Seven Ages of Paris: Portrait of a City

ISBN: 9780330488648
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In this wonderfully readable book, Alistair Horne tells the huge and romantic story of Paris through seven ages of turmoil and change: the Middle Ages, the 100 years war, the Paris of Louis XIV, the age of Napoleon, the Commune, the Empire days of Louis-Napoleon and Eugenie, and the First World War and De Gaulle. Interweaving historical narrative with telling detail, this is a fluent and definitive work of social and cultural history.

'The best book I have read on Paris in a long time' (Gregor Dallas, BBC History Books of the Year). 'Reading Seven Ages of Paris is like taking an exciting trip in a French balloon' (Antonia Fraser, "New Statesman Books of the Year"). 'Provides not only a panorama of the capital, but also a well-crafted history of France with a nice balance between broad overviews and engaging episodes and details' (Jonathan Fenby, "The Times").

Autor HORNE, Ali
An apariţie 2003
Editura Pan Books
Nr pagini 400
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
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