Road to Auschwitz: Fragments of a Life

ISBN: 9780803268937
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The Road to Auschwitz is the autobiography of Hedi Fried, a fifteen-year-old living in Sighet, Romania, when war breaks out in 1939. In March 1944, Hedi's family, along with three thousand other Jews from her village, are confined to a ghetto, awaiting shipment to Auschwitz. In Auschwitz, amidst the horror, Hedi turns twenty, her sister, Livi, fifteen. As Hedi and Livi will later learn, their parents do not survive. In April 1945, the sisters are transported to Bergen-Belsen, two months before liberation. Upon liberation, Hedi renews her acquaintance with Michael, another survivor from Sighet. They move to Sweden, marry, and eventually have three sons. It is the loss of Michael, when Hedi is only forty, that prompts this memoir. 'It took me forty years to realize that I am a witness and that it is my task to tell what I experienced'. Hedi Fried is currently a psychologist and therapist at a centre in Stockholm for Holocaust survivors. Michael Meyer is known for his definitive translations and biographies of Ibsen and Strindberg.

Autor FRIED, Hedi
An apariţie 1996
Editura University of Nebraska Press
Nr pagini 190
Dimensiuni 20 x 14 cm
Format Paperback
Etichete: fried hedi
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