
Naked Diplomat
Previously published as Naked Diplomacy. Who will be in power in the 21st century? Governmen..
56,00 Lei
National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy
A SUNDAY TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR A crucial new guide to one of the most urgent political phen..
52,00 Lei
Nature of the Nonprofit Sector
The Nature of the Nonprofit Sector is a collection of insightful and influential classic and rece..
180,00 Lei 68,00 Lei
New Cold War: Putin's Threat to Russia and the West
Revised and updated with a new preface on the Crimean crisis While most of the world was lau..
68,00 Lei
New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis
Europe is facing a wave of migration unmatched since the end of World War II - and no one has rep..
54,00 Lei
New Old World
The New Old World looks at the history of the European Union, the core continental countries with..
92,00 Lei
New Tsar: The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin
An epic tale of Vladimir Putin's path to power, as he emerged from obscurity to become one of the..
56,00 Lei
No Easy Walk to Freedom: Speeches, Letters and Other Writings (Penguin Modern Classics)
'There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere and many of us will have to pass through the valley of..
55,00 Lei
No Is Not Enough: Defeating the New Shock Politics
**The New York Times and Sunday Times Bestseller** 'An ordinary person's guide to hope. Read..
56,00 Lei
No Less Than Mystic
"The book is very comprehensive and insightful, and linked in perceptive ways to current affairs...
58,00 Lei
Not in God's Name: Confronting Religious Violence
Despite predictions of continuing secularisation, the twenty-first century has witnessed a surge ..
62,00 Lei
Notes on Nationalism (Penguin Modern)
'The general uncertainty as to what is really happening makes it easier to cling to lunatic belie..
6,00 Lei
Nothing but a Circus: Misadventures among the Powerful
Brilliant observations on the anthropology of power. You will laugh aloud and you won't put it do..
56,00 Lei
Nothing Is True and Everything is Possible : Adventures in Modern Russia
A journey into the glittering, surreal heart of 21st century Russia: into the lives of Hells Ange..
48,00 Lei
Of Women: In the 21st Century
A powerful, urgent and timely polemic on why women still need equality, and how we get there ..
56,00 Lei
On History
*A great historian tells the inside story of how history is recorded. In these essays, about..
74,00 Lei
On Politics: a History of Political Thought from Herodotus to the Present
A magisterial, one-volume history of political thought from Herodotus to the present, Ancient Ath..
89,00 Lei
On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century
"These 128 pages are a brief primer in every important thing we might have learned from the histo..
52,00 Lei
On War (Classics of World Literature)
On War is perhaps the greatest book ever written about war. Carl von Clausewitz, a Prussian soldi..
28,00 Lei
Optimism Over Despair (editie de buzunar)
An essential overview of the problems of our world today -- and how we should prepare for tomorro..
35,00 Lei
Origins of ISIS: The Collapse of Nations and Revolution in the Middle East
The rapid expansion of ISIS and its swathe of territorial gains across the Middle East have been ..
64,00 Lei
Origins of Totalitarianism
How could such a book speak so powerfully to our present moment? The short answer is that we, too..
58,00 Lei
Palestine-Israeli Conflict: A Beginner's Guide
The Middle East is in deadlock There are two sides in this conflict This is the only book that al..
58,00 Lei
Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers
Richard McGregor's The Party has been established as the book on China and it..
56,00 Lei
Perilous Power
The volatile Middle East is a region of vast resources, frequent crises and long-standing conflic..
49,00 Lei
Political Correctness Gone Mad?
‘Without free speech there is no true thought.’ –Jordan Peterson ‘If you’re white, this coun..
46,00 Lei
Politics in Minutes
Quick, accessible, compact guide to understanding key political concepts. Contents include: Liber..
54,00 Lei
Post-Truth: Peak Bullshit - and What We Can Do About It
Britain's favourite intelligent broadcaster explores why lying is so rife - and why we all think ..
56,00 Lei
Power of the Powerless
Václav Havel’s remarkable and rousing essay on the tyranny of apathy, with a new introduction by ..
38,00 Lei
Power Systems
Power Systems is the latest collection of searing insights from intellectual superstar Noam Choms..
58,00 Lei
Price of Inequality
Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz explains why we are experiencing such destructively high levels of..
74,00 Lei
Prince - HCC
Considerata una din primele lucrari de filosofie moderna, cartea lui Machiavelli e un studiu inte..
13,00 Lei
Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics
THE INTERNATIONAL AND SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER. All leaders are constrained by geography. The..
59,00 Lei
Radicals: Outsiders Changing the World
Thoughtful and intelligent' Observer 'Inside the anti-political revolt that gave us Bre..
58,00 Lei
Rebel - PMC
Rebelul, aparut in 1951, reprezinta incercarea lui Camus de a intelege timpul in care traieste si..
44,00 Lei
Red Notice: How I Became Putin's No. 1 Enemy
November 2009. An emaciated young lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, is led to a freezing isolation cell i..
