Sunset Song (Film Tie-in)

ISBN: 9781782117193
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Now a major motion picture directed by Terence Davies, starring Agyness Deyn, Peter Mullan and Kevin Guthrie, Sunset Song is a powerful portrait of a land and people in turmoil, seen through the life and struggles of its heroine Chris Guthrie.

In the years up to and beyond the First World War, Chris's resilience, like the land itself, endures despite everything, and is portrayed with a lyrical intensity that echoes through the years and still resonates today.

"Sunset Song's great gripping hybrid of melodrama and realism . . . left me scorched" (ALI SMITH)

"Chris Guthrie is the most passionate and appealing heroine in Scottish literature; Grassic Gibbon's magnificent novel is fresh, powerful and timeless" (ANNE DONOVAN)

"This book may be read with delight the world over" (New York Times)

"Beautifully written . . . While describing a way of life in decline, it also presents a vision of hope for the future via its strong female lead character" (Independent on Sunday)

"It is gritty and passionate and one of Scotland's great 20th-century novels" (Jim Naughtie Daily Express)

"Cries out for the widest international audience" (Herald)

"His three great novels have the impetus and music of mountain burns in full spate" (Observer)

"When I read Lewis Grassic Gibbon's Sunset Song in my mid-teens I entered into it with such wholehearted love that I longed to live inside it . . . Chris is the centre of the novel and its genius, vivid on every page where she's present. You feel how she must have possessed the writer, as powerfully as if he knew her . . . . Reading her again now, she convinces me absolutely as a real female" (TESSA HADLEY Guardian)

Autor GIBBON, Lewis Grassic
An apariţie 2015
Editura Canongate
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
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