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Deeper Meaning of Liff
The updated, revised edition of The Meaning of Liff, with illustrations from Private Eye cartooni..
48,00 Lei
Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Gigger Cat with Attitude
Internet meme meets classical art in Svetlana Petrova's brilliant FAT CAT ART. Featuring her twen..
68,00 Lei
Shit My Dad Says
The international bestseller and Twitter sensation: a brilliant new comic voice, and a 100% real ..
51,00 Lei
Unseen Univeristy Challenge. Terry Pratchett's Discworld Quizbook
Intrebari si rapunsuri istete despre viata academica din Discworld. Cu o introducere de Terry Pra..
39,00 Lei
1000 Years of Annoying the French (editie de buzunar)
This is a wonderfully entertaining piece of `alternative' history… well, I say `piece' - it is of..
52,00 Lei
Alliance of Light 1: Fugitive Prince
Where there is light, there must always be shadow… The schism began with two half-brothers e..
49,00 Lei 10,00 Lei
And Another Thing…: The World according to Clarkson. Vol. 2
Jeremy Clarkson descopera ca lumea e un loc atat de uluitor, incat a scris un bestseller despre a..
45,00 Lei
ASBO Fairy Tales
Sit back, relax and allow Hans Christian Asbosen to tell you fantastical stories of far-away land..
48,00 Lei
Best of Is It Just Me or Is Everything Shit?
All the best bits from the two huge bestsellers - now in paperback for the first time. An encyloped..
62,00 Lei
Born to Be Rilled
Trebuie spus ca Jeremy Clarkson socoteste uneori lumea o adunatura de nebuni. Si de nicaieri nu p..
53,00 Lei
Clarkson on Cars
Jeremy Clarkson gets under the bonnet in Clarkson on Cars; a collection of his motoring journalis..
52,00 Lei
Don't Stop Me Now
In viata mai exista si altceva in afara de masini. Jeremy Clarkson stie ca acolo, undeva, se afla..
53,00 Lei
Downton Tabby: A Parody
Downton Tabby is about England's oldest and finest family of cats. With beautiful (and scandalous) p..
56,00 Lei
Driven to Distraction
Jeremy Clarkson is once more Driven to Distraction. Brace yourself. Clarkson's back. An..
50,00 Lei
For Crying out Loud
The publication of The World According to Clarkson in 2004 launched a multi-million-copy bestsell..
48,00 Lei
How Hard Can It Be?: The World according to Clarkson
How Hard Can It Be is the fourth hilarious volume of Jeremy Clarkson's 3 million copy number-one ..
50,00 Lei
Keep Walking, This Doesn't Concern You: The Internet's Favourite Memes
Struggling to explain what you mean? Can't find the words to do you justice? Think a picture could s..
46,00 Lei
MAD Neumanisms
Pachetul contine o carte cu perle clasice de idiotenie, ilustrate color in stilul MAD, si o " papusa..
78,00 Lei
Meaning of Liff: 30th Anniversary Edition
The Meaning of Liff has sold hundreds of thousands of copies since it was first published in 1983..
75,00 Lei
More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops
Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops was a Sunday Times bestseller, and could be found display..
56,00 Lei
In 1996, Clarkson a vizitat 12 tari (bine, 11, pentru ca in Amrica a fost de doua ori) pentru a inte..
45,00 Lei
Napoleon Wasn't Short and St Patrick Wasn't Irish : When History Gets it Wrong
After falling for one historical misconception too many, the time is now right to launch a spirit..
59,00 Lei
Those who don't learn from zombie history are condemned to repeat it... From the Stone Age to the..
65,00 Lei
This Book Loves You
This book is cleverer and better looking than you. This book will blow your mind. This book loves yo..
80,00 Lei
Top Gear Years
The Top Gear Years brings together Jeremy Clarkson's collected magazine columns for the first tim..
53,00 Lei
Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops
Can books conduct electricity?' 'My children are just climbing your bookshelves: that's ok...isn'..
56,00 Lei
What a Way to Go!: Deaths with a Difference
24,00 Lei
Where's the Meerkat?
Over the past year we have seen the humble, inquisitive meerkat take over the world, and in Where..
52,00 Lei
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