56,00 Lei
Red Star Over China: The Classic Account of the Birth of Chinese Communism
The first Westerner to meet Mao Tse-tung and the Chinese Communist leaders in 1936, Edgar Snow ca..
74,00 Lei
Refuge: Transforming a Broken Refugee System
'Betts and Collier offer innovative insights into how to more effectively meet this challenge, with ..
56,00 Lei
* Classic essays on revolutionaries from Karl Marx to Che Guevara that could be key to a deeper u..
68,00 Lei
Rise and Fall of a Palestinian Dynasty: The Husaynis 1700-1948
The Husayni family of Jerusalem dominated Palestinian history for 250 years, from the Ottoman times ..
81,00 Lei
Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500-2000 (WINNER OF THE WOLFSON HISTORY PRIZE)
WINNER OF THE WOLFSON HISTORY PRIZE Paul Kennedy’s international bestseller is a sweeping ac..
84,00 Lei
Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel's Targeted Assassinations (format mare)
'A gripping investigation of Israel's assassination policy' Sunday Times 'Remarkable' Observer ..
115,00 Lei
Rivals: How the Power Struggle between China, India and Japan will Shape Our Next Decade
Ina din cele mai bune analize ale unei scene ample' (Guardian). 'O carte importanta… Asia e lumea no..
56,00 Lei
Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America (US edition) - format mare
'A brilliant and disturbing analysis, which should be read by anyone wishing to understand the po..
63,00 Lei
Rule of Law
The Rule of Law' is a phrase much used but little examined. The idea of the rule of law as the fo..
56,00 Lei
Salafi-Jihadism: the History of an Idea
'A groundbreaking study ... a masterclass in how to do intellectual history, and one that nobody ..
58,00 Lei
Second-Hand Time
In this magnificent requiem to a civilization in ruins, the winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Lit..
88,00 Lei
Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
Free markets, we're told, mean free people. Yet around the world this 'freedom' is being paid for..
86,00 Lei
Silence of Animals: On Progress and Other Modern Myths
The powerful, beautiful and chilling sequel to the bestselling Straw Dogs. 'By nature volati..
58,00 Lei
Square and the Tower: Networks, Hierarchies and the Struggle for Global Power
THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 'Silicon Valley needed a history lesson and Ferguson has provi..
62,00 Lei
State Building: Governance and World Order in the Twenty-first Century (editie de buzunar)
Weak or failed states - where no government is in control - are the source of many of the world's..
48,00 Lei
Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam
The Sunday Times number one bestseller The Strange Death of Europe is a highly personal account o..
56,00 Lei
Strangers Drowning: Impossible Idealism, Drastic Choices, and the Urge to Help
How far do you really go to "do unto others"? Renowned New Yorker journalist Larissa MacFarquhar ..
54,00 Lei
Templars: History and Myth
An order of warrior monks founded to protect pilgrims to Jerusalem, the Templars were among the w..
64,00 Lei
Ten Myths About Israel
The myths—and reality—behind the state of Israel In this groundbreaking book, published on the fift..
58,00 Lei
Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist's Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations - TPB
From the Pulitzer Prize winner and No.1 international bestselling author of The World is Flat, an..
90,00 Lei 72,00 Lei
Tiger Head, Snake Tails: China Today, How it Got There and Why it Has to Change
This is a comprehensively updated account of where China stands today, covering the generational ..
58,00 Lei
To Obama: With Love, Joy, Hate and Despair (format mare)
One of the most important politics books of the year, To Obama is a record of a time when politic..
84,00 Lei
Ukraine Diaries: Dispatches from Kiev
Minus 16 C, sunlight, silence. I drove the children to school, then went to see the revolution. I..
59,00 Lei
Under the Black Flag: At the Frontier of Newe Jihad
The Islamic State movement (ISIS/ISIL/IS) burst onto the world stage in 2014. From its heartland ..
68,00 Lei
Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story of Brexit
David Cameron's Director of Politics and Communications, Craig Oliver takes us behind the scenes ..
64,00 Lei
Us vs. Them: The Failure of Globalism
IAN BREMMER WAS NAMED LINKEDIN'S #1 TOP INFLUENCER in 2017 -------------- 'Required rea..
81,00 Lei
Utility of Force: The Art of War in the Modern World
Why do we try to use military force to solve our political problems? And why, when our forces win..
78,00 Lei
Utopia for Realists: And How We Can Get
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'Listen out for Rutger Bregman. He has a big future sh..
52,00 Lei
Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State
Gripping ... revelatory ... unrivalled' Tom Holland, New Statesman 'From Mosul to Melbo..
64,00 Lei
Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy
New York Times Bestseller 'Fascinating and deeply disturbing' - Yuval Noah Harari, Guardian ..
56,00 Lei
What Does Europe Want? The Union and its Discontents
Despite the fact that the European Union faces the biggest crisis since its foundation, on July 1..
72,00 Lei
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