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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts 1 & 2 (The Official Playscript of the Original West End Production)
The official playscript of the original West End production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child...
48,00 Lei
13 Reasons Why (Film Tie-in) (editie de buzunar)
THE #1 NEW YORK TIMES AND INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Featuring cover art from the Netflix orig..
46,00 Lei
1966: The Year the Decade Exploded
The pop world accelerated and broke through the sound barrier in 1966. In America, in London, in ..
64,00 Lei
A Brief History of Seven Killings (Winner of The Man Booker Prize 2015)
WINNER OF THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE 2015. JAMAICA, 1976. Seven gunmen storm Bob Marley's house, m..
58,00 Lei
A Dog's Journey
From W. Bruce Cameron, the author of A Dog's Purpose, the phenomenal New York Times Number One be..
52,00 Lei
A Dog's Purpose
This is the remarkable story of one endearing dog's search for his purpose over the course of sev..
48,00 Lei
A Horse Walks into a Bar (Winner of The International Man Booker Prize 2017)
WINNER OF THE INTERNATIONAL MAN BOOKER PRIZE 2017. The setting is a comedy club in a small I..
52,00 Lei
A Japanese Mirror: Heroes and Villains of Japanese Culture
In this scintillating book, Ian Buruma peels away the myths that surround Japanese culture. With ..
77,00 Lei
A Painted House
The hill people and the Mexicans arrived on the same day. It was a Wednesday, early in September ..
48,00 Lei
After Gregory
Peter Gregory, a 35-year-old high school English teacher with an ex-wife and kids, tries to drown..
52,00 Lei
After Me Comes the Flood
From the #1 bestselling, prize-winning author of The Essex Serpent Longlisted for the Guardi..
52,00 Lei
In Ararat, by New York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden, an ancient evil inhabits a ca..
52,00 Lei
One man's greatest victory. Rome's greatest defeat. A.D. 9: In the depths of the Teutoburg Wald, ..
48,00 Lei
Arthur: The dog who crossed the jungle to find a home
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER.When you are racing 435 miles through the jungles and mountains of South..
48,00 Lei
The Bachelors displays the best of Sparkian satire, placing her at the heart of a great literary ..
52,00 Lei
Battling the Gods: Atheism in the Ancient World
How new is atheism? In Battling the Gods, Tim Whitmarsh journeys into the ancient Mediterran..
58,00 Lei
Bay of Sights
A dark and powerful goddess hunts for three jewels: fallen stars that will give her endless power..
44,00 Lei
Beastly Things: Commissario Brunetti 1
When a body is found floating in a canal, strangely disfigured and with multiple stab wounds, Com..
52,00 Lei
Behold a Pale Horse: A Sister Fidelma Mystery
The brilliant new novel by the internationally bestselling author of the Sister Fidelma mystery seri..
52,00 Lei
Berlin Red
April, 1945. East of Berlin, the Red Army stands poised to unleash its final assault upon the rui..
48,00 Lei
Bible: A Beginner's Guide
From the language of Shakespeare to the US presidential campaign trail, the Bible’s influence is ..
58,00 Lei
Bible: The Biography
The Bible is the most widely distributed book in the world. Translated into over two thousand lan..
61,00 Lei
Black Sea Twilight
1980s Romania: As the sun sets on the magical shore of the Black Sea and casts its last rays acro..
48,00 Lei
Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (Film Tie-in)
Lines may divide us, but hope will unite us ...Nine-year-old Bruno knows nothing of the Final Soluti..
46,00 Lei
Bright Edge of the World
Set in the Alaskan landscape that she brought to stunningly vivid life in THE SNOW CHILD (a Sunda..
52,00 Lei
British Dream: Successes and Failures of Post-war Immigration
64,00 Lei
Britt-Marie Was Here
The number 1 European bestseller by the author of New York Times bestseller and international phe..
48,00 Lei
Broken Earth 2: Obelisk Gate (Hugo Award 2017)
Continuing the trilogy that began with the multi-award nominated THE FIFTH SEASON. Shortlisted fo..
54,00 Lei
CEO, China
China has become the powerhouse of the world economy, its incredible boom overseen by the elite memb..
58,00 Lei
Civilwarland In Bad Decline: Short Stories (Vintage Classics)
In his first collection, George Saunders' vision of our near future is as black and funny as you ..
52,00 Lei
Cleopatra: Last Queen of Egypt
The Romans regarded her as 'fatale monstrum', a tyrant to be crushed. Pascal said the shape of he..
52,00 Lei
Clockwork or All Wound Up
Tick, tock, tick, tock! Some stories are like that. Once you've wend them up, nothing will stop t..
42,00 Lei
The Colosseum was Imperial Rome's monument to warfare. Like a cathedral of death it towered over ..
54,00 Lei
Council of the Cursed: A Sister Fidelma Mystery
While investigating the savage murder of a religious magnate, Sister Fidelma uncovers a dark world o..
52,00 Lei
Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads to Another
Is there a 'physics of society'? Philip Ball's investigation into human nature ranges from Hobbes..
64,00 Lei
Cross the Line (format de buzunar)
Alex Cross chases a cold-blooded killer...with a conscience. Shots ring out in the early morning ..
42,00 Lei
Culture Map Decoding How People Think, Lead, and Get Things Done Across Cultures
Whether you work in a home office or abroad, business success in our ever more globalized and vir..
69,00 Lei
Dark Matter
'Brilliant. . . I think Blake Crouch just invented something new.' - Lee Child From Blake Cr..
48,00 Lei
Days without End (format de buzunar)
WINNER OF 2016 COSTA BOOK OF THE YEAR. 'Pitch-perfect, the outstanding novel of the year so ..
