Hitler and Stalin: Parallel lives

ISBN: 9780006863748
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Alan Bullock’s bestselling and monumental masterpiece, now in a revised Second Edition

It is practically unprecedented to take two such monsters as Hitler and Stalin, who never met, and interweave their lives chronologically, chapter by chapter, often paragraph by paragraph, as Bullock has donea triumph of organization, lucidity and perspective.’ John Campbell, The Times

Compulsive reading. The sweep is broad and the information concisely conveyed without any sign of pedantrya titanic narrative history.’ Zara Steiner, Financial Times

An astonishing feat of organization, brilliantly illuminating the tragic history of the twentieth century.’ Philip Ziegler, Daily Telegraph Books of the Year

If you knew nothing about the twentieth century and were allowed one book to bone up on it, this would have to be it.’ Alex Campbell, Daily Mail

Autor BULLOCK, Alan
An apariţie 1998
Editura Harper Collins
Nr pagini 1216
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Etichete: bullock alan
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