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Juxtaposing reality and fantasy, nightmares and dark laughter, Nadirs is a collection of largely autobiographical stories based on Herta Muller's childhood in the Romanian countryside. The individual tales reveal a child's often nightmarish impressions of life in her village. Seamlessly mixing reality with dream-like images, they brilliantly convey the inner, troubled life of a child and at the same time capture the violence and corruption of life under an oppressive state. Herta Muller has been one of the most prolific and acclaimed German-language writers of the last two decades. Born in 1953 in the Banat, a German-language region of Romania, she emigrated to West Berlin in 1987 and currently lives in Berlin. She has received numerous literary awards, including the 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Autor MULLER, Herta
An apariţie 1999
Editura University of Nebraska Press
Nr pagini 134
Dimensiuni 21.5 x 14 cm
Format Paperback
Etichete: muller herta
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