42,00 Lei
Dead Europe
Isaac, a young Australian photographer, is travelling through Europe. His whole life he has longe..
48,00 Lei
Dead Poets Society (editie de buzunar)
Todd Anderson and his friends at Welton Academy can hardly believe how different life is since th..
38,00 Lei
Destroying a Nation: The Civil War in Syria
Following the Arab Spring, Syria descended into civil and sectarian conflict. It has since become..
54,00 Lei
Devil's Seal: A Sister Fidelma Mystery
Super sleuth Sister Fidelma returns in a brand-new historical mystery by Peter Tremayne, acclaimed a..
52,00 Lei
April is angry.Only nineteen, she is an elective mute, accused of a religiously motivated atrocit..
52,00 Lei
Do Humankind's Best Days Lie Ahead? (editie de buzunar)
Four of the world's most renowned thinkers take on one of the biggest debates of the modern era. ..
48,00 Lei
The Vatican Cathedral is packed to the rafters as Pope Gregory XVII leads the congregation in mas..
48,00 Lei
Dove of Death: A Sister Fidelma Mystery
The gripping new novel in the internationally renowned Sister Fidelma crime series. AD 670. An Irish..
52,00 Lei
Dying: A Memoir
SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2017 STELLA PRIZE. In the year before her death, as she struggled with a..
52,00 Lei
Eagles of Rome: Eagles in the Storm
AD 15. The German chieftain Arminius has been defeated, one of the lost Roman eagles recovered, and ..
46,00 Lei
Echoes of the Fall 2: Bear and the Serpent
As the south is in turmoil, an old terror emerges in the north ...Maniye, child of both Wolf and Tig..
52,00 Lei
Eugene Onegin
When the world-weary dandy Eugene Onegin moves from St Petersburg to take up residence in the countr..
38,00 Lei
European Union: A Beginner's Guide
The world's greatest importer and exporter, the European Union is an economic heavyweight with a ..
58,00 Lei
Everything, Everything (Film Tie-in)
Soon to be a major film - in cinemas 19 May 2017. This edition has stunning cover artwork featuri..
48,00 Lei
"A deceptively simple masterpiece" (Independent on Sunday). "Will haunt you for months, if not ye..
52,00 Lei
Facts are Subversive: Political Writing from a Decade without a Name
For more than thirty years, Timothy Garton Ash has traveled among truth tellers and political cha..
58,00 Lei
First Casualty
Flanders, June 1917: a British officer and celebrated poet, is shot dead, killed not by German fi..
52,00 Lei
First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad
Muhammad’s was a life of almost unparalleled historical importance; yet for all the iconic power ..
58,00 Lei
First Muslims: History and Memory
A fresh look at the origins and development of Islam, this is a fascinating reconstruction of the..
76,00 Lei
Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World
Never in human history was there such a chance for freedom of expression. If we have Internet acc..
58,00 Lei
From Dictatorship to Democracy (editie de buzunar)
From Dictatorship to Democracy was a pamphlet, printed and distributed by Dr Gene Sharp and based..
42,00 Lei
A taut thriller set against the turbulent history of Ukraine and the Crimea, giving fascinating a..
52,00 Lei
God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything
God Is Not Great is the ultimate case against religion. In a series of acute readings of the majo..
64,00 Lei
Gods of Olympus: A History
Elegant and entertaining, this is the history of the most vibrant characters in classical civilisati..
58,00 Lei
Golden Hill (Winner of the Costa First Novel Award 2016)
Winner of the Costa First Novel Award 2016 Winner of the RSL Ondaatje Prize 2017 Winner of th..
52,00 Lei
Good Women of China: Hidden Voices
For eight groundbreaking years, Xinran presented a radio programme in China during which she invi..
58,00 Lei
Grief is the Thing with Feathers
46,00 Lei
Headhunters (Film Tie-in)
Roger Brown has it all: clever and wealthy, he's at the very top of his game. And if his job as a..
47,00 Lei
Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep
Her Again is an intimate look at the artistic coming of age of the greatest actress of her genera..
52,00 Lei
Bukowski's alter ego, Henry Chinaski, returns, revelling in his eternal penchant for booze, women..
58,00 Lei
How I Became a North Korean
At the lawless border between North Korea and China, three young lives converge in the hope of a bet..
48,00 Lei
How Significant People Live: Power of Significance: How Purpose Changes Your Life - HB
We all have a longing to be significant, to make a contribution, to be a part of something noble ..
48,00 Lei
How To Be a Woman
It's a good time to be a woman: we have the vote and the Pill, and we haven't been burnt as witch..
52,00 Lei
How to Build a Girl
The phenomenal Number One Sunday Times Bestseller in hardback and now Number One in paperback! ..
48,00 Lei
How to Predict the Unpredictable: The Art of Outsmarting Almost Everyone
We are hard-wired to believe that the world is more predictable than it is. We chase ‘winning streak..
52,00 Lei
How to Stop Time (editie cartonata)
The life-affirming new novel from the number one bestselling author of Reasons to Stay Alive and ..
73,00 Lei
How to Win a Cosmic War: Confronting Radical Religion
Why do they hate us? An entire cottage industry has arisen to answer this question. But what no o..
54,00 Lei
How to Win Friends and Influence People
This is the most famous confidence-boosting book ever published; with sales of over 16 million co..
38,00 Lei
THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME. OR IS THERE? After an 'incident' one wet Friday night where Professor..
52,00 Lei
I'm Going to Ruin Their Lives : Inside Putin's War on Russia's Opposition
In 2012, on the eve of Vladimir Putin's inauguration for a controversial third term as president, ma..
58,00 Lei
Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment and Warner Bros are set to bring YA sci-fi novel Illuminae to th..
52,00 Lei
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