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Dean Corde is a man of position and authority at a Chicago university. He accompanies his wife to Bucharest where her mother, a celebrated figure, lies dying in a state hospital. As he tries to help her grapple with an unfeeling bureaucracy, news filters through to him of problems left behind in Chicago. A student had been been murdered and Corde had directed that charges be pressed against two black youths, but controversy and pressure are mounting against the university administration. Further, a series of articles written by Corde has offended influential Chicagoans whom he had counted as friends. Corde is troubled: at home the centre is not holding firm, in Eastern Europe authority is cruel and dehumanising.

The Vesuvian eloquence of Saul Bellow is one of the glories of modern literature. -Jonathan Raban Sunday Times

A novel that will raise its readers to fever pitch of the kind of passionate excitement and involvement that only real art can inspire. -Salman Rushdie New Statesman

A wittily meditative book, an intensely serious enterprise from a writer we can see we are right to acknowledge as of world class. -Malcolm Bradbury Books and Bookmen

A brilliant piece of work...different in many ways from much of his earlier work, it is one of his best. -David Holloway Sunday Telegraph

There is in The Dean's December enough thought and matter for ten other contemporary novels. -Melvyn Bragg Punch

A serious, sane, thought-provoking novel of a kind rare these days, a worthy addition to the canon of a writer of genius. -Paul Bailey Standard

In Saul Bellow the American novelist has come of age. -Geoffrey Moore Financial Times

An overall mastery of form...and at times a sublime intensity. -Lewis Jones Spectator

Bellow has at last created a plausible and likeable woman and has done so with wonderful economy. -Gabriel Josipovici Times Literary Supplement

The shape of Saul Bellow's new novel is satisfyingly simple. -Ian McEwan Observer

Near the end of Saul Bellow's admirable new novel, the dean is accused of "abyssifying and catastrophising". -Thomas Hinde Sunday Telegraph

By any standards, a marvellous novel, rich, provocative, it and read it: more than once. -Alan Massie Scotsman

Autor BELLOW, Saul
An apariţie 2008
Editura Penguin
Nr pagini 312
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Etichete: bellow saul
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