Occurrence in the Immediate Unreality

ISBN: 9781841022079
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This autobiographical fiction offers an intimate and unsettling account of Blecher's ideas of self-identity and the body - a harrowing account of the 'bizarre adventure of being a man' drawing upon his experience of being diagnosed with tuberculosis of the spine in his late teens. He explores the 'crisis of unreality' in relation to the human condition and shares his adolescent experiences of physical infirmity, social isolation and sexual awakening. Cover Art and colour illustration is by Anca Boeriu one of Romania's leading artists and is influenced by human bodies that are in a state of tension. There is a clear relationship between Boeriu's art and Blecher's condition which left him incapacitated until his untimely death 10 years later.

Autor BLECHER, Max
An apariţie 2009
Editura University of Plymouth
Nr pagini 128
Dimensiuni 15 x 23 cm
Format Hardback
Etichete: blecher max
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