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Damn You, Autocorrect!

Damn You, Autocorrect! brings together some of the laugh-out-loud funny and painfully embarrassing posts from the hit website, which highlight the hilarity that often ensues when text messaging goes wrong: girlfriends getting together for 'manila penis,'(mani pedis); a husband texting his wife that he 'laid' the babysitter (paid); a friend asking if someone got tickets to the 'Lady Vagina' (Lady G..

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Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Gigger Cat with Attitude Stoc momentan epuizat

Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Gigger Cat with Attitude

Internet meme meets classical art in Svetlana Petrova's brilliant FAT CAT ART. Featuring her twenty-two-pound, ginger-colored cat Zarathustra superimposed onto some of the greatest artworks of all time, Petrova's paintings are an Internet sensation. Now fans will have the ultimate full-colour collection of her work, including several never-before-seen pieces, to savour for themselves or to give ..

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Shit My Dad Says

The international bestseller and Twitter sensation: a brilliant new comic voice, and a 100% real father-son relationship that lies somewhere between Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Wonder Years . . . 'At 28 years old, I found myself living at home, with my 73-year-old father. As a child, my father never minced words, and when I screwed up, he had a way of cutting right through the bullshit and p..

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Vladimit Putin: Life Coach (editie cartonata)

“If a friend lets you down – perhaps by moving away for work and not answering your texts any more – you can take revenge by organising a reunion and slipping a fast-acting laxative into their pasta.” Be the dictator you’ve always dreamed of being with this handy guide to life and everyday success inspired by everyone’s favourite autocratWhat can the rise and reign of this century’s most feared po..

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A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again

A collection of insightful and uproariously funny non-fiction by the bestselling author of INFINITE JEST - one of the most acclaimed and adventurous writers of our time. A SUPPOSEDLY FUN THING... brings together Wallace's musings on a wide range of topics, from his early days as a nationally ranked tennis player to his trip on a commercial cruiseliner. In each of these essays, Wallace's observat..

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And Another Thing…: The World according to Clarkson. Vol. 2

Jeremy Clarkson descopera ca lumea e un loc atat de uluitor, incat a scris un bestseller despre asta. Si totusi, in ciuda aparitiei cartii The World According to Clarkson, lucrurile - uimitor, nu? - nu s-au imbunatatit. Pentru ca e un om care nu renunta usor, a mai scris o carte... 'Thigh-slappingly funny and in your face, Jeremy Clarkson bursts the pointless little bubbles of the idiots while c..

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ASBO Fairy Tales

Sit back, relax and allow Hans Christian Asbosen to tell you fantastical stories of far-away lands. Once upon a time there lived ...Hansel and Britney and their trail of Wotsits, Jack and the Weedstalk, Snow White and the Seven Dads and Bling-erella. Not quite as traditional as first glance might suggest, these hilarious reworkings of traditional classics are a wonderfully acerbic look at..

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Born to Be Rilled

Trebuie spus ca Jeremy Clarkson socoteste uneori lumea o adunatura de nebuni. Si de nicaieri nu poti constata asta mai bine decat din spatele volanului unei masini, de unde poti vedea nenumarati semeni purtandu-se ca niste lunatici, fie ca se afla intr-o masina, fie pe jos. 'Outrageously funny… will have you in stitches, unless, that is, you live in Norfolk' (Time Out) ..

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Cat Shaming

What happens when your cat makes a mistake like ruining something valuable or going outside the litter box? You can't ground or take away their allowance when your cat gets in trouble. So what is the next best thing? Cat Shaming! Cat Shaming is a hilarious collection of photos from owners who express their frustration when their furry best friend does something bad. Millions of cat owners can..

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Cat vs Human Stoc momentan epuizat

Cat vs Human

Yasmine Surovec began sketching her clever and sarcastic Cat Versus Humancartoons as a way to relax and unwind. Soon, her popular blog at began receiving as many as 12,000 hits per day, with a number of posts going viral and appearing on popular Web sites such as The Huffington Post and I Can Has Cheezburger. Now, a selection of 100 Cat Versus Humanstrips--many never ..

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Cats Getting Stuck!

Cats may have intelligence that far exceeds our own... but it doesn't stop them getting completely stuck, often in the most ridiculous places. Cats Getting Stuck documents some of the funniest scrapes felines have got themselves into, from wrestling with hangers to getting wedged into glass jars, or the results of overambitious climbing! But whenever they're caught with their paws in a twist, th..

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Clarkson on Cars

Jeremy Clarkson gets under the bonnet in Clarkson on Cars; a collection of his motoring journalism. Jeremy Clarkson has been driving cars, writing about them and occasionally voicing his opinions on the BBC's Top Gear for twenty years. No one in the business is taller. In this collection of classic Clarkson, stretching back to the mid-1980s, he's pulled together the car columns and stor..

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First World Cat Problems: What am I doing with my lives?

Being woken from an 8-hour nap by a car alarm. Fed tuna for dinner two days in a row. Going outside, only to realise instantly you want to be inside. Catching your owner looking at other cats on the internet. Losing your favourite toy under the sofa, and only having 64 others to choose from. This is just a handful of the many problems faced every day by a first-world cat. This book is fin..

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For Crying out Loud

The publication of The World According to Clarkson in 2004 launched a multi-million-copy bestselling phenomenon. But to no avail. Jeremy's one-man war on crimes against common sense has not yet been won. And our hero's still scratching his head at the madness of it all. But it's not all bad. He's learned a little along the way, including: why binge drinking is good for you; the worst word in the..

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How Hard Can It Be?: The World according to Clarkson

How Hard Can It Be is the fourth hilarious volume of Jeremy Clarkson's 3 million copy number-one bestseller series The World According to Clarkson. Featuring more of the Top Gear presenter's Sunday Times columns, it guarantees to entertain readers everywhere. How hard can it be... To build a power station without upsetting the eco-mentalists? To seek world domination if you've been hit th..

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MAD Neumanisms

Pachetul contine o carte cu perle clasice de idiotenie, ilustrate color in stilul MAD, si o " papusa" MAD...

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In 1996, Clarkson a vizitat 12 tari (bine, 11, pentru ca in Amrica a fost de doua ori) pentru a intelege relatia diverselor nationalitati cu masinile. Simtea nevoia sa rapsunda unor intrebari precum: De ce italienii sunt mai interesati sa fie bine vazuti decat sa vada pe unde merg?, De ce indienii se ciocnesc tot timpul?, De ce un arab se descrie ca un om deloc bogat cand are in fata casei patru d..

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Napoleon Wasn't Short and St Patrick Wasn't Irish : When History Gets it Wrong

After falling for one historical misconception too many, the time is now right to launch a spirited fightback. The moment has come to set the record straight, once and for all. Leading the way in this modern crusade comes Napoleon Wasn't Short and St Patrick Wasn't Irish, a lighthearted guide that reveals the many myths, fabrications and ambiguities found in the annals of world history. For exam..

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Recorded Attacks: Zombie Survival Guide

Those who don't learn from zombie history are condemned to repeat it... From the Stone Age to the information age, the undead have threatened to engulf the human race. They're coming, and they're hungry. This is the graphic novel the fans demanded: major zombie attacks from the dawn of humanity. On the African savannas, against the legions of ancient Rome, on the high seas with Francis Drake... ..

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Sorry I Slept on Your Face: Breakup Letters from Kitties Who Like You but Don't Like You

It's not you. It's meow. Your cat likes you, but does she like-like you? Sorry I Slept on Your Face gives it to you straight—straight from kitties to their loyal owners in the form of very personal—and hilarious—breakup letters paired with adorable and sweet photographs.What does it mean when your cat bites your toes as hard as she can? When she suffocates you with her body, is she just getting ..

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Where's the Meerkat?

Over the past year we have seen the humble, inquisitive meerkat take over the world, and in Where's the Meerkat? that is literally the case. A family of meerkats are making a round-the-world trip, visiting some of the world's most famous and popular places and your task is to spot them in the crowd. Each page is intricately illustrated in full colour with a checklist of items and people to spot ..